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  • Mono Column Platform (MCP)
    The MCP is a Self-Elevating, Mat-Supported Platform, evolved from the strengths of both single column platform and mat-supported jack-ups. The MCP bare-deck is ABS classed and is customised to meet Client's Field Development requirements....

  • The MCP is a patented, innovative design classed under ABS with the notation of A1, Self-Elevating Unit and can be subsequently converted to an A1, Offshore Installation.

    The mat-supported, self-elevating platform is capable of jacking up a deck load of up to 6500 tons in water depths of up to 120m, subject to Client site conditions. Significant cost savings are achieved as there is no need to deploy sophisticated and expensive offshore construction fleet unlike typical fixed platform structure. The installation process is identical to mud-mat drilling rigs, being simple, proven and efficient. Three or four anchor handling tugs are required for wet-tow and positioning. In addition, MCP is mat-supported, removing any risk of punch through or excessive penetration in soft soil seabed as compared to the independent-leg type jack-up based MOPU. No pre-loading of the leg is required.

    The MCP offers vast deck space of up to 3700 m2 - almost twice the deck space offered by conventional jack-up based MOPU. The deck space can be outfitted with different modular facilities such as Drilling Module, Production Module, Accommodation Module, Power, Injection and Compression. Combining Drilling with Accommodation and Early Production Modules is easily achieved and offers another significant capability to the product line. In the event where more deck space is required, the MCP can be out-fitted with cantilevered deck extensions that can be used for supporting additional equipment or providing personnel access. The top of leg space of 400 sq m can also be decked to accommodate launchers, receivers or provide additional laydown and storage space.

    Also, when comparing to a 3-legged jack-up based MOPU, MCP utilises a superior single leg, 4 chords design using high strength, fatigue resistance materials. Having a 4 chord single leg design, the MCP only requires 8 jacks per layer as compared to 18 used by a typical 3-legged design.  The MCP uses electric jacking systems which can be removed after installation to save installed weight (~ 300 tons) and cost.

    Once the reserves from the first field has been depleted, the same MCP can be seamlessly redeployed to another accumulation to continue production after drilling new wells. There is no decommissioning works requiring a heavy lift vessel, thus saving significant expense. Through the redeployment of the MCP to other field, there is no requirement to fabricate any new Mobile Offshore Unit nor new fixed platform thus saving cost and lead time in construction.

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