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Electrochem™ has over 30 years of experience providing safe and reliable high energy density lithium battery solutions which enable peak performance in extreme temperatures and pressure (<-30C and eclipsing 200ºC), pounding shock and vibration, and extremely corrosive environments.  Electrochem is the premier supplier of ruggedized power solutions for both the energy and environmental markets.


  • 150HR Series Battery
    Introducing Electrochem’s 150HR Series Battery, Where High POWER and High ENERGY Come Together...

  • The 150HR Series Cell delivers high rate capability without sacrificing capacity or reliability, all in a ruggedized design that incorporates features that have been proven out over decades of downhole use.

    Capable of operating at temperatures up to +150°C, the 150HR Series Cell also features a low magnetic signature to help minimize interference with your downhole tool’s advanced electronics.

    This combination of high rate and high capacity, delivered in a proven ruggedized design with a low magnetic signature, make it ideal for Dual Telemetry Systems.

  • Threshold Battery Cut-Off Modules
    Electrochem's Threshold Battery Cut-Off Modules are proprietary electronics designed to monitor the battery's circuit and then shut that circuit off if a predetermined threshold is reached...

  • Accidental over discharge or overheating of a cell creates higher internal pressures. These intensified pressures increase the chance that a cell may vent, potentially exposing your device to highly corrosive materials. Additionally, if the discharge of a cell in series is not stopped when it reaches the end of its useful life, there is a risk that the cell could be driven into voltage reversal by the other cells connected in series. This can further increase the chances that a cell may vent.

    With this in mind, Electrochem is excited to introduce our Threshold Battery Modules. This family of electronic modules is specially designed to help protect these critical devices, and those that operate them, from potentially dangerous situations.

    Electrochem’s Threshold Battery Modules are incorporated into a printed circuit board that can be added to individual cells or a battery pack to prevent potentially costly damage to the powered device. These modules monitor the conditions within the device, and then shut off the circuit within the battery when a predetermined threshold is met. 

    Threshold Battery Modules are available for three different formats, in both a resettable and a non-resettable configuration.

    • Voltage Module: The device monitors the voltage of a cell or group of cells, and then disconnects it from the load if it senses the voltage drops below a minimum voltage limit.

    • Temperature Module: The device monitors the temperature of a cell or group of cells, and then disconnects it from the load if it senses the temperature exceeds a maximum temperature limit.

    • Omni Module: The device monitors the voltage, current, and temperature of a cell or group of cells, and then disconnects it from the load if any of the preset limits are exceeded.

  • Coulomb Counter
    Electrochem’s Coulomb Counter technology is an electronic system that can be added to most battery packs to help estimate the the capacity used or capacity remaining of that battery pack...

  • What is Electrochem’s Coulomb Counter technology?

    Electrochem’s Coulomb Counter technology can be added to most battery packs to help gauge the capacity of a pack throughout its life. The device monitors the amount of current being drawn from the battery as well as other essential variables. Then, through a series of computations, the counter can estimate the capacity used or capacity remaining of the battery. That information can then be read using a data cable and software or with a ruggedized handheld reader designed specifically for in-field use.

    In order to meet all of your potential battery needs, this technology is purposefully designed to take minimal space within a battery pack and is rated to operate from temperatures as low as - 40°C to as high as + 150°C.

    What are the benefits of Electrochem’s Coulomb Counter technology?

    Estimating the remaining capacity of a battery pack can be very subjective and prone to error. Often it involves relying on prior experience or on calculations dependent on a number of manually collected variables that must be recorded throughout the use of the device. This method not only adds unnecessary complexity to the user’s job, but also leaves room for potentially costly mistakes that can occur as a result of human error, misunderstandings, and inexperience.

    Electrochem’s Coulomb Counter technology removes that distraction and eliminates the chances that this essential information is recorded incorrectly. The Coulomb Counter is built directly into the battery pack ensuring any current drawn from the battery is recorded. It is impossible for a battery to be used without the counter recording it. Operators no longer need to keep track of usage (i.e. log sheets), and the risk of a device running out of power in the middle of a project is significantly reduced.