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Manufacturer of filter equipment and consumables

Dutch Filtration designs and manufactures filtration equipment and filter consumables for the Oilfield. completion fluids, wellbore clean up, water injection, produced water, seawater intake. products: Dual vessel cartridge units, filter press, vertical pressure leaf, filter housings, pleated & wound filters, DE media, oil absorption filters.

 Press Releases

  • Dutch Filtration has developed an unique and robust quick opening-closure for all our cartridge and bag filter units specially for the oil and gas industry. This pressure vessel closure system is especially designed for safe, ergonomic, quick and leak free change out of filter cartridges.
    The  Rudi QOC has many benefits over the traditional swingbolt closures for cartridge filter vessels, such as: no loose nuts, no tools required, safe two hand operation and within few seconds.
    Rudi QOC: Safe, Reliable, Quick, Easy and 100% sealing.

    HSE Issue’s with the traditional swing bolts closure.

    • It is difficult to position the lid to fit the swing bolt into the gap with using your hands close to the lid. Many fingers and hands have be injured between the heavy lid and top flange.​
    • Tightening the (eye) nuts require all ways a tool.  As common knowledge, in Oilfield there is nothing such as a perfect fitting spanner on site. So screwdrivers, adjustable spanners and even hammers are used to tighten the eye nuts. This is causing a high risk of injuries.
    Our dual vessel cartridge or bag filter units (also known as duplex unit, twin pot, twin vessel unit) are widely used for many applications in oilfield operation on and offshore such as: completion fluids filtration, wellbore clean up, workover fluids, gravel pack, slop water treatment, produced water, base oil filtration. In case the fluid batches are larger we recommend to use a filter press or vertical pressure leaf filter as pre-filter.
    More information https://www.dutchfiltration.com/


  • Dual Vessel Cartridge Filter
    The new Dual Vessel Cartridge Filter Unit is based on 20 years experience manufacturing oilfield equipment. All new features are based on customer feedback combined in our unique twin vessel filter unit....

  • HSE, efficiency and reliability are the key drivers for our product improvement and design. Our cartridge and bag filter vessels are equiped with our unique quick opening and closure. Cartridges can be changed out much quicker and safer compare to the old fashioned swing-bolt system. The Rudi Quick Opening Closure allows the operator to fast and safe open and close the filter housing for change out of filter elements. The unit is designed and built in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 and also certified by DNV or Lloyds. Our standard DFC24 unit has two housings of each 50 cartridges and 6 valves for parallel, in series and by-pass operation.

    • Compact footprint - Fit on every on-/offshore installation
    • Quick opening closure lid - Quick and safe filter change out
    • Simple Davit - Easy opening and closing
    • Frame designed and certified according DNV 2.7-1 - Designed to global on / offshore requirements
    • All wetted parts SS316 - No corrosion issues
    • Connections SS316 unions fig.100/206 - 100% leak-proof and easy sealing with uniform pressure
    • ISO Corner Blocks - Quick and safe fixation on truck or deck
    • Standard 10 bar design to PED2014/68 - Suitable for most applications
    • PED module A for hazardous fluids
  • DutchFlow - Absolute Pleated Filter Cartridge
    The DutchFlow Filter Cartridge is designed and engineered for high accuracy final polishing filtration of all type’s of fluids. The construction is designed and produced to withstand the harsh requirements of the Oilfield Industry....

  • The specially selected polypropylene or borosilicate glass fibre material provides the unique combination of high flow rate, high dirt holding capacity, low pressure drop, increased surface area at absolute rating of beta 5000 (99.98% removal). 

    The Polypropylene inner core has additional strength and all components are thermally fused. This allows operations at higher temperature, pressure and makes the DutchFlow cartridge compatible with most fluids and additives in the industry. 

    • Absolute rating of Beta 5000 (99.98% efficiency )for reliable results in any critical application.
    • Provides significantly greater dirt holding than string wound and spun bonded elements.
    • Improved method of construction allowing longer operational life, higher process temperature & pressure.
    • Increased filtration surface area increasing process volume per cartridge.
    • Full Thermal Bonded technology offering chemical compatibility for most fluids, solvents, chemicals. 
    • Simple installation with various end cap and seal material options to ensure positive capture of contaminants.
    • Fixed pore media prevents particle unloading and allows for absolute rating.​

    Our range of consumables: Pleated, Spunbonded, Wound, High flow

  • Filter Press
    The filter press 1200 sq.ft., FP1200, is a complete equipped DE filter with all necessary auxiliaries. The drip free construction guarantees an environmental friendly operation....

  • Clean completion fluids or well bore clean up fluids are used for clean out and protection of the wellbore to maximize the oil and gas production.

    The filter press 1200 sq.ft., FP1200, is a complete equipped DE filter with all necessary auxiliaries. The drip free construction guarantees an environmental friendly operation. The heavy duty system is powered by a hydraulic system with is driven by compressed air booster pumps. The robust constructed unit is easy to operate and maintain. The filter press can be operated in single or twin configuration with one slurry mixing skid. The filter press is available in high flow design for flow rates up to 32 BPM.

    • Compact footprint - Fits on every on-/offshore installation
    • Frame designed and certified according DNV 2.7-1 by DNV - Designed to global on / offshore requirements
    • Pneumatic powered hydraulicsystem - Simple and reliable
    • All wetted parts SS316 - No corrosion issues
    • Connections SS316 unions fig.100/206 - 100% leak-proof and easy sealing with uniform pressure
    • Stainless steel control cabinet - Robust and no corrosion
    • ISO Corner Blocks - Quick and safe fixation on truck or deck

    Other sizes on request also HF

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