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When the Pressure's on, Crown Gauges Measure Up.

Crown Oilfield Instrumentation manufactures a full line of hydraulic instrumentation. From new sales to service, the Crown team provides personalized service to all of its clients around the world and ensures that all Crown gauges stand up to the harshest industry conditions. Because when the pressure's on, Crown gauges measure up.


  • Digital Pump Stroke Counter
    Manufactured in the USA, our digital pump stroke counters monitor mud pump operations & the mud flowing in the system. For use with 1, 2, or 3 pumps, each mud pump's stroke rate can be selected, & the display updates regularly for accurate monitoring....

  • Pump Stroke Counter

    Easy-to-read LCD display indicates both strokes per minute and total strokes for each pump. All buttons are located on the front of the panel for easy operation, and each button is clearly marked for each pump. Stroke rate range from 8 to 240 strokes per minute with a total accumulated strokes of 9999 total strokes counted. Powered by a 3.6 volt lithium battery, the counter does not need an external power source and can be used for up to 5 years, with average power use. 

    Pump Stroke Counter System

    Pump Stroke Counter Systems come complete with counter, cable, junction box, and limit switch. The limit switch is designed to be located near the mud pump piston with the stainless steel rod recording each piston stroke. The rod can be easily bent to put where you’ll be most likely to get an accurate count of the piston’s movement.  The system comes complete with all cables, junction box and connectors to run either a 1, 2, or 3 pump stroke counter.  Whether you need a stroke counter/rate meter for a one pump stroke counter, a two pump stroke counter, or a three pump stroke counter, we've got the counter for you.

  • Single Pointer Pressure Gauge System
    Crown's single pointer pressure gauge systems monitor mud pump pressure & give fast, accurate readings. A cost-effective way to monitor pressure, Crown gauges will keep you turning right....

  • Single Pointer Hydraulic Pressure Gauge

    Used to monitor drilling rig fluids, Crown’s Single Pointer Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Systems are highly accurate and a cost-effective solution to monitor pressure.  Each system comes complete with a 6” hydraulic pressure gauge, gauge protector and hose, pressured-up and ready-to-use out of the box.  Each system is easy to mount where you’ll need it most and can be configured in a variety of pressure ranges and gauge subdivisions to ensure the most accurate readings.

    Six Inch Pressure Gauge

    Crown’s six inch hydraulic pressure gauge is designed and built with the highest quality material. Our gauges provide highly precise readings and offer years of service, with little-to-no maintenance. Each gauge is custom configured to your exact specifications with your max pressure and dial subdivisions to ensure that you can monitor pressure accurately and efficiently.

    Gauge Protector

    Gauge protectors are a vital part to any pressure system. Because they sense pressure and protect gauge internals from harsh drilling fluids, they are essential to accurate pressure readings. Each gauge protector is fitted with a 1502 hammer union, and because we offer a variety of hose lengths, you can mount our protectors anywhere on the line. Crown offers three kinds of gauge protectors to design the most efficient pressure system.

    Diaphragm Gauge Protector – often called a gauge saver, our gauge protector uses a rubber cup diaphragm to sense pressure and transmit this information to the gauge at a 1 to 1 ratio. The diaphragm cup protects gauge internals from harsh drilling fluids.

    1:1 Piston Separator – our 1:1 piston separator uses a stainless steel piston to sense pressure and transmit to the gauge. Piston separators can be used for standard or H2S service and provide years of trouble-free pressure measurement.

    4:1 Debooster Gauge Protector – Crown’s debooster senses pressure at a ratio of 4 to 1 and transmits this reading the gauge. When high pressures are a concern, Crown’s debooster can reduce line pressure from the debooster to the gauge, eliminated the need for some of the costly high pressure hoses.

    All Crown pressure systems can be configured as single scale or dual scale, and can be in PSI, kPa, MPa, and/or BAR.  Each system is easy to maintain, and Crown offers a complete list of repair and replacement parts in our online store. Need a system configured for your next project. Contact our knowledgeable staff at 337-898-3790, we are more than happy to assist you with building your next pressure system. 

  • Tong Line Pull Tong Torque Systems
    Crown Tong Line Pull/Tong Torque Systems measure make-up and break out torque and provide dependable, accurate readings to avoid twist-offs....

  • Tong Line Pull Tong Torque Gauges

    When you are measuring make-up and break-out torque, Crown tong line pull and tong torque gauges will keep you turning right. These systems stand up to the toughest industry conditions and offer years of service with little-to-no maintenance. Each system comes with a 6” fluid-filled gauge, tong cylinder, and hose, and they can be designed for a variety of tong handle lengths, max torque, and for either manual or electric tongs.  Not sure which kind of gauge you need, read on to discover the difference between these two kinds of gauges.

    Tong Line Pull Gauge

    A tong line pull gauge is a universal gauge and measures pounds in line pull. These gauges are used on manual, hydraulic tongs but not on electric tongs. Because the gauge is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get gauge, it will read force/pounds and the operator will need to do some calculations to convert the readings into foot/pounds. The advantage to using this kind of gauge is that it can be moved from tong to tong, especially when the operator has several tong systems with a variety of handle lengths. Standard tong line pull systems are 20K tong line pull systems and 25K tong line pull systems; however, we can configure any system to your exact specifications. 

    Tong Torque Gauge

    Tong torque gauges are used on manual or electric tong and measure foot/pounds. These gauges come from the factory pre-calibrated to an exact handle length and max pressure so that the operator will be able to read the gauge without having to do any calculations in the field. The advantage to this gauge is that it is ready to go out of the box, without having to do any calculations in the field. All calculations are completed and built into the gauge and system; therefore, this extra step is taken out of the operator’s hands.

    Tong Line Pull/Tong Torque Systems

    Whether you decide you want a tong line pull or tong torque gauge, these systems come complete with everything you need. The gauge is fluid-filled to resist rig vibrations, and it can be configured to your max torque in either English or metric scale. Each system comes with a load cell that is designed to work specifically with your custom gauge. A standard 5 foot hose connects these components, but if you need a different hose length, we can arrange that for you.  All of these components are easy-to-repair in the field and many of the replacement diaphragms, replacement glass, and seal kits are available in our online store.

    Have a question about whether a tong line pull or a tong torque gauge is right for your application? Give us a call at 337-898-3790 or email us at Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you to customize your tong torque system. 

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