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We are one of the world's leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology - improving safety and increasing the performance of infrastructures for clients in over 75 countries worldwide. We listen and focus on what matters. Use our expertise and over 250 years' experience to deliver the smart solution for everyone.

 Press Releases

  • New software heads an innovative pipeline monitoring system for US oil and gas facilities. 

    An all-new data-driven sensor-based ‘Smart Sleeve’ product for use in pipeline maintenance and repairs is under development to give pipeline operators and regulators a new benchmark in cost-effective operations, safety and peace of mind.

    The initiative is led by Lloyd’s Register (LR), a leading global provider of engineering and technology-centric professional services, and Western Specialties (WS), to develop and commercialize a novel integrated pipeline repair method. WS is a technology company that specializes in composite reinforcement systems on pipelines and is excited to release new reinforcement solutions with LR’s technology and sensing capabilities.

    It will provide the industry with one of the world’s first intelligent pipeline monitoring and repair sensing solutions. 

    “We are taking two existing technologies that are currently being used today and merging them into something that can finally provide insight to operators and regulators on their aging infrastructure” says Ryan LaVergne, Director of Technology from WS.  “Taking this proactive approach on monitoring anomalies can help predict what’s going on without having to perform future digs as well as give a multitude of data points used in future calculations.”

    “External forces on infrastructure such as weather or tidal conditions, terrain movement, and undetected breaches of the pipeline structure, and corrosion damage are just a few examples of the many issues facing pipeline operators,” highlights Clinton Abbate, Senior Analyst at LR’s Energy business in Houston, Texas. “It is common knowledge that recent years haven’t been kind to the pipeline industry. But now, as the market begins to settle and new methods of improved operation take hold, LR’s new and critical piece of technology could be the answer that many operators are looking for.”

    Alan Turner, Senior Concept Developer at LR, says: “Our technology contains sensors enabling a variety of features, including pressure, temperature and the possibility to monitor infrastructure for overburden, re-rate, corrosion or crack monitoring as well as movement in geologically active areas. We have created an approach that can detect when repairs that are made to a pipeline are in need of inspection reducing the need for unnecessary digs – onshore or offshore. It is a 24/7 monitoring system that offers pipeline operators and regulatory authorities an overview of how safe a pipeline actually is every minute of every day.”

    What’s different about Smart Sleeve?
    Unlike current market offerings on “typical” repair solutions, this method prototyped by LR and WS gives the best of both worlds by providing a repair solution and monitoring system built into one. “The future integrity or life expectancy of a pipeline repair have always been big questions, and now with ‘Smart Sleeve’ that can be realized to the DOT and State Regulatory Authorities,” says LaVergne.

    ‘Smart Sleeve’ technology solution provides pipeline operators with advanced analytics to give a clear picture of what’s going on with a pipeline at any time. “We can set our ‘Smart Sleeve’ and sensor product to record and timestamp all movement, including the actual direction of movement, pressure, temperature and strain,” says Turner. “This data can be stored in the LR Cloud which then allows regulators, operators and technical engineers to access information from any location and publish updates to the operator’s SCADA system. This provides added support for our customers because we can supply more information for better reporting helping each pipeline operator to further improve how they manage and reduce risk.”

    And if something doesn’t look quite right, ‘Smart Sleeve’ can trigger a response for inspection or provide operators with a choice of options to minimize disruption or harm to individuals or the environment so that the pipeline facility remains intact and safe.

    Providing fast remedy and decision making to reduce risk
    “At LR we are constantly challenging the industry norm to develop better and improved products that help further improve how operators can better manage their pipeline operations and monitoring systems,” says Turner. “We develop these products based on customer feedback, and since our expertise has expanded beyond smart sensing of pipeline operations, our customers’ top wish is to be able to monitor the physical repairs of their pipelines using dashboards that allow complete monitoring of the pipeline, including those physical repairs made on any part of the pipeline and the anomaly under the repair. Also, operational parameters such as pressure and temperature allow for leak detection and fast remedy. This is what we have successfully developed with Western Specialties.”

    Selecting the right technology solution for many pipeline operators can be a daunting task. “With so much
    to consider and so much operational data available to draw meaningful insights from, it’s beneficial to have a partner by your side who’s been there and done it – and can give you the tools you need to progress,” highlights Abbate. “Our extensive expertise and technical ‘know-how’ gives operators the right solutions for the right application, so they can concentrate on the job at hand.”

    The new ‘Smart Sleeve’ product is seen to be a viable solution to enable pipelines to operate at full pressure giving more production and maximizing income for their businesses. It critically reduces the risk of gaining penalties that could arise from damage, corrosion, material failure, leaks or ruptures that frequently lead to costly civil liability claims. 

    “Putting sensors on pipelines has been going on for years to monitor for leaks, intrusion and movement. Repairing defects, dents, gauges, corrosion, and leaks in pipelines can be a costly and resource-intensive task. The costs borne out by the operators over the years total US$ Millions. But to make that task less costly and more efficient, I believe what we are doing is novel by integrating the sensors into the pipeline repairs,” highlights Turner. 

    “This enables operators and regulators to precisely monitor the health of the pipeline repair and the anomaly under the repair, in addition to assessing the operational conditions and entire pipeline movement.”

    Meet our experts at OTC Houston 2018 in the NRG Park, Texas – April 30 to 3 May at Booth #3005.

    For media enquiries contact: Jason Knights, Head of External Communication and Media Relations    M +44 (0)78 2728 2569    E jason.knights@lr.org 

  • Partnership with SupplHi.com produces the Vendor Passport™, offering increased visibility and lower costs for buyers and vendors. 

    Lloyd’s Register (LR) will be providing real time demos of the SupplHi online ecosystem at its booth at OTC Houston, following the announcement of its partnership with the leading vendor management digital platform.

    SupplHi (supplhi.com) details 17,000+ vendors from 100+ countries in more than 2,250 categories of critical goods and services. It also tracks 4,200+ projects globally. It is used by global buyers every month as a unique point of access to structured, constantly updated vendor information.

    This partnership creates new standards of assurance in the buying process for critical supplies. By integrating LR’s proven vendor-assessment services in the innovative Vendor Passport™ solution, SupplHi will continue to reduce the cost of vendor scouting, pre-qualification and qualification processes of buyers by streamlining their processes.

    The Vendor Passport™ offers LR-assured assessment of a vendor's ability to deliver complex goods and services, including a visit to each manufacturing facility. The Vendor Passport™ program provides benefits for both vendors and buyers along the entire supply chain, increasing visibility and confidence, accelerating procurement decisions, and lowering costs.

    Massimo Alvaro, Vice President Supply Chain Assurance for LR, commented: “We recognise that buyers want to understand which vendor can supply a specific, compliant product or service – yet they also have to demonstrate how they can reduce assessment costs. Vendors want greater access to a diverse, global network of potential buyers to increase sales. The combination of the SupplHi platform and LR’s vendor assurance services with Vendor Passport™ will give both sides what they are looking for, without duplication of time and investment.”

    LR approached SupplHi in order to develop new propositions for its clients – sensing a strong demand for additional vendor intelligence provided by a trusted assurance provider.

    “In jointly delivering the Vendor Passport™, we can accelerate the digital innovation of pre-qualification and qualification systems of international buyers, thereby complementing or replacing traditional processes which are more costly and can take a long time,” said Giacomo Franchini, Director of SupplHi. “We found a great fit with LR’s leading position in asset-rich sectors, such as oil and gas, marine and offshore, power generation, and industrial manufacturing.”

    The partnership underlines LR’s strategy to become a leader in supporting clients through the digital transformation of their industries, building a portfolio of investments and partnerships to tackle the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0.

    “This fits extremely well with LR’s innovation focus and our vision of combining human intelligence with data-driven technology,” added Pascal Coudeville, COO LR Manufacturing Inspection Services. “It also proves that we are not afraid of disrupting and innovating traditional processes where it adds value to our customers.”
    Vendors can register to be listed on the SupplHi platform free of charge by visiting supplhi.com.

    "Vendor Passport™" is a registered trademark jointly owned by SupplHi and LR. 

    Meet our experts at OTC Houston 2018 in the NRG Park, Texas – April 30 to 3 May at Booth #3005.


    For media enquiries contact: Jason Knights, Head of External Communication and Media Relations    M +44 (0)78 2728 2569    E jason.knights@lr.org

  • Lloyd’s Register (LR) recently signed a contract to class the first ever floating storage regasification unit (FSRU) to be ordered for Indian waters.

    Stationed at Jafrabad port and operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it will be built to LR’s Rules for the Classification of Offshore Units by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) for SWAN LNG Pvt. Ltd. (SLPL). It is due for delivery in December 2019.

    The new 180,000m3 FSRU project will help meet the demand for LNG in the region, natural gas is projected to make up 20% of India’s total energy consumption by 2030. The Indian gas market is expected to be one of the fastest growing in the world over the next two decades, the country is the fourth largest energy consumer in the world (after the US, China and Russia).

    FRSUs are an attractive alternative for meeting the growing demand for regasification because they are significantly cheaper to operate than onshore plants and also highly versatile.

    SLPL’s Bhavik Merchant said: “Our FRSU based LNG Terminal at Jafrabad will help India's push to increase the proportion of gas in its energy mix to power its economic expansion. SLPL is pleased to be working with LR on this prestigious project as they have a wealth of expertise in large gas projects and we have been impressed by their desire to constantly improve the overall quality during construction to ensure uninterrupted operation.”

    LR’s Marine & Offshore Area Manager for South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Piet Mast, commented: “LR is delighted to be working with SLPL on this first of its kind project in India, this success is owed to the real global collaboration of all LR teams involved. LR is expanding its scope of work in this area with a number of other FSRU and gas related opportunities in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.”

    Meet our experts at OTC Houston 2018 in the NRG Park, Texas – April 30 to 3 May at Booth #3005.


    For media enquiries contact: Nicola d’Hubert, Global Head of Brand & External Relations    T +44 (0) 330 414 1001    E nicola.dhubert@lr.org 

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