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Cold Jet® is the world leader in developing innovative, environmentally responsible dry ice cleaning solutions & dry ice production equipment. Cold Jet global headquarters are in Ohio with international operations in Europe, Asia, Canada & Mexico. For more info, visit or call 1-800-337-9423 or +1 513-831-3211 (International).

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  • Cold Jet® the world leader in developing high performance, reliable dry ice cleaning solutions and production equipment will be providing live dry ice cleaning demonstrations at booth # 12044 at OTC. The demos utilize Cold Jet’s SDI Select™ 60, and showcase the innovative dry ice blasting technology, a non-abrasive, non-conductive cleaning method that allows equipment to be cleaned without dismantling or relocating tooling to other plant areas.

    Dry ice blasting is an effective and efficient cleaning solution that produces no secondary waste. As a completely dry cleaning process, dry ice blasting allows most items to be cleaned in place without damaging active electrical or mechanical parts. The small dry ice MicroParticles enable for cleaning intricate cavities that other methods cannot reach.  Dry ice cleaning extends the life of equipment by eliminating the need for harsh chemicals, wire brushes and abrasive pads, allowing for increased cycles between preventative maintenance.  

    Dry ice cleaning is a proven solution for cleaning in the oil and gas industry. Heat exchangers, generators, radiator fins, motors, pumps, vessels and drilling equipment are cleaned quickly and without damage with dry ice. It is gentle enough to clean radiator fins on fracking pump trucks, aggressive enough to clean Bitumen off of various surfaces and effective enough to be used for non-destructive testing for pipeline and vessel inspections.

    Cold Jet's SDI Select 60 is designed to be the most simplistic, user-friendly dry ice cleaning system available today. With the ability to shave any dry ice media input through patented feeder technology, the SDI Select 60 opens new cleaning opportunities for users who experience limited dry ice availability. Cold Jet's patented feeder technology creates shaved dry ice on demand, regardless of input. Users can switch to full pellet cleaning to penetrate the most difficult, thick contaminants.

    With more than 30 years of experience, Cold Jet is the world leader in developing innovative, environmentally responsible cleaning solutions that help companies reduce maintenance costs, enhance product quality, prolong equipment life and improve productivity and worker safety. Cold Jet dry ice cleaning systems are used in a variety of industries and applications, making productive use of recycled carbon dioxide while eliminating the need for chemicals and water in the cleaning process. Cold Jet is a private company with global headquarters in Loveland, Ohio, and international operations in Europe, Asia, Canada and Mexico. For more information, visit or call 1-800-337-9423 or +1 513-831-3211 (International).

  • Pumping trucks are exposed to oil, dirt, engine soot, frac sands and other residues at the well sites. This residue settles on the trucks and begins to build up on the radiator. The radiator will operate less efficiently, not allowing the trucks to run out of first gear. If the truck is operated at different gears or at higher rates, the engine will overheat, resulting in the trucks only able to pump ~30 barrels per minute of the water, sand and chemical mixture into the well. The project calls for 90-100 barrels per minute.

    To keep the trucks operating at peak efficiency, radiators must be periodically cleaned.  The traditional method of cleaning the radiators required that the truck be brought back to a company’s shop, disassembled and then sprayed with a chemical foam and pressure washed. 

    This is a timely process that must be repeated several times before the radiator is clean.  This can take up to seven hours and the radiators would still not be fully cleaned.  Power washing also mixes water with the dirt and contaminants, creating a sludge, which gets stuck in the radiator because the water is not able to fully pass through it.

    Sharp Oilfield Services, located in Gainesville, Texas, looked into dry ice cleaning as an alternative cleaning method for a large oil company.  Sharp performed a demonstration of the solution right after the company had cleaned the radiators with pressure washing.  They re-cleaned the areas that were just pressure washed with dry ice.

    Cold Jet dry ice cleaning system’s use non-abrasive CO2 pellets. The combination of dry ice cleaning’s kinetic energy and thermal effect breaks the connection between the dirt and surface, lifting away contaminants. Unlike blasting with other media, dry ice cleaning does not leave any secondary waste, because the dry ice particles sublimate upon impact – converting from solid to gas. Dry ice cleaning is safe and non-toxic, does not create downstream contamination and reduces or eliminates employee exposure to dangerous chemical cleaning agents.

    Using the Cold Jet dry ice cleaning system, it takes Sharp 20-90 minutes to clean one radiator, depending on how dirty it is. It previously took nearly seven hours per radiator.

    Dry ice cleaned the radiators more effectively and the pump trucks were able to run at full capacity.  When using the alternative method, the pumping trucks were pumping around 30 barrels per minute.  After cleaning the radiators with dry ice, the trucks were pumping around 100 barrels per minute.

    Dry ice cleaning is also environmentally responsible.  The process eliminates chemicals from the cleaning process and does not generate any secondary waste.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors fracing well sites closely and eliminating the chemicals is a major benefit.

    Stop by Cold Jet’s Booth # 12044 at OTC for live dry ice cleaning demonstrations. You can pull the trigger yourself to see how easy it is to clean with dry ice.

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