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    Global Downhole Tools vision is to provide robust, combinable tools that are capable of logging in Surface Readout or Memory Situations. GDT's telemetry is fully capatible with the Warrior Well Logging System. We take pride in our Customer Service....

  • Global Downhole Tools offers a wide varitey of downhole logging sensors.  GDT tools are robust, combinable and able to run in both Surface Readout and Memory situations.  GDT sensors are modular in design and by doing so it allow customers to pick and choose the sensors that are best for there logging situation at that time.  This allows out customers the flexibility to add sensors to want they currently own.

    GDT's telemtry is designed to be simple to use and is fully compatible with the Warrior Well Logging System and does not reqire any additional cards or panels.  When switching from running in real time to memory, the same sondes are used and only the telemetry sub needs to be switched.

    All connections are standard"GO" pin, so our customers can use the auxiliary equipment they already own.  We also carry a wide assortment of auxiliary equipment to fully prepare our customers for any difficult logging situation.

    We provide free training at our Houston facility with the purchase of equipment.  We have a (24-7), 365 days a year Customer Service Department that will always be available when needed.  We also have our own repair and maintence staff on location for your every need. 

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