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Reliable encoder, resolver & condition monitoring solutions

Drilling rigs and equipment require reliable motion control to reach production goals and remote monitoring to predict problems before they occur. Our Zone 0, 1 & 2 encoders offer the best shock & vibration specs, high current line drivers and operating temp range. Our condition monitoring solution offers 24/7 monitoring at an affordable price.

 Press Releases

  • Gurnee, Illinois – The Dynapar OnSite™ Condition Monitoring System is changing what it means to track machine health. Designed to deploy in minutes, the four-sensor device combines affordable, remote 24/7 condition monitoring with cloud-based analytic software for multi-stakeholder access. Today’s lean market puts ever greater emphasis on maximizing uptime. Savvy plant managers, reliability engineers, and maintenance managers understand the importance of condition monitoring to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, previous market solutions have always been too expensive, complex, or time-consuming to install on any but the most high-value pieces of equipment. Dynapar developed the OnSite System specifically to address these limitations. 

    “We are democratizing condition monitoring, making this powerful tool accessible to end users and third-party predictive maintenance providers,” says Ferran Ayala, marketing director at Dynapar. “Our customers asked for a practical solution to monitor their critical assets, their bad actors, and their hard-to-reach equipment. The OnSite System puts powerful insights at their fingertips, at an affordable price.”

    The Dynapar OnSite™ Condition Monitoring System combines ease-of-use with sophisticated functionality in a surprisingly economical solution. It features four sensors that each measure vibration along three axes, plus temperature. It can also connect to an encoder, integrating speed to enhance analytics and troubleshooting. The wireless OnSite System enables organizations to monitor virtually any asset of interest, not just high-value ones like turbines. After all, not every asset is a turbine. Even a simple cooling fan can be a critical asset if its failure also takes down an entire production line. The OnSite System finally makes it practical to monitor as many assets as necessary (fans, pumps, gear boxes, etc). 

    Because the hub is designed for rapid installation, it is just as effective to deploy temporarily, to monitor a troubled asset in the run-up to a scheduled maintenance shutdown, as it is to install permanently. In just minutes, any stakeholder in the organization, or third-party service provider can be analyzing real-time data from the equipment. And they can do it from any location, be that across the plant or across the world. They simply log into the password-protected web app using their computer, tablet, or smart phone. In the event the asset begins to exhibit abnormal behavior, users will receive email alerts, thanks to a customizable alarming function. In this way, manufacturers can catch problems before they lead to downtime.

    Hardware is only one part of the value proposition. The Dynapar OnSite™ Analytics web app is designed to be sophisticated enough to support the needs of licensed vibration technicians but easy enough for use by a novice machine operator. Its capabilities range from simple configurable dashboards and alarms to advanced diagnostic tools like FFTs and waterfall plots. Leveraging existing wireless or cellular networks, the system incorporates robust security and operates with existing firewalls, making it appealing to IT departments.

    The OnSite System is already established in multiple production environments. Installations include paper processing, converting, steel manufacturing, and more. “In less than three months, our early adopters have already realized their return on investment,” says Ayala. “Our system has helped them prevent line stoppages and avoid unscheduled maintenance.” 

    Dynapar OnSite Sensor Hub
    The hardware consists of a central hub that aggregates data from four separate wired sensors. Each of these incorporates a triaxial accelerometer and a temperature sensor which enable it to collect integrated vibration and temperature data, plus speed/position data (with optional encoder input). A built-in wireless interface enables the hub to connect to existing Wi-Fi networks. Alternatively, it can connect to cellular networks via an optional router. The hub then sends the data to the cloud using a secure REST API. This eliminates the need to link the unit to the plant’s control system.

    • Vibration Frequency Range: 0-1000Hz with low-pass anti-aliasing and digital filter
    • Frequency Accuracy: +/- 1 Hz
    • Measurement Range (acceleration): +/- 8G Programmable
    • Programmable high-pass filters
    • Minimum readout intervals: 30 s
    • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +105°C
    • IP Rated: IP65 (hub) / IP68 (sensor)
    • Wireless Range: 250 m

    Dynapar OnSite™ Analytics 
    The OnSite Condition Monitoring System includes OnSite Analytics, a custom-built portal designed to make it possible to harvest insights in minutes rather than weeks. Customizable alarming functions enable even novice users to act ahead of a breakdown.

    Built-in tools include:

    • Raw data presented as a full-time waveform
    • FFT plots for spectral analysis
    • Waterfall plots to view evolution of features over time
    • Harmonic cursors to investigate specific parameters at any point on a curve
    • RMS trendlines
    • Persistent data storage for comparison over minutes, to months, to years 

    Passwords are encrypted and hashed, and no modifications need to be made to existing IT firewalls. OnSite Analytics enables client devices to access data and analytic tools just by signing into a web portal. There is no need to download an application in order to use the system.

    With the OnSite Condition Monitoring System, productivity is no longer hostage to issues like bearing defects, lubrication breakdown, or undersized gearboxes. Now, third-party consultants, service providers, and maintenance technicians can confirm the health of assets on a moment by moment basis. They can replace “milk runs” with strategic route-based monitoring. They can plan their maintenance schedules with confidence, secure in the knowledge that any issues will be discovered well before they shut down the line or cause catastrophic failure. 

    “We are helping customers to transition from a reactive mindset to a much more proactive one,” says Ayala. "We are also enabling third-party reliability service providers to offer 24/7 condition monitoring as a service. With the OnSite Condition Monitoring System, we are transforming the traditional way of working. We call it condition monitoring, reinvented."

    About Dynapar
    Dynapar is an industry leading supplier of encoders, resolvers and condition-monitoring solutions. From small kit encoders to large mill-duty tachometers, Dynapar has a strong market presence in a wide range of industries including steel, paper, elevator, oil and gas, aerospace & defense, medical, material handling and industrial servo manufacturing. Dynapar offers a broad array of encoders and resolvers through our well established Dynapar™, Hengstler™, NorthStar™ and Harowe™ brands. Dynapar also provides 24/7 remote condition monitoring systems with built-in cloud-based analytics. Dynapar supports global customers with local sales and production locations in Germany, Japan, China, and Brazil. 


  • IS Series Intrinsically Safe Incremental Encoders
    The ISD series encoders are ruggedized incremental hubshaft encoders with available dual isolated outputs, an unbreakable code disc and anodized aluminum, stainless steel or nickel plated housing options for harsh environments...

  • The IS series encoders are ruggedized incremental hubshaft encoders with available dual isolated outputs, an unbreakable code disc and anodized aluminum, stainless steel or nickel plated housing options for harsh environments. Triple certified ATEX, CSA and IECEx for hazardous locations when used with an appropriate intrinsically safe barrier, the IS series encoders are ideal for motion feedback applications in top drives, iron roughnecks, wirelines, logging, coil tubing and more.
  • EN Series Zone 1 Encoder
    The EN series incremental encoders offer encapsulated electronics with an increased safety interface for Zone 1 use, eliminated the need for a separate IS barrier. Triple Certified ATEX, CSA and IECEx for hazardous locations...

  • The EN series incremental encoders offer encapsulated electronics with an increased safety interface for Zone 1 use, eliminated the need for a separate IS barrier. The EN series is triple certified ATEX, CSA and IECEx for hazardous locations, offers an industry leading -50 to +100°C temperature range and a high current line driver option for long cable runs. Mounting options include a hollow shaft up to 1" or an IEC standard B100 mounting flange and integrated double helix coupling.
  • AX Series Absolute Encoders
    The AX series absolute encoders offer compact design without sacrificing performance or toughness with models built for high shock/vibration, extreme shaft loads and high resolution applications...

  • The AX series absolute encoder offer compact design without sacrificing performance or toughness. The AX65 is built for extreme shock and vibration up to 200G shock and 30G vibration with an axial and radial load rating of 300N. The AX70/71 offers high resolution up to 22 bit single turn and 12 bit true multi-turn absolute positioning. Both offer multiple communication protocol options for design flexibility, IP66/67 enclosure ratings and are ATEX and IECEx certified.

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