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WINDTRANS-manufactures the patented HVLS PUMPS(ZELDA)-lifts 30ft.-self primes- can run dry for 4 hrs- operates non stop for 8 weeks. Pumps water/oil 330gals/min@ 220rpm-doesn't cavitate-mix the liquid. Operates forward and reverse-reversing you flush out a restricted inlet. IDEAL for OIL SPILL/TOXIC CHEMICAL CLEANUP.  weighs 45lbs Available -portable-diesel-gas-hydraulic-elec.platforms-hand op.


  • HVLS -PUMPS --oil/chemical transfer/clean up
    ZELDA -HVLS -PUMPS - High Volume Low Speed - positive displacement pumps- lifting oil/water and liquids 30 ft. -self primes-can run dry for 4 hours and non stop for 8 weeks. Weighs 45 lbs- portable for oil spill/chemical clean up and fighting fires....

  • Wind Trans Systems Ltd. is a Canadian company -founded in 2009- manufacturing our patented HVLS PUMPS - High Volume @Low Speed--trade named Zelda. Zelda pumps are positive displacement able to transfer oil/water/gas/chemicals @330 gals /min.@ 220 rpm and lift a liquid 30 ft.- self primes and can run dry for 4 hours. And non stop for 8 weeks.  Zelda will contune to operate but less efficiently , a rebuilt kit is $180.00 and takes 30 minutes to replace warn parts.  Zelda has been tested at the US Ohmsett test facilties and is UL certified. Zelda trasfers  light to heavy viscous petrolium products as well as a range of chemcals and water.  Since Zelda operates at low rpm --it doesn't cavitate -meaning it doesn't mix the medium being tranfered.  Zelda is as much a vacumm as a pump and is idea for oil spill/chemical clean up since it can operates efficiently drawing up oil ,water and air and tranfering it to a filter speration system. Zelda is light weight at 45 lbs. and portable.  Zelda operates forward and reverse allowing the operater to simply reverse operation flushing out a restricted inlet. Zelda is available in gas -diesel -hydraulic and electric power platforms. Zelda is also a portable fire pump platform that two men can carry at 140 lbs into a forest fire situation since it can pull water up 30 ft  from a river -- self primes --fill a protable tank and then spray water 100 ft. 
  • HVLS -PUMPS --oil/chemical transfer/clean up

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