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With over 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality electrical connection solutions, Abtech is an ideal partner for all your enclosure, high voltage and lighting requirements.

 Press Releases

  • Abtech has extended capability of the Gamma range of LED luminaires with Ex-certification for Zone 1 hazardous areas. Suitable for use both in gas and dust environments, the Gamma range has been designed with consideration for the rigours of operational oil and gas production. The complete range is both ATEX and IECEx certified.

    The Zone 1 Gamma is initially available as 72W intrinsically safe luminaire that provides around 10,000 lumens of crisp white light. It is equally at home when installed as a traditional floodlight or suspended to act as a lowbay luminaire. Abtech’s innovative approach to LED development combined with the release of our own iSMART driver technology give the Gamma several design advantages.

    Firstly, certification was achieved without the need for heavy Ex d enclosures. These are commonly used by luminaire manufacturers as a method of isolating unprotected LEDs from exposure to potentially explosive gasses. Not only does this make the Gamma relatively lightweight but it also removes the need for annual inspection of any exposed flamepath, thus reducing lifetime maintenance costs. Secondly thanks to Abtech’s iSMART driver technology with built-in fail-safe mechanisms to prevent sparking, there is no requirement to encapsulate the LED’s. Even the best clear encapsulates result in light loss due to internal refraction. Some have been known to become cloudy over time, particularly when exposed to complex hydrocarbon compounds associated with oil & gas production. As the Gamma does not require encapsulation, transfer of the light generated is maximized resulting in a very efficient 138lm/w and no reduction in lumen maintenance through encapsulate degradation.

    In line with its Zone 2 counterpart, the new Zone 1 version is constructed from marine grade stainless steel with a toughened glass diffuser, stainless steel fixings throughout. It is designed to operate within an ambient range of -30°C to +55°C (T3/T4) ensuring the luminaire can withstand the harshest of environments.

    All Gamma variants incorporate harmonic and overvoltage protection to EN61000-3-2 & EN61000-3-3. The control gear also features thermal cut off protection to maintain LED life. All Gamma luminaires are tested at an operational ambient of 40°C and supplied with a five-year complete system warranty.

    Full details can be found at on the Abtech website (http://www.abtech.eu/latest/Gamma). 

  • The Nautilus is an IP68 rated, Ex e enclosure manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel. This terminal enclosure is designed to withstand extended periods of submersion at depths of over one hundred metres. One specific application for this enclosure is to ensure the protection of essential electrical connections within an FPSO turret system. Two Nautilus units are on an FPSO operating in the cyclonic region off the coast off Western Australia.

    When severe storms are expected, the FPSO is de-mounted from its umbilical system. The vessel can then be at sea for several weeks with the turret area fully submerged. In this application, the enclosures were required to maintain their IP68 rating for the whole period. The Nautilus enclosure has been independently tested to maintain ingress protection at fifty metres for two weeks. Further testing confirmed one hundred metres of submersion protection for a period of five days. 

    The Nautilus is fully ATEX and IECEx certified for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas and can be manufactured to any size as long as each dimension falls within the range of smallest to largest size listed on the product datasheet. This affords the range a unique flexibility, allowing customers the ability to employ cost-effective, custom sized enclosures in their application. 

  • CML is world’s first certification body to issue IECEx certification for Ex s ‘Special Protection’, with UK based client Abtech Limited becoming the first electrical enclosure manufacturer to use the concept.

    Ex s, standard IEC 60079-33, provides a path to IECEx certification for products to that do not fall completely within the requirements of the existing protection concepts. Allowing them to be considered safe use in explosive atmospheres following a structured assessment under a defined testing framework.

    The standard for the non-standard

    Often thought of as the concept for innovative designs; the ones that cannot be accommodated under more conventional protection methods, Ex s allows the IECEx certification of products that may be ahead of the curve. Standards development by committee takes time and there can be a lag when it comes to the assessment of new technology. Commonly where the existing methods of Ex protection are limited in their current scope and have not yet been challenged to evolve. Prior to this, all products were bound to the defined limits of the specific protection concept standard. There was no room for flexibility; even when a justifiable method of ensuring safe operation could be demonstrated, and it is this which makes Ex s such an important addition to the IECEx system and the IEC 60079 series of standards.

    The purpose of the ‘Special Protection’ standard is to provide a framework for manufacturers and conformity assessment bodies to conduct a structured assessment of equipment safety, particularly when a product design is limited by the current conventions. It allows independent professionals to use their expertise beyond the restrictions that naturally come from standards that attempt to be all things to all men.

    At CML we can tap into our technical expertise in the assessment, testing and certification of a very wide range of equipment for use in explosive atmospheres.

    An example of this is our first IECEx certification under this standard. The product in question was an Abtech medium voltage terminal box that required an operational rating of 15kV.  Traditionally electrical enclosures used to terminate power connections are covered under the Ex e ‘Increased Safety’ concept. However 15kV exceeds the maximum permitted voltage of 11kV applicable under Ex e. Using our expertise and the expertise of industry specialists, CML could confirm the Abtech design and associated ignition hazard assessment did not result in an increased risk of ignition, allowing the globally accepted IECEx certificate to be issued.

    Although the purpose of Ex s within the IECEx certification scheme is not to open the doors to previously non-compliant products; it gives those well-designed Ex products a way of achieving certification for the international market. As demonstrated in the case for the Abtech 15kV terminal box.  The Ex s concept may never become as widely used as Ex e, Ex d or Ex m concepts, but its introduction now gives manufacturers the ability to be more innovative in their design process.

    More information regarding the product can be found on the Abtech website here: http://www.abtech.eu/news/15kv-iecex-for-zone-1


  • LED Lighting for Hazardous Areas
    Abtech design and manufacture range of LED lighting products. Our Ex-rated lighting range includes hazardous area floodlights and linear luminaires suitable for both Zone 1 and 21 hazardous locations....

  • Our range includes LED luminaires housed in both Stainless Steel and Aluminium enclosures. Linear and bulkhead fittings are available with self-contained batteries for emergency lighting.
  • Medium & High Voltage Enclosures
    Abtech are market leaders in the design and manufacture of high voltage and high current electrical equipment for use in hazardous areas. Our comprehensive range of Ex-rated HV junction boxes covering voltages up to 45kV....

  • All of our high voltage enclosures are manufactured in 316-grade stainless steel and are rated IP66 and Type 4X as standard. The entire range also offers flexibility in terms of both connection options and mounting arrangements. 

    To meet the needs of a global market, a number of different protection concepts and compliance's are also available including both ATEX and IECEx.
  • Submersible Ex e Enclosure
    The Nautilus submersible enclosure range combines Ex e hazardous area certification with an unparalleled level of ingress protection. Primarily designed for submersible applications, it is certified IP68 at 100 metres for five days to EN60529....

  • Manufactured from 316 Stainless steel, the Nautilus utilises the same flexible design approach employed on the SX range enclosures. It comes as standard with a hinged cover and lifting eyes for easy installation and maintenance.

    The sizes shown below are the most popular sizes, however, any size of enclosure is possible as long as each dimension falls within the range of smallest to largest size, shown on the datasheet. This affords the range a unique flexibility, allowing customers the ability to employ cost-effective, custom sized enclosures in their application. 

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