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Welcome to MWDPlanet and Lumen Corporation.

MWDPlanet and Lumen Corporation is an APEGA accredited engineering company that develops, manufactures, and services Measurement-While-Drilling tools for horizontal and directional drilling. MWDPlanet provides clients with custom-built engineering solutions for faster, more accurate and cost-effective drilling.

 Press Releases

  • Calgary,Alberta --MWDPlanet is unveiling their drop-in EM transmitter, Pegasus, at the 2018 OTC in Houston. The EM converter is now the first of its kind that is easy to integrate with all Tensor tools. Large fleets can now easily afford to upgrade their mud pulse systems to dual telemetry.

    This new generation of EM transmitters not only steps up the signal output to 145 Volts and 26 Amps but does so while maintaining an efficiency of an impressive 96 per cent at up to 60 Watts, says Derek Belle, Lead Engineer at MWDPlanet. The industry benchmark has long been only about 50 per cent efficiency, but the new line of Pegasus EM transmitters, featuring patent-pending technology, has been able to perform at almost perfect productivity.

    The new to the market EM transmitter has been consistently outclassing current EM tools on the market. Independent vibration tests clock in solid performance at vibrations up to 30gRMS, 10gRMS higher than the industry average. The test results combined with the flexible, simultaneous multi-channel transmitter output promise to deliver a drilling experience virtually free of signal or data loss under the most extreme drilling conditions.

    MWDPlanet’s Engineering team will be present at the OTC in Houston, at the Canadian pavilion, booth number 1125. Visitors can see the new Pegasus for themselves and perform limited testing on site.

    MWDPlanet is an engineering company that specializes in custom downhole telemetry solutions. If you would like to find out more about their projects or the Pegasus EM transmitter, please email


  • MWD and LWD Professional Engineering Solutions
    Innovative custom solutions for MWD and LWD Telemetry Systems....

  • MWDPlanet

    Custom-Engineered Downhole Telemetry Tools.

      We focus on developing strategies that drastically improve drilling experiences, by reducing the frequency and length of stop-downs and increasing accuracy. We know that the best tool for the job is not necessarily the most expensive one. It’s the one that will perform the best in your project’s drilling conditions.

      Our policy is to make sure our clients have a clear understanding of how each specification is beneficial to them in the long-run. We are interested in your repeated success, which is why we offer strong, ongoing support and easily-accessible parts. You will never feel like you have to make difficult technological decisions alone.

     We believe that continued training and education are an integral part of succes, which is why we have estabslished MWDPlanet University, an online learning management and technical support system.

     The company's portfolio includes numerous startups and research and development projects around the globe. 

  • Terre LP/RP MWD/LWD telemetry systems
    Our versatile Terre-LP bottom-landed linear mud pulser and the Terre-RP top-hanging rotary mud pulser systems will easily integrate into your existing workflow and drastically improve your drilling experience....

  •   As engineers with extensive experience in the field, we know how expensive any equipment failures are. We also know exactly how to eliminate these costly issues.

      Our goal is to push conventional mud pulse technology to engineering perfection. Our redesigned line of MWD tools features improved connectivity between segments, more efficient power consumption, and seamless integration into existing workflows. You will need to stop down less for battery changes, data loss is virtually impossible, and our sensor pack accuracy is among the very best on the market.

      Allowing you to drill in 99% of existing drilling conditions, our dependable MWD technology will be the most versatile, cost-saving solution to your needs.

     MWDPlanet’s MWD line consists of the Terre-LP bottom-landed and the Terre-RP top-hanging rotary tools. While Terre-LP is operationally cheaper, our Terre-RP top rotary pulse tool can handle extreme hydraulic conditions. 

      MWDPlanet can also provide you with a mechanical segment that will allow you to modify your Terre-LP tool into a Terre-RP one and vice versa. This will allow you to get unparalleled versatility out of your tools.

  • Pegasus and Terre-Flex EM MWD telemetry systems
    Pegasus is a drop-in EM transmitter integrable into existing fleets of MWD Mud Pulse telemetry systems. Terre-Flex standalone is a multi-channel and proactive MWD telemetry system....

  • Pegasus. Modifies your existing bottom-landed or top-rotary MWD Mud Pulse systems. For a quarter of the price of a full EM system you will be able to experience first-hand the benefits that an EM system will bring to your workflow.

    Terre-Flex. The Terre-Flex brings a whole new philosophy of MWD system architecture with its multi-channel input-output, modular hardware and software design, and proactive signal control. 

    Faster data rate. Your data rate could be easily up to 20 times faster compared to that achieved with a hydraulic system, depending on your settings.

    Independence from the hydraulic system. Instead of relying on the quality of the mud mix, the Pegasus and Terre-Flex use electro-magnetic waves as the main transmission channel.

    Immediate surveys. Not needing to wait for the hydraulic pumps to cycle through means that you do not have to wait to receive your survey every time a new pipe segment is attached. That extra five minutes that your team has to be on standby whenever a change is made adds up to a week of wait time over a month of drilling. Terre-Flex and Pegasus will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of one job.

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