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Data Power has +40 years offering products, systems and services across all the hydrocarbon market.

Manufacturer and distributor of UPS, Rectifiers, batteries for Critical Loads and Medium and Low Voltage for Power Distribution and MCC.

We offer Custom Projects to protect Systems of Supervision in the Oil&Gas, Utilities, Data Centers, Telecom and Rapid Transit’s applications

 Press Releases

  • Caracas, Venezuela March 19, 2019

    During the longest electrical blackout in Venezuela, most of Data Power backup systems have worked properly while the batteries last.

    When the power returned, all the backup devices started up correctly.

    We have to recognize our technicians their attachment to their duty even when, like the entire population, suffered the onslaught of the blackout.

  • (Mar 21, 2019)

    Miami, January 10, 2019 

    For the firts time, Data Power Group, with its American branch DPD Data Power LLC, is going to participate at the most important OFFSHORE expo in USA.  We are very proud to be part of this big event and have the possibilities to show our industrial Backup Systems for the American Oil market.


    Our Rectifiers, both USEID and SAITEL, are friendly and highly reliable and for most of the projects can be custom designed, according the projectspecifications. All ours Rectifier’s models are Battery Eliminator with cabinet IP42 (standard)...

  • USEID2

    Total Controled SCR's Industrial Rectifier Technology. Powered by Microprocessor Controlled SCR technology, USEID is  a Rectifier/Battery Charger with a very good DC voltage regulation from no load to full load over the specified input voltage, frequency and ambient temperature ranges

    This Rectifier  can work with any input voltages, 1 Phase or 3 Phase and the  DC output are  available in 12, 24, 48, 120, 220 or 384 Vdc with a rating from 50 to 1000 A

    Have an AC/DC Breaker, a very friendly Digital Front Panel and a programable ”C” dry contacts

    Because the USEID is for Industrial purpose, it can be TailorMade, according the project specifications.

    Designed to meet NEMA PE5, IEC and CE standard


    Highly reliable High Frequency Rectifier which integrates efficiency and state-of-the-art technology in switching rectifiers, with a modern monitoring and control concept. 

    Hot swappable output power (where there's no need to shut down the system to change a rectifier module)  with full load sharing capability in a compact, modular rectifier system with a high power density combined with high efficiency can get more than 2000 A in a single 19 “rack.

    The controller is the brain of the system and control all the performance and operations, through and excellent software who is able to communicate with the most popular protocols.

    SAITEL can work with any input voltages, 1 Phase or 3 Phase and is ideally suited to a wide variety of applications in 24, 48, 120, 220 or 400 Vdc, from Utility, Telecom  to Oil&GasPlants. As request can have multiple voltageoutput.

    Designed to meet  IEC and CE standard

    Our Industrial UPS integrates the latest technology which generates a new and clean sinusoidal voltage over the specified input voltage, frequency and ambient temperature ranges.
    Ours UPS have a very friendly Digital Front Panel


    The Industrial UPS is the ideal choice for industrial and heavy duty applications also due it can be custom designedaccording any technical  requirement.

    They are used mainly in severe  location’s conditions and where its strength are  guarantee of operability.

    All our Industrial UPS have galvanic insulation and  is designed to Supply critical AC loads with stabilized continuous supply, in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power & Utilities applications, specially where there are a very critical load.. 

    Is used also in a redundant/parallelsconfiguration and easy integration with external devices like, Distribution Panels, Bypass Transformers and Voltage Regulators

    The output goes from 5 to 160 kVA, in 1 phase and from 5 to 300 kVA, in 3 phases


    Panel Frontal Friendly and Dry contacts

    Ethernet SNMP/WEB TCP/IP  


    Battery Test


    External Manual By-Pass 

    Redundant ventilation

    Associated battery cabinets and AC and DC distribution panels

    Internal Lights 

    Earth fault alarm (DC) 

    Internal outlets

    By-pass isolation transformer 

    AC/AC Voltage stabilizer

    Input Light Arrester 

    Built-in battery breaker

    Auxiliary Contacts @ Breakers (input, output y battery)

    Data Power Group offer a portfolio for Low and Medium - Voltage Power Distribution Centers with MCC and electrical installation technology featuring maximum safety and optimum efficiency, according the customer requirements...


    Because today’s Technical requirements are becoming more demanding our systems for low-voltage power distribution ensure consistent and thus highly efficient and reliable power distribution – from the power feed-in to the consumers

    Our product are made in accordance of IEC Standard, and also have 

    Flexible design, Front and back access, Wiring access at the top and bottom, Possibility of integration with communication networks and data collection systems (SCADA) for local or remote monitoring and Internal wiring of force and flame retardant control Safety for operating and maintenance personnel Grounding of the entire structure and instrument


    You can reliably and efficiently meet requirements in Data Power Group’s  medium-voltage power distribution. We support you along the entire value chain, from planning, installation and operation to modernization and expansion measures

    This means we offer consistent, end-to-end systems that have been tested and certified, no matter is with insulated switchgear in shelters, outdoors or indoor

    Ours Power Distribution Centers, interrupting  and Protection Cells, Compact Sub Stations and MCC ( Motor Control Centers) are equipped with the latest in Medium Voltage Systems requirements, such as Disconnectors Under Load, Medium Voltage Fuses, Switches or Contactors with cutting technology in Sodium Hexafluoride (SF6) or Vacuum