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Design & manufactures equipments and systems since 1994

Wellhead control panels, actuator control panels, voting panels, ESD control panels, gas sampling systems, pressure pilots, fuse plugs, control valves, excess flow valves. Special execution for overpressure protection systems and stand-alone HIPPS application. Tailor made components.

 Press Releases

  • (Mar 02, 2018)

    The research and development are an important component of PNEUMOIDRAULICA ENGINEERING activity. Our technical department is constantly active to improve existing products, according to the continuous technological and standards changes and to create new products based on the market demands.

    We are specialized in the design and production of “custom-made” components (pneumatic or hydraulic operated) with highest quality and reliability levels.

    Our innovative 3D printer allows us to realize all the prototypes extremely rapidly at a very low cost. We also realize exclusive products with the customer logo.

  • (Mar 02, 2018)

    Our strength?

    Provide control systems with a quality and reliability at the highest levels on the market!

    Innovation, spirit of enterprise and technical challenges were the main elements that characterized the birth, in 1994, of PNEUMOIDRAULICA ENGINEERING. The goal, to provide high quality products for Oil & Gas.

    Still today PNEUMOIDRAULICA ENGINEERING is on the market not as a dealer but as a designer, manufacturer, installer and provider of maintenance of pneumatic and hydraulic control and safety systems.

    Our long experience in the field, thanks to the multi-year service activity (both on-shore and off-shore) and the plants direction, assures us a precise and continuous training, essential for the design of new plants. PNEUMOIDRAULICA ENGINEERING is authorized as a “Metric Operator” for the calibration and the repair of the fiscal measuring equipment.


    Constantly achieve the highest quality in order to supply our customers with high quality and reliability products at a competitive price giving an excellent technical assistance and consultant services differentiating ourselves from the competitors.

    Raise awareness among our potential customers. If they invest in the high quality of our product they have an initial cost which it will be extensively recovered thanks to the absence of anomalies and shutdowns.

    Core values:

    • Safety at work with respect for people and the environment
    • Integrity and Transparency
    • Time and Cost efficiency
    • Flexibility, Creativity and Innovation
    • Supply products and services of optimal quality
  • (Mar 02, 2018)

    Thanks to the multi-year experience of its staff, PNEUMOIDRAULICA ENGINEERING offers an excellent and efficient training service in pneumatic and hydraulic issues for Oil & Gas industry. This service is generally provided to adequately educate the operatives to manage the systems supplied by our company but, on specific customer requirements, the training programs are also prepared on a different subject. These activities can be carried out at our facility or at the customer site or directly on the site in which the system is installed (including offshore).

    General topics:

    • Course in pneumatic for maintenance personnel (basic – intermediate - advanced)
    • Course in hydraulic for maintenance personnel (basic - intermediate - advanced)
    • Wellheads control systems
    • Fusible plugs networks
    • Compression fittings


  • Wellhead control panels
    PNEUMOIDRAULICA ENGINEERING designs, manufactures and installs many kind of wellhead control panels (WHCP) necessary for the safety of the stockage and production wells in Oil & Gas field....

  • Standard features:

    • Component Layout carefully studied to facilitate the control, checking and maintenance operations

    • Executions in AISI316 stainless steel (even varnished)

    • Maximum pressure 690 bar (10.000 PSI)

    • Circuits with different pressures (H.P. for down hole, M.P. for master and wing, L.P for logic)

    • Double ferrule compression fittings

    • Imperial or Inch Tubing (according to ASTM A-269)

    • Working through electric or gas pumps (Vac o Vdc) + manual pump for emergency

    • Hydro-pneumatic accumulators (bladder-type or piston) to ensure emergency manoeuvres even in case of power failure

    • Oil tank with flame arrester, capacity up to 1.000 litres

    • Collection tank (drip pan) for the recovery of accidental losses

    • Local and remote control via interface with PLC / DCS

    • Fusible plugs network management (pneumatic or hydraulic)

    • Manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric ESD (emergency shut-down)

    • Flowline control by pressure pilots PSL/PSH (garrett)

    • Manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric PSD (process shut-down)

    • Protection of each line by “Thermal relief valve”

    • Safety components in SIL2 grade according to IEC 61508

    • Nameplates and documentation in Italian or English

    • Certification according to PED/ATEX/ASME

    Special features:

    • Very low power consumption for use with photovoltaic panels (green technology)

    • Installation in severe climate conditions (very low/very high temperatures, desert zones, etc.)

    • Cabinet IP65

    • Shut-down with “first out” system

    • Hydraulic fluids water / glycol based

    • Separated Skids for accumulators (also equipped with booster for nitrogen charging in high pressure)

    • Pressure up to 1.379 bar (20.000 PSI)

    • Fittings with ferrule screwed on the conical tube

    • Application in presence of H2S (NACE MR01-75)

    • Nameplates and documentation in different languages (Russian, Arabic, etc.)

    • Executions according to Rules Norsok

    • Testing Officiated and Certification on customer request

  • Gas sampling systems
    PNEUMOIDRAULICA ENGINEERING designs and manufactures "tailor made" gas sampling systems...

  • The sampling system, through a suction circuit, picks up the gas to be analyzed and it takes it, after appropriate treatment, to the analysis tool that verifies its features.


    The most common application is to monitor an explosive mixture or toxic gases inside a zone: at exceeding the set threshold, the system generates an alarm that immediately provides safety for facility, avoiding damage to people and environment. For particular critical applications, the system provides 3 points of analysis, in 2oo3 logic.


    Standard features:

    • Component Layout carefully studied to facilitate the control, checking and maintenance operations

    • Connection for Instruments calibration

    • Executions in AISI316 stainless steel (even varnished)

    • Arrangement in cabinet IP55 or on plate on sight

    • Double ferrule compression fittings

    • Imperial or Inch Tubing (according to ASTM A-269)

    • Working through Electric pump (Vac o Vdc) or pneumatic vacuum pump

    • SIL2 grade according to IEC 61508

    • Nameplates and documentation in Italian or English

    • Certification according to PED/ATEX/ASME

  • Pressure Pilots
    PNEUMOIDRAULICA ENGINEERING designs and realizes a complete range of pneumatic and hydraulic pilots (Garret) suitable for the pressure control in Oil & Gas PSD logics....

  • The high quality and reliability of the product allowed us to meet numerous customer applications from all over the world.


    Standard features:

    • Body and Internal parts materials: AISI316L stainless steel

    • Function: pneumatic / hydraulic pressure switch

    • Setting range: from 0,3 bar to 550 bar

    • Intervention: increase or decrease (reversible)

    • Sensor max. pressure: 700 bar

    • Valve max. pressione: 60 bar

    • Control media: air/instruments gas – hydraulic mineral oil

    • Process media: gas / liquid

    • Valve type: 3 ways 2 positions (universal)

    • Valve connection: ¼”NPT-F

    • Process connection: ½”NPT-M


    Special executions:

    • “Tandem” figure (PSH/PSL)

    • Execution for differential pressure

    • Different calibration pressures

    • Oxygen option

    • Integrated liquid separator (for aggressive media)

    • Application in presence of H2S (NACE MR01-75)

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