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Valvitalia is a global leading manufacturer of any kind of valves, actuators, fittings, flanges, monolithic isolation joints, systems for the O&G as well as fire fighting systems. Its products have been already installed in 109 Countries all over the world. In 2016 it reached a turnover of € 438 M thanks to 1300 employees spread over 11 plants.

 Press Releases

  • Castel San Giovanni, October 18th 2017 – In presence of many clients, authorities and friends, took place the 1st Birthday ceremony of the Valvitalia Group Fire Fighting Testing Area.

    Valvitalia Group, one of the most important players worldwide for the manufacturing of valves and lots of other products intended for the energy industry, in 2014 and 2015, has acquired two important companies specialized in fire fighting. Silvani who had been for many years part of an American Group and Eusebi. Valvitalia, which is very proud for having brought back 100% Silvani in Italy, has become the Italian landmark in the world for the fire fighting needs.

    The Group’s Fire Fighting Division manufactures and sells products intended for the detection and extinguishing of fires in the energy, marine and civil industries and, the new Fire Fighting Testing Area, which allows to test products launching liquids up to 170 meters and to manage water supply until 40.000 litres per minute, is one of the first three areas in the world for flow rate and potential.

    This facility is an important achievement and is the proof of the will and the ability of the Group to invest even in a period characterised by an unfavourable economic situation like the present one.

    The facility, which reflects the propensity of the Group to the research and development, key feature for the success and the growth achieved during the years, also has an important social purpose: it is available for the italian Fire Brigade, Civil Defence and all the other government entities upon request, for their own testing requirements.

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  • Rivanazzano Terme – Valvitalia is pleased to inform that recently has supplied different High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) to the market.

    The HIPPS is made of a combination of piping and instrumentation elements and provide the protection of the pipelines in case of high pressure inside the line.

    The system is made of two valves and the relevant actuators (pneumatic or hydraulic), whose function is the emergency closing within a specified timing; a logic solver, whose function is the detection of the high pressure in the pipeline and the consequent instruction of emergency closing to the set of valves and actuators; a set of three pressure transmitters whose function is the detection of high pressure of the pipeline.

    The safety function of the HIPPS is guaranteed by the closing of the main line valves within a specified timing. The reference standard according to which the HIPPS is engineered and certified are IEC 61508 and 61511 which states the parameters of the reliability of the whole system in case of demand.

    The most performing HIPPS engineered by Valvitalia is 4 Side entry Ball Valves 32”x28” ANSI 1500 which close in less than 2 seconds.

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  • Rivanazzano Terme - Valvitalia Group has the largest product portfolio in the industry and the latest entry are Monolithic Isolation Joints. Thanks to the recent acquisition of Nuova Giungas the Group is currently able to offer all the equipment intended for the onshore and offshore O&G pipelines.

    Nuova Giungas, founded in 1965 and headquartered in Italy, is a global leading designer and manufacturer of Monolithic Isolation Joints which deliver superior performance in cathodic protection to oil and gas pipelines. The Company is very well known in the sector due to its involvement in numerous important and challenging projects all over the world.

    Nuova Giungas Monolithic Isolation Joints, which are recognized for their quality and reliability by NACE and by the most important worldwide associations, can be manufactured up to DN 130” and class up to API 10000.

    Valvitalia Group, also thanks to Nuova Giungas, is the One Stop Shop for all the flow needs in the energy industry. The Group is a global leading designer and manufacturer of high quality on/off, control, safety and special valves, actuators, fittings, flanges and Oil and Gas Systems. Its products are installed in 109 Countries all over the world and are serving, with high degrees of satisfaction, the biggest players in the sector.


  • Konosphera
    The Valvitalia Konosphera is a unique triple offset metal seated ball valve, engineered for severe service, frequent/quick cycling, extended life span. It successfully supports the most demanding customers all over the world for high criticality services....

  • The Valvitalia Group is proud to present the Konosphera, triple offset metal seated ball valve. This unique valve has a single seat and is virtually friction free, engineered for severe service, frequent/quick cycling, extended life span, requiring extremely limited maintenance.

    The standard sizes are from 2” up to 24”, and from ANSI 150 up to ANSI 2500. The port is full bore, thus causing no pressure drop within the valve.

    The Valvitalia Konosphera is based on a sturdy and reliable trunnion mounted design and requires a simple quarter turn actuator. The stem packing design is composed by an adjustable live load graphite packing with disc springs, ensuring performance and limited wear on this critical component.

    The Valvitalia Konosphera is successfully supporting the most demanding customers all over the world for high criticality services in refineries, gas treatment plants, topsides, and many other facilities.

    It is the state of the art in metal seated valve technology.

  • Firefighting systems for platforms, FPSOs, vessels
    In 2015 Valvitalia acquired and merged two leaders in the industry, Silvani and Eusebi, and started its Fire Fighting Division. It now supplies complete systems for protecting offshore assets from the risk of fire....

  • The Valvitalia Fire Fighting Division can supply complete systems for protecting any Oil&Gas facility from the risk of fire, and it is specialized in protecting offshore assets, including platforms, FPSOs, and any type of vessel.

    The comprehensive solutions can include control panels, fire&gas detection and alarm systems and fire suppression systems with any technology, including water, foam, gas, powder.

    Valvitalia FF Division is especially proud to supply the state of the art high pressure water mist, which represents a superior solution both in terms of effectiveness (heat absorption, suffocation effect) and efficiency (water consumption/weight: no need of large storage tanks or big pressure groups).

    The Valvitalia R&D engineers optimized the design of the critical components for this system ensuring the highest performance.

    The water mist solution is environmentally friendly and complies with the NFPA 750 and IMO rules.

  • API 6A High Pressure Ball and Gate Valves
    Valvitalia designs and manufactures in Italy any type of API 6A HP Ball and Gate Valves for topsides and subsea service, including deep water. The integrated packages ensure performance and reliability. We can meet the most stringent valve requirements....

  • During its successful story Valvitalia has provided many products for the most important Contractors and End Users in the O&G and in the Energy Industry in its whole.

    Products have been engineered and manufactured in order to meet the most challenging requirements and to be installed under the worst weather conditions.

    A very important experience has been gained in the production of API6A High Pressure Ball and Gate Valves which have been supplied for the most important Projects in the world: from the TUPI Project, to the BP Juniper Project, passing through the Shah Deniz Platform. All over the world there are installed Valvitalia API6A HP Valves which have been subject to appreciation from many Customers.

    Also subsea is a field which Valvitalia has worked for a lot, achieving great results: Valvitalia Subsea Valves are API6DSS and API17D certified and installed from the Bulgarian water at the South Stream Pipeline to the Brazilian water at the Capixaba Project. And in many other sites.

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