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Gagemaker LP manufacturers API thread inspection gages.

Gagemaker develops and manufactures innovative precision mechanical inspection equipment. Our MRP gage revolutionized the tapered thread industry 30 years ago. Now Gagemaker products are used in countless facilities around the world for thread diameter measurement, API and premium thread inspection, large diameter measurement and gage calibration.


  • MIC 360™ In-Process Diameter Measurement Gage
    The ALL NEW MIC 360 Diameter Measurement Gage is an in-process gaging system that measures any large diameter over 5”! One man job that doesn’t require a standard. Captures measurements electronically. Repeats with extremely high accuracy!...

  • Measure ANY Diameter with ONE Gage, the MIC 360™ In-Process Diameter Measurement Gage

    Save Time and Money with Better Accuracy…
    Measure Parts without Removing Parts from a Machine…
    Fits a Variety of Machines for Nearly Unlimited Part Diameters…

    The MIC 360 Gage measures any diameter from as little as a few inches to virtually any diameter you can machine!

    The versatility of the MIC 360 allows you to mount on a vertical or horizontal lathe, ID and OD grinders, or any other machine or tooling fixture that rotates a part.  

    It’s all done IN-PROCESS at a push of a button, you never have to stop the spindle to measure and all measurements are recorded electronically!

    • Measure Large Diameters 5”& Up ID & OD
    • Measure Without Stopping Spindle
    • Repeats with ±.0001” Accuracy (±2.540000µ)
    • Measure Multiple Diameters
    • Greatly Reduce Measurement Cycles
    • Wireless Data Collection
    • Promote Safe Working Environment – No Operator Risk
    • Measure Grooves
    • Eliminate Need for Gage Assembly or Setting Masters
    • Update Tool Settings Quickly
    • Minimize Idle Time

  • JSS® Thread Inspection Systems
    Gagemaker offers total inspection solutions. Our JSS® inspection packages will ensure that you have everything you need for a complete quality inspection program that will fit your budget. No matter the specification, we can help you make the best parts....

  • JSS® Thread Inspection Systems

    Take the Guesswork out of Inspecting…

    Save Time and Money with Better Accuracy...

    Get Fast, Accurate, Repeatable Readings Every Time…

    Gagemaker JSS® Thread Inspection Systems are put together for you to have everything you need to measure your parts efficiently, effectively, and economically. Please choose your system based on the types of threads you wish to inspect.

    Gagemaker’s JSS® Tubing & Casing Thread Inspection System

    Takes the guesswork out of inspecting tubing and casing thread inspection. The Gagemaker JSS Tubing & Casing Thread Inspection Gages inspect all required thread elements – Insert Identification Thread Form, Crest Diameter & Ovality, Thread Lead, Thread Height, and Thread Taper – all with the precise accuracy required in today’s demanding industry.

    Gagemaker’s JSS® Thread Inspection System for Rotary Shouldered Connections

    The JSS RSC Systemis a revolutionary breakthrough in accurately gauging the quality of both new and used rotary shouldered connections. It’s now possible to avoid broken connections by identifying thread damage before it’s visually apparent and unfortunately too late. For years, the industry has relied on the interpretative “fit” of a ring or plug gage although a ring or plug gage will not directly detect variation in pitch diameter. With the JSS system, you’ll inspect just a few key attributes and save hours of down time and thousands of dollars in rework charges.

    Gagemaker’s JSS™ 6A Seal Ring Groove Inspection System

    Subsea equipment or wellhead and christmas tree equipment have pressure energized ring seal gaskets or more specifically ring grooves.  Not only do these seal gaskets require close tolerance inspection, the ring groove inspection on the flange is an API 6A requirement. The Gagemaker Ring Groove Inspection Gages reliably and accurately inspect all the important elements: – Major Diameter, Minor Diameter, and Groove Width. The system also offers groove width profiles and dog bone paddle gages as a dependable quick and easy receiving inspection.

    Gagemaker’s JSS™ Thread Inspection System for ACME, ANSI & ISO Metric

    Today’s dynamic manufacturing environment overwhelms old “GO/NO GO” methods and only our Straight Thread Inspection System consistently goes above and beyond. An effective Straight Thread Inspection System should measure all of the vital thread attributes – Functional Thread Size, Pitch Diameter, Thread Lead, Thread Height, and Thread Form.

    Gagemaker’s JSS® Thread Inspection System for Mud Motors 

    Our JSS System for Mud Motors is a collection of systems that will help you inspect your mud motor from end to end.  Drilling faster without stalls is critical to any drilling operation and increasing the time downhole and decreasing the trip time while maintaining consistent power is key in this industry. Ultimately, if the tool fails, then the operator has a very expensive problem.

    JSS for Mud Motors is made up of our JSS Systems for Rotary Shouldered Connections, Tubing & Casing, Power Section, and ACME Modified Connections. Many of the gages in one of the packages can be used across the various groups.

    The demands placed on the drilling motor to achieve optimum performance require the proper fit between the rotor and the stator in the power section. Gagemaker’s Power Section Gages ensure this fit meets these specifications.

    With Gagemaker’s Stator Bore Diameter Gages, Rotor Major Diameter Gages, and Rotor Minor Diameter Gages-, you are armed to maintain the efficiency and torque of the power section you produce.

    Custom/Proprietary/Premium Designed Packages

    Gagemaker also offers packages tailored specifically for your product. Some products require more elements to be inspected, have higher tolerances than industry standard, or both. You provide us with the necessary information and we can put together the perfect package that ensures you have the parts made to your specifications.

  • MIC TRAC Gage Setting & Calibration Systems
    Our MIC TRAC™ Systems are a cost-efficient way to preset gages or calibrate in-house. Our MT-3000 allows you to set gages on the shop floor without needing setting standards. Calibrate your gages in-house on your own pace and schedule with the MT-4000....

  • Gagemaker's MIC TRAC Systems

    Set up your own calibration laboratory and perform gage calibration in-house.

    Establishing an in-house calibration service represents an investment in facilities, equipment and trained personnel but grants you TOTAL control over all of your calibration process as well as saves you time and money over the long term. The Gagemaker In-House MIC TRAC™ 4000 Series Precision Gage Calibration System enables you to inspect parts, calibrate and track a wide variety of gage styles, including ring and plugs. This innovative high precision metrology system with 1.00″ travel guarantees extremely high accuracies to ±.00005 and a resolution of .00001″ (traceable to the NIST appropriate national standard). This system also enables you to track and maintain gage history as well as produces calibration certificates.

    Preset gages without multiple standards

    Employing a versatile bench mounted length measuring system allows you to preset indicator style gages and measure some parts.You don't need to buy multiple setting standards for multiple gages. The Gagemaker MIC TRAC™ 3000 Series Gage Setting and Part Measurement System sets or zeros most gages with the standard resolution of .00005″, accuracies ranging from ±.0001″ to ±.0004″ (traceable to the NIST), and the digital read out is CE approved. The cost effective Force-Lok feature improves repeatability from operator to operator and is well suited for a variety of environments including the shop floor.

    In-House Precision Gage Calibration System- MIC TRAC™ 4000 Series

    Inspect Parts, Calibrate and Track Gages

    • Delivers the highest accuracy in a controlled environment.
    • Tracks & retrieves gage history, certifications, calibration dates and renewal information
    • Calibrates your ring and plug gages regularly with TDWIN thread calculation software
    • Produces computerized digital readouts, calibration reports and certificates
    • Avoids calibration service “turnaround times” by having your own system in place
    • Offers a huge variety of accessories for unmatched versatility in measurement capabilities
    • Accuracies to .00005″ (.508 µ ) traceable to the NIST
    • Ultra Precision Scale with 1.00″ Travel and Resolution of .00001″
    • Houses Two Precision Optical Glass Scales Enabling its Precision Measuring Capability
    • Includes Receiver Pads and Anvils that are Manufactured and Precision Ground to .00001″
    • Electronic Adjustable Measurement Master with Ranges from 0″ to 12″ (Units Up to 60″ Ranges)
    • Dell Desktop Computer with CERTIFI Calibration Software which Produces Calibration Reports, ReCal Stickers and Gage Usage History
    • Adjustable Tilt Support Table to Accommodate Many Applications
    • Assortment of Fixtures to Hold Various Types of Gages During Calibration
    • Provides Critical Thread Dimensions for Manufacturing & Inspection using TDWIN Software
    • Documented Calibration Procedures for Your Lab
    • Requires Closely Monitored Environment held at 68°F with relative humidity not to exceed 50%

    Shop Floor Gage Setting and Part Measurement System – MIC™ TRAC 3000 Series

    Calibrate Hand Held Gages, and Preset Indicator Style Gages

    • Delivers high accuracy in a variety of environments including the shop floor
    • Serves as a setting master for gages produced by various manufacturers
    • Provides fast, accurate dimensional part measurements
    • Ensures measurement repeatability from operator to operator using force lok accessory
    • Calibrates hand-held gages in-house for faster turnaround
    • Accuracies to .0001″ (2.54µ) traceable to the NIST
    • Resolution of .00005″
    • State of the Art Assembly of Internal Glass Scale, Precision Linear Bearing and a Set of Precisely Lapped Measuring Blocks
    • Electronic Adjustable Measurement Master with Ranges from 0″ to 12″ (Units Up to 60″ Ranges)
    • Digital Readout Provides Measurement Reading in Inch or Metric
    • Durable Construction Allows Use in Practically Any Environment
    • Unique Force Lok feature available if you plan to measure parts. It improves repeatability from operator to operator

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