Zigong Cemented Carbide Corp Ltd

4560 Kendrick Plaza
Suite 100
Houston,  TX  77032

United States
https://www.zgcc.com ;https://www.zigonginternational.com
  • Booth: 7237

Zigong Cemented Carbide Corp., Ltd is a state-owned large scale company mainly specializing in the production and sales of cemented carbide, hard-facing materials, tungsten & Molybdenum. Its brand--“Great Wall”, its products are sold well in China and are exported to over 40 countries and regions in Europe and America.


  • Carbide Products, Hard-facing materials, W & Mo
    1. Various cemented carbide products for Drilling, Flow control and Artificial lift.
    2. Hard-facing materials: matrix powder for PDC drill bits, crushed/spherical cast WC, macro-crystalline WC, crystalline W powder, thermal spray powder etc.....

  • ZGCC specializes in making various cemented carbide products, carbide hard-facing materials, and tungsten & Molybdenum products, many of its products are widely used in Oil & Gas industry. 

    1. The carbide inserts, tilts, nozzles, sleeves, matrix powder for PDC Drill Bits and Cone bits;

    2.  The carbide bushing/sleeves, carbide ball & seat for artificial lift etc.  

    3. The Carbide seat and choke beans etc. for flow control etc.

    Our carbide products, hard-facing materials are used well in Oil & Gas industry.