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Himmelstein Torque Measurement Solutions-www.himmelstein.com

S. Himmelstein and Company manufactures reaction and rotating torque transducers for precision torque measurement in oilfield applications – monitoring/calibration of make-up/breakout machines, valve actuation torque, jack-up rig leg load monitoring, load distribution for winches/hoists, torque measurement as PMI for pumps, motors, compressors.

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  • S. Himmelstein and Company provides you with a website devoted to your calibrations service requirements.

    Himmelsteins’ Torque Calibration Laboratory has an Accredited* Measurement Uncertainty consistent with its product specifications. Other suppliers calibrate without independent, internationally recognized accreditation or, they use an accredited calibration facility with a best measurement uncertainty less than or equal to the torquemeter specification. That’s absurd! You can’t guarantee 0.05% or 0.1% performance when your calibration equipment has an uncertainty of 0.1% or 0.2%.

    Himmelsteins’ calibration facility is accredited* for its entire product line – from 10 ozf-in to 4,000,000 lbf-in. What’s more, only Himmelstein can provide noise hardened units, ferrite-free transformer couplings, corrosion resistant construction, 400 and 1,000% overload ratings, dual range models and 2-wire torque transmitters. And, we offer more torque ranges, mechanical styles, data formats and power sources than anyone. These facts demonstrate our commitment to producing world class products unsurpassed for accuracy, reliability, and operation in hostile environments.

    Himmelsteins’ Torque Calibration Laboratory is accredited by NVLAP, an arm of the NIST, lab code 200487-0. Select the links below for a copy of the NVLAPCertificate and Accreditation Scope or, use the “Laboratory Accreditation” link at www.nist.gov.

    NVLAP Accrediation Certificate 2018

    NVLAP Scope of Accreditation 2018

    Certificates of Conformance are available upon request from the factory.

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  • MCRT® 39000X devices from S. Himmelstein accurately measure torque for control and verification of loads on oil rig support legs. They enable load monitoring during jacking operations and help maintain stability on uneven and shifting sea beds and strong currents.

    Mounted between the electric motors and pinion drive gearboxes on each leg’s truss, the system transmits data via a two-wire 4-20 mA loop to the Control Room. Because the MCRT® 39000X torque instrument measures the source load distribution directly it enables a significantly faster response time than other systems. No need to guess the location of stress on the rig’s structure. This advance warning of any change or movement of weight helps prevent damage to decks and jacking equipment.

    Because of its extremely high immunity to noise interference, high safety margins, and maintenance-free design, the MCRT® 39000X has been certified by both ABS and DNV  to become a standard for oil field use.

    MCRT® 39000X torque transmitters measure bidirectional static (stall) and dynamic shaft torque and speed (an option).A one piece stainless shaft carries bonded, foil strain gages. They measure torque, and in combination with element design, cancel bending and thrust loads. Their rotary transmitters don't wear or generate noise. They are immune to ambient noise, vibration, lubricants and other hostile environments.

    There are no slip rings, brushes, radio transmitters and other noisy, limited-life elements. Unlike ferrite transformers, S. Himmelstein ferrite-free MCRT® 39000X units aren’t susceptible to cracking and impact damage. Moreover, the robust, non-ferrite design suits these transmitters for hostile environments.

    S. Himmelstein and Company, 2490 Pembroke Avenue, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169  Phone: (800) 632-7873 Fax: (847) 843-8488  E-mail: sales@himmelstein.com  Website: www.himmelstein.com


  • Ultra-Precise Digital Torque Sensors
    Ultra-precise MCRT® 48800V and 49800V Series Digital Torque Transducers from S. Himmelstein and Company are well-suited for a broad range of applications....

  • The ultra-precise MCRT® 48800V and 49800V series digital torque sensors from S. Himmelstein and Company are well-suited for a broad range of applications including both performance and endurance testing of engines, transmissions, drive systems, pumps, motors, servo motors, gearboxes, actuators, etc.

    Each offers extreme measurement accuracy with fast installed response, plus high mechanical overloads and electrical overrange.  Output signals for torque, speed and horsepower are provided as analog (±5 or ±10 Vdc) and digital over RS232 serial port.  Available capacities are from 2.8 to 42,000 Nm.

    They are available in two accuracy grades: ±0.04% and ±0.02% of full scale combined non-linearity and hysteresis, and have world class temperature performance.  Mechanical overloads of 200% or 400% offers a safety margin in the presence of high startup torques or large torsional oscillations such as produced by Diesel engines.  Electrical overrange of 150% avoids clipping of real world torque peaks and driveline torsionals reducing potential for errors in the average torque measurement.  Output bandwidth is 1 kHz with 13 user selectable low pass filters.  

    Null, scaling and units of measure are stored in non-volatile memory. There are no noisy pots or switches. Thirty three units of measure are supported without requiring recalibration. Eleven user selectable Bessel filters avoid delay distortion and overshoot errors. These models incorporate technology hardening them to EMI generated by IGBT based adjustable speed drives. All are calibrated CW and CCW to rated load in our ISO 17025, NVLAP accredited laboratory (NVLAP lab code 200487-0).

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  • Bearingless Dual Range Digital Torque Meters
    MCRT® 84700V Bearingless Dual Range Digital Torquemeters have the best real world accuracy of any torque sensor....

  • MCRT® 84700V Dual Range Torquemeters measure high and low torques with high accuracy and without the cost and inconvenience of swapping two conventional sensors. They correctly measure torque if the peak to average ratio is high. Their use avoids the accuracy loss that occurs if an oversized sensor is used to prevent damage.

    Accuracy is high in real-world applications, not just in the cal lab. That’s due, in part, to very high stiffness which yields wider installed bandwidth and faster response than competitive device. Industries highest Overrange avoids errors from clipped torque peaks. Carrier amplification, immune to dc and low frequency ac, handles strain bridge signals. Also enhancing real world performance is noise hardening against EMI from VFD’s, ISM transmitters and other noise sources.

    Each range is calibrated to full scale with 8 to 9 CW and CCW steps (17 to 20 total) and documented by a NVLAP approved certificate certifying NIST traceability and that our laboratory operation and quality management system meet ISO/IEC 17025:2005. A Bi-directional rotor shunt cal verifies calibration and operation of the entire data chain in CW and CCW modes. It is invoked via stator switches, I/O line or from your computer.

    Multiple bridges and elegant design provide exceptional immunity to clamping and other extraneous loads. The torque signal is digitized on the rotor and sent to the stator where analog, frequency and Com Port outputs are created. Choose RS232/RS422/RS485 or USB communications. Included software interfaces with your Windows-based PC. It displays Real-time, Max/Min and Spread Torque, Rotor Temperature, checks limits, does torque time plots and stores test results.

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  • High Precision C-Face Reaction Torquemeters
    Himmelstein's high precision c-face reaction torquemeters with analog and digital outputs have the best performance of any large bore reaction torquemeter, torque sensor, or torque transducer...

  • Series CF2800V Torquemeters have high accuracy, high stiffness, and low deflection. Overload capacity is 5 times rated torque. All are calibrated CW and CCW to rated load in our NVLAP* accredited laboratory. These devices mate directly with NEMA C-Face motors and generators. There are no pots, switches or other parts subject to misadjustment during vibration or by unauthorized users. You can select from any of 10 Units of Measure without re-calibrating.

    Analog and digital outputs are simultaneously available. Use the RS232 port with the furnished software or write your own. The Torquemeter has low drift, exceptional temperature performance, and 150% Overrange. Without High Overrange, clipped peaks cause large errors. Tare and Zero may be invoked via I/O lines or computer. Use the 11 selectable Bessel filters for signal processing. Use your PC to Display Current, Max, Min and Spread Data, to Save and Plot Data, and to Store Test Setups.

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