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RCP Control, Monitoring and Instrumentation

RCP are an independent Scottish company specialising in the design and supply of PLC based control, monitoring, instrumentation and data-logging systems. Our equipment portfolio includes: electric brake control and battery back-up, anti-collision systems, BOP and well control, instrumentation, hazardous area control equipment and marine solutions.

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  • Rig Control Products (RCP) have an outstanding reputation for delivering high quality innovative safety and control equipment, total, or part refurbishment of existing control equipment and a wide range of offshore engineering support services.

    From our Aberdeen and Singapore bases RCP offer clients in-house engineering design, manufacturing and integration and software programming services allowing us to bring to the market high quality bespoke systems and drive down total cost of ownership for the client.

    If you are considering refurbishing or replacing oilfield control equipment call us to discuss how we may be able to assist you and potentially reduce your project costs.

    Case study 1. Drillfloor floor and crown saver system controller

    RCP were approached by a client regarding an existing, unsupported 3rd party floor and crown saver. The OEM had informed the client that the system was obsolete, and a completely new system would need to be installed at a substantial cost along with an unacceptably long lead time. RCP looked at the options and quickly determined the controller could be updated and then recertified relatively easily which would allow the client to continue their P&A campaign without too much disruption. RCP won the job and delivered the new controller all within 4 weeks. Apart from the substantial cost saving in not having to replace the whole system the client also avoided having to manage the destruct of the old system, installation and commissioning of the new which would have taken approximately 35 offshore days to complete.

    Case study 2: BOP Koomey unit and control panels

    RCP were approached by a new client asking for costs and options to refurbish and / or replace the control and instrumentation hardware for an existing 7 function BOP Koomey type unit and control panels. Having thoroughly inspected the equipment RCP issued the client with a report detailing the refurbishment option costs and the required project time to complete the refurbishment. The projected costs calculated for the refurbishment far outweighed those of what we felt was a relatively straightforward and direct replacement of the equipment, other advantages were also considered such as the future reliability and serviceability of the equipment. RCP engineers had given the client all the information they needed to determine the best overall solution given the findings of our inspection. RCP final scope of supply for this project was to supply new Drillers and Lifeboat station control panels, hazardous area UPS/PSU, Solenoid and pressure switch / controller enclosures, new Hoffer flow turbine, Exd motor with Exd motor starter and a host of other sensors.

    RCP Equipment includes the following:

    - Control & instrumentation equipment

    - BOP control panels

    - Anti-collision systems

    - Eddy current brake controllers

    - Battery back-ups

    - Choke control consoles

    - HPU

    - Glycol injection unit

    - Data acquisition

    - Data logging

    - Tank monitoring

    - Marine products

    - Hazardous area equipment

    - Hoffer flow meters

    - Barksdale valves

    - Pascal flow instruments

    - Ex Solar power units

    RCP are distributors for the following industry leading companies: Hoffer Flow Controls, Barksdale control products and Pascal Industries.


    Excalibur House, Woodburn Road, Blackburn Industrial Estate, Blackburn, Aberdeenshire,
    AB21 0RX

    Tel +44 (0) 1224 798312


    Aberdeen Office Tel: +44 1224 798312

  • RCP Well control equipment orders fulfilled


    Single Choke panel with integrated pump stroke counter and liquid seal monitor

    RCP have recently delivered more high-quality well control equipment to a client operating in the North Sea. The Choke control console and HPU were delivered on-time and within budget, the equipment design was reviewed and sanctioned by Lloyds and signed off without any technical changes required, a testament to the skills of the engineers involved in the design and build of the equipment. The new choke control console and HPU were the latest in a number of previously supplied consoles and HPU’s delivered to North Sea platforms for the same client.

    The choke control console and HPU provides the driller with an accurate and fast responding control system that is built in accordance with the requirements of API-16C. This particular console was also fully ATEX approved for use in a zone 1 hazardous area.


  • Anti Collision Systems
    Rig Control Products have an enviable track record in the design and supply of oil rig collision avoidance systems for use on land and offshore oil rigs....

  • The very latest generation of Travelling Block Monitor (TBM) collision avoidance systems was launched in August 2016.

    The TBM is an advanced electronic floor and crown saver which monitors a number of travelling block parameters and calculates a safe working envelope for the blocks. Should the blocks exceed the predefined safe working envelope the system will automatically initiate the auxiliary brake to slow and if necessary stop the block in a controlled manner.

    The latest TBM design is an important step forward in the next generation of drill floor safety management incorporating new features such as event logging. The system has a capacity for displaying and re-calling historical system data and includes inbuilt system and sensor diagnostics, the new TBM has also been designed to be virtually maintenance free.

    The system offers, as standard a number of Anti-collision or Zone management inputs which will enable a greater degree of safety management integration with third party equipment making it highly flexible.

    The greater functionality and flexibility of the 3rd generation system makes it by far the most cost effective solution in drill floor safety management on the market.

    The TBM system has been proved time and again to avert serious equipment collisions on the drill floor making it a much safer environment for personnel to work in.

    Link Tilt Monitoring

    In our experience the link tilt poses one of the greatest threats for collision with other equipment in the derrick, poorly positioned pipe handling equipment or even a simple failure on the link tilt retract cylinder can be a real risk to personnel working below.

    RCP utilise wireless technology to rapidly install and monitor the angle of the link tilt to indicate its status. Combined with the TBM a powerful collision avoidance or warning system can be implemented.

    All RCP Anti-collision systems (ACS) are designed to integrate with the new generation of TBM, RCP are experts in the design of automated safety management systems.

    Our solutions have been proven to be highly effective in the prevention of drill floor collisions and prevent considerable time and costs associated with investigations and downtime.

    Other potential equipment collision points for which we have a solution for include:

    Monkey Board / Dolly Retract / Access Basket / Drill Floor Manipulator Arm / Iron Roughneck / Case Stabbing Board / Raised Back System / Stabmaster / Upper, Intermediate and Lower Racking Arms / Catwalk.


    Drawworks Chirper

    A small but powerful system that senses minute downward drawworks rotation, the system is generally fitted to ensure the main brake has been set to a position that is guaranteed to hold the blocks, should the brake slip the system will alarm immediately. Should an RCP TBM already be fitted a software upgrade would be all that is required.

  • Brake Controllers , Battery Back-Up and Chargers
    RCPs’ Eddy current brake control and monitoring products offer a comprehensive solution for clients planning to upgrade legacy brake control and monitoring systems....

  • Electromagnetic Brake Controller (EBC)

    RCP brake controllers utilises modern SCR power electronic components to rapidly supply 250 volts DC to the auxiliary brake coils in response to an input from brake handle. The RCP brake controller is a highly responsive system which delivers power to the coils in a controlled and linear fashion across all ranges, power for the system is derived from a three phase full wave silicone controlled rectifier assembly supplied by a 30KVA, 60Hz 440VAC 3 phase transformer.

    The highly responsive nature and improved reliability of the SCR controlled system enhances the safety of the drill floor for crew and travelling equipment alike. Brake controllers can be fitted into a number of safe or hazardous area enclosures designed to suit your existing requirements.

    RCP brake controller features:

    • Compatible with a wide range of Electromagnetic or Eddy current type brakes

    • Highly responsive and linear across all ranges

    • SCR technology ensures rapid application of voltage to brake coils

    Brake Monitor Unit (BMU)

    The Brake Monitor Unit is a PLC based system which actively monitors the auxiliary brakes critical control components , the system is designed to monitor a wide range of power requirements, control inputs, outputs and also the flow and temperature of the cooling circuit. The BMU is programmed to perform a continuous error check routine to ensure system health.

    Should a fault be sensed in the brake circuit or the PLC the BMU will announce the fault, in the event of a fault being detected in a less critical component the system will activate audible and visual alarms, however should a critical fault be sensed such as a loss of control power the BMU will immediately apply the battery back-up (if fitted) contactor to connect the batteries across the brake coils which allows the operator to bring the blocks to a safe and controlled stop.

    Typical faults that would see the BMU de-energise the battery back-up contactor and connect the batteries would be: loss of phase on the power supply and a signal mismatch between the brake handle control signal input and the output current being applied to the eddy current brake coils. A representative list is given below.

    When an RCP BMU is in operation the operator can be fully confident that total control and full power to the brakes is available at all times offering confidence in his equipment.

    Typical points monitored by the BMU include:

    • AC Phase Status

    • PLC status

    • Battery Backup Available

    • Charger Heathy

    • Brake Coil Failure 1 & 2

    • Earth Fault 1 & 2

    • Command Signal Mismatch

    • High Temperature Alarm

    • Brake cooling circuit temperature and level monitoring

    RCP can also supply a disc brake monitor where critical components such as HPU pressures, fluid temperatures and levels are all monitored.

    Brake Battery Back Up (BBU)

    The Battery Switchover circuit comprises of a contactor which is energised in normal operation and holds the batteries off the brake coils by means of various sensing and control relays. In the event that the Brake Controller Assembly loses power or the Driller activates the emergency stop, or if the BMU (See below) detects a signal mismatch the contactor will de-energise and the batteries will be connected to the brake coils. The Battery Switchover also has a safety monitoring circuit which automatically opens a battery isolation switch after 3 minutes of battery operation or if the battery voltage drops below a safe value to protect the batteries from damage due to deep discharge.

    Battery Charger Unit (BCU)

    The Battery Charger converters the 240VAC input into a 272 DC voltage connected in parallel to the load of the brake coils to trickle charge the batteries when not in use. There is also a 2 hour boost function which will increase the charge voltage to 286VDC. The maximum charging current will be 6A allowing for a controlled and reliable charge. The Battery Charger utilises a single phase silicone controlled thyristor rectifier assembly which consists of a transformer, a thyristor bridge assembly; choke, capacitor, firing card and panel mount alarm display.

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