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Megator-Pumps 2000 America is a manufacturer of positive pumps servicing O&G, Mining, Marine, Industrial, & Environmental markets. Designs include Pumps 2000 AODD, Megator Sliding Shoe, Sallarollpump, & Rotary Lobe which provide solutions to the most demanding of applications. Accessories include Skimmers, Strainers, Oil Water Separators, and Boom.

 Press Releases

  • Modern pumping means much more than transferring a liquid from A to B. Pumps have become the prime movers in innumerable market processes and encounter endless combinations of pressure, density, viscosity, temperature, volatility, corrosiveness and solvent action, of solids in suspension and gases in solution. There is no simple and universal answer to these problems, and no one type of pump will cope efficiently with all conditions, but Megator pumps come nearer to doing so than any other single type.

    The Sliding Shoe pump is unique to all other pumps in the world and offers the advantages of many different pump types in one pump. No other pump has as many unique design features and benefits.

    The Megator self priming positive displacement sliding-shoe pump provides exceptional suction performance, versatility, and the ability to pump at constant capacity against heads to 250' (76m). It can run without harm during dry suction, is self compensating for wear, has a simple design with few working parts and single cover access to its wear parts. It might be said to resemble a reciprocating piston pump, and it has indeed all the well known merits of that type - powerful suction and self priming, constant capacity at varying heads, the ability to cope with rough conditions and to handle a great variety of liquids, viscous or free flowing, clean or dirty. Yet in its simplicity, compactness and smooth flow it more closely resembles the centrifugal pump. It therefore combines the advantageous features of both these two main pump types without their respective limitations.

    • Single Cover Access
    • Self Priming & Dry Running
    • Self Compensatews for Wear
    • High Suction Lifts
    • Reduced Down Time - Maintenance In Place
    • Same Pump for Varying Viscosities
    • Clean or Dirty Liquids
    • Low Shear/Emulsification
    • Smooth Non-Pulsating Flow
  • Salarollpump is a portable pumping system with patented peristaltic design for emergency response operations and difficult liquid transfer applications.

    This portable pumping system with patented peristaltic pump design features super suction, which enables it to process high-viscous, abrasive, and debris-laden liquids. Developed originally for shoreline/pipeline oil spill cleanup, its durability, unlimited discharge capability and portability make it an effective tool for chemical spills, submerged oil recovery, high-viscous skimmer offloading and industrial, marine and offshore tank cleaning. It is also an alternative to expensive vacuum trucks.

    The extremely strong suction (vacuum) and the debris tolerance of 37 mm (1 ½") solids makes it suitable for pumping debris laden viscous oil. The high discharge pressure makes it possible for liquids to flow through a long distance of hose. The combination of handling weight and portability enables the user to deploy the system in remote areas.

    • Shoreline/Pipeline Oil Spills
    • Corosive Chemical Spill Clean Up
    • High Viscous Skimmer Offloading
    • Tank Cleaning
    • High Viscous Oil Skimmer Offloading
    • Submerged Oil Recovery
  • Pumps 2000 was established in Australia in 1989 to offer pumps capable of handling abrasive, solid-laden and corrosive fluids in underground mining environments, and to create an alternative to the heavy, maintenance-intensive diaphragm pumps that were used predominantly in mines. These pumps featured low weight, as well as improved pump life and performance.

    Pumps 2000 America was established in 2007 to market Pumps 2000 products and solutions throughout North and South America. Today, our pumps continue to be used in coal and hard-rock mining throughout North and South America, as well as in Oil & Gas, General Industry, Marine, Building & Construction, Food Processing, Chemicals and Pollution Control applications.

    Several patented features make it possible for Pumps 2000 to offer market-leading low life cycle cost, while handling difficult applications. A number of products are currently under development.Pumps 2000 offers a wide range of patented, non-metallic pneumatic dual-diaphragm pumps that out-perform and outlast all others.

    Pumps 2000 pumps are made of engineered plastics, operate lubrication free and are light weight and manual handling friendly. Several patented features make it possible for Pumps 2000 to offer market-leading low life cycle cost while delivering outstanding performance in the harshest environments as these pumps were designed specifically to handle abrasive, solid-laden and corrosive fluids.

    The product ranges includes applications for underground use, slurry or clean fluid transfer, a range of chemicals, continuous or occasional explosive atmospheres, fixed or portable installations. Whether your application is related to General Industry, Marine, Mining, Building and Construction, Food Processing, Chemicals or Pollution Control, there's a Pumps 2000 solution that's right for your particular needs.

    Key characteristics and advantages include:

    • Large Particle Handling

    • Long-Life Operation

    • Light Weight

    • Efficient Air Usage

    • Lubrication-Free

    • Setup Versatility

    • Ease of Maintenance

    All Pumps 2000 America equipment and systems meet ISO 9000 and ISO/IEC 80079-34 quality standards.


  • Pumps 2000 Pneumatic Pumps
    Pumps 2000 is the first pneumatic pump (AODD) designed to handle the most demanding of applications in the O&G, Marine, Mining, and Industrial markets....

  • Pumps 2000 designed Pneumatic (AODD) pumps consistantly outlast and out perform the competition. This product was designed for abraisive, solid-laden and corrosive fluids and to creat an alternative to heavy, maintenance-intensive diaphragm pumps.

    • Less downtime and maintenance - Pays for itself   
    • Lower air consumption - Saves on energy costs
    • Lightweight - Results in less injury
    • Maintains a dryer environment - Lowers indirect costs
    • Low noise levels
  • Megator Sliding Shoe Pump
    The Megator Positive Displacement Sliding Shoe Pump...

  • Megator’s unique Positive Displacement Sliding Shoe Pump:

    • Exceptional suction performance and versatility

    • Self priming

    • Dry running without damage

    • Pumps at constant capacity against varying heads to 250 feet (110 PSI).

    • Simple design with single cover access to few working parts

    • Handles most liquids, viscous or free flowing

    • Heavy duty and rugged for the most severe applications

    • Low Life Cycle Cost

  • Megator Salarollpump
    Megator’s offers its unique peristaltic Salarollpump for Tank Cleaning and Spill Recovery.


  • Megator's unique Salarollpump for Tank Cleaning and Spill recovery:

    • Tank cleaning made easier with super suction and high discharge pressure
    • Self priming and dry running
    • Handles high viscosity slurry from tank bottom with specially designed sludge nozzle
    • Handles debris laden slurry - able to pump stones up to 1 ½” diameters
    • Safe to operate in hazardous environments and for use on aggressive chemical
    • Requires less manpower than VAC trucks and conventional cleaning