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Hi-Force Hydraulic Tools - Global Brand, Local Service

The UK’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic tools, supplying a range of products including torque tools, bolt tensioners, cylinders, manual and powered pumps, puller kits, crimpers and cutters, all ideally suited for several industries worldwide.

 Press Releases

  • Hi-Force, the UK’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic tools, is totally committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality, fully supported by the best technical support and after sales service available. In support of our extensive range of hydraulic bolt tightening tools, Hi-Force has recently launched BOLTRIGHT PRO an innovative, bolted joint integrity software programme, designed to assist engineers, with the provision of accurate bolt load calculations, based on key input data, related to each specific bolted joint.  Primarily designed for use in the Oil & Gas industry, where the safe movement of hydrocarbons, in a leak free environment, is absolutely critical, BOLTRIGHT PRO can also assist in many other industries, where bolted joints are present.

    The user enters all available data about the joint i.e. flange size, material and rating, gasket type, bolt size and material grade, lubricant type and operating temperature. BOLTRIGHT PRO will then analyse this data and produce a comprehensive calculation of the required torque or tension to be applied to all of the flange joint bolts, to achieve a leak free joint.  Additionally BOLTRIGHT PRO will produce a clear and easy to follow bolt tightening procedure, which will include the correct Hi-Force tool selection, along with the correct sequence of applying the loads onto the respective flange joint bolts. The procedure will also include the applicable hydraulic pump pressure settings for each stage of the bolt tightening process. 

    The methodology of the BOLTRIGHT PRO software calculations is fully traceable to industry standards, ensuring that the latest best practice procedures are followed at all times. As part of the software joint integrity review process, BOLTRIGHT PRO will also display all of the relevant combined stresses, within the joint, once the bolt tightening is completed. This includes not only bolt stress but also gasket and flange stress, to ensure all of the stresses, within the joint, are within acceptable levels i.e. not too high and not too low. The flexibility of the BOLTRIGHT PRO software enables the user to change any of the input data, in order that optimum integrity can be achieved within each and every joint. As an example, a change of bolt and gasket material, or lubricant in torque applications, can and will affect the BOLTRIGHT PRO software calculations and bolt tightening procedures. 

    For multiple joint applications BOLTRIGHT PRO is also able to compile and store a Flange Joint Register, which can be utilised to control the issue and return of specific work packs, to the bolting crews. Provided these are kept updated within the programme, the software can also maintain a live update of the work as it progresses. 

    BOLTRIGHT PRO is evidence of Hi-Force desire to remain at the leading edge of currently available hydraulic tool technology and technical after sales support services.  Further evidence of the Company’s commitment to technical support can be found within its multiple worldwide training facilities, offering Engineering Construction Industry Training Board approved (ECITB) mechanical joint integrity (MJI) training courses. These training courses delivered by the Company’s ECITB approved in-house trainers, are ideally suited for all personnel carrying out bolting activities in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation and construction industries.

    During a recent global gathering of Hi-Force employees for their bi-annual Conference, Hi-Force Global Head of Bolting, Patrick Wright emphasised the need for combining MJI training and practical experience, with the built in accuracy and reliability of BOLTRIGHT PRO software. Patrick also highlighted the need for companies and individuals to take full ownership of asset management, in order that a potentially catastrophic incident with possible injuries and loss of life, as well as significant damage or loss of asset, can be avoided.

    With continued investment in manufacturing facilities, combined with the provision of internationally recognised training courses and now BOLTRIGHT PRO joint integrity software, Hi-Force is certainly a company that can be trusted with all your current and future bolting requirements.

    BOLTRIGHT PRO is available for download across all operating systems, under an annual license agreement. Contact us to arrange for a free 7 day trial of the software.

  • Hi-Force is able to offer bespoke onsite bolting services designed to maintain the integrity of bolted joints across multiple industries, where the safe movement of hydrocarbons in a leak free environment is absolutely critical. 

    To compliment Hi-Force’s extensive range of bolting tools, our onsite bolting services are tailored to suit unique customer requirements. Customers can select the required support which extends to manpower, supervision and training from our highly competent team of technicians, tool sale or rental agreements, as well as our innovative bolted joint integrity software, BoltRight Pro and Flange Management database. Our flexible approach to offering clients the individual components of our onsite service capabilities ensures a cost-effective and satisfactory service. 

    Our onsite bolting containers offer an onsite storage of purchased or leased bolting equipment, an ECITB approved training rig for onsite training and demonstration purposes as well as a repair facility for any service and maintenance required for the tools during their time onsite, limiting costly time delays. Our onsite containers includes appropriate tool storage facilities, an air condition environment, onsite training equipment, compressed air and a wide range of spare parts and additional tooling. 

    • Full technical support and advice during pre-construction phase
    • Tooling specification for correct tightening of all bolts and joints, available for both purchase and rental
    • Special tooling for unique customer requirements, designed and manufactured by Hi-Force engineers
    • Bolting software and Flange Management Database
    • Fully equipped, purpose designed and air conditioned onsite tool store container 
    • Air conditioned repair and training container, complete with ECITB approved training rig for onsite training and demonstration purposes as well as repair and maintenance facilities, limiting costing time delays
    • Qualified and experienced onsite Bolting Crews, Supervisors and Trainers
    • ECITB approved training for contractors bolting crews available


  • TWH-N Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
    TWH-N series female hexagon cassette head hydraulic torque wrenches with output torque capacities up to 34,985 lbf.ft...

  • Hi-Force TWH-N hydraulic torque wrenches with drive cylinders are manufactured from high grade aluminum, and provide direct in-line reaction and a minimal radius clearance for easy fitment in confined spaces. These torque wrenches offer output torque capacities from 1906 to 34985 lbf.ft and are suitable for continuous operation at maximum pressure.

    The user friendly design of the tool simply requires the operator to withdraw / insert a single pin to change the ratchet head. Ratchet heads are available in all standard imperial and metric AF sizes from 1.1/16" to 6.7/8" with low cost hexagon reducer bushes also available. Uni-swivel quick release couplers are fitted as standard to all models, enabling easy positioning of the hydraulic hoses.

  • SBT Spring Return Bolt Tensioners
    SBT spring return bolt tensioners are suitable for topside operation up to 21750 PSI and feature a spring return piston...

  • The SBT spring return bolt tensioners from Hi-Force are designed primarily for topside operation and offer all of the features and benefits of the standard STS bolt tensioners range. The additional feature of a spring return piston allows the tensioner piston to retract automatically after hydraulic pressure is released, thus reducing bolt tensioning cycle times considerably.

    Suitable for standard imperial and metric size bolts from 1 1/4" to 4" diameter, the SBT range is versatile with a variety of interchangeable threaded pullers and nut rotating sockets, available either as bolt size conversion kits or individual parts. With capacities from 457 to 2649 kN and operating pressures up to 21750 PSI, all bolt tensioners are manufactured with a wear coated piston, maximum stroke indicator, self energizing high pressure seals and dual quick connect couplings for easy multiple tensioner hook up.

  • HFG Failsafe Lock Ring Cylinders
    HFG failsafe lock ring cylinders offer lifting capacities up to 1115 tons and stroke lengths from 1.9 to 6 inches...

  • The HFG single acting failsafe lock ring cylinder range combines all the versatility and efficiency of hydraulic power with the safety of mechanical load support. Ideally suited for applications requiring sustained load holding for extended periods, such as bridge support work, the HFG range features a single acting, load return piston, threaded throughout its stroke length to suit the threaded mechanical load holding lock ring. Simply jack up the load, wind down the mechanical lock ring until it comes into contact with the cylinder body, release the hydraulic pressure and sustain the load mechanically. All models are suitable for vertical lifting only and are supplied with tilting saddles as standard to reduce the risk of side loading the cylinder.

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