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Drilling survey tool,175℃ MWD, Steering Gyro, Gamma, ESS,EMS

Beijing Liuhe specializes in designing and manufacturing drilling survey instruments, including 175℃ MWD, Steering Gyro,Gamma,Near-bit, ESS,EMS,Self-floating inclinometer, calibration stand and wireline skid unit with API certificate. The tools are used in oilfields of worldwide now and gained good public praise and prestige from customers.


  • Measurement While Drilling
    Retrievable positive pulse MWD<br /><br />...

  • This is a retrievable Mud Pulse MWD, which can be dropped at the top of the well and retrieved from the bottom of the well. The instrument uses mature and reliable positive mud pulse technology and transmits stand pipe signals and other parameters by radio on the ground. When using, it does not need to lay out cables. The down-hole modules communicate wirelessly and the connection is easy and convenient, avoiding the hidden trouble arising from traditional contact pin structure during vibration. 

    Features and Benefits 
    ◆ Retrievable positive pulse MWD
    ◆ Ground wireless communication equipment, no need to lay out cables
    ◆ Connect each module by patent technology, do not need multi-pin plug
    ◆ Modularized design, easy for update and maintenance
    ◆ Adopt high precision sensor component 
    ◆ Available for selecting gamma and resistivity module and depth measuring system

    Main Technical Parameters
    ◆ Mud viscosity               ≤140s (funnel viscosity)      
    ◆ Mud Density                 ≤2.5 g/cm3/0.09 lb/in3
    ◆ Mud sediment               <1%
    ◆ Pulse signal strength      0.5MPa~2.0MPa
    ◆ Mud flow rate               10~55L/s  (2.2~12.1 gal/s) 
    ◆ Battery working hours    300 hrs (with gamma)  /400 hrs( without gamma)     

    Depth Tracking System
    ◆ Depth System
         Depth System                    0~9999.99m
    ◆ Nature Gnamma Module
         Measure Range                  0~500API   ±3API (0~150API)   
                                                                 ±10API (150~500API) 
         Sensitivity                        2.2CPS/API
         Vertical resolution             172mm
         Max data memory              300-hours data@10s storeage interval

  • Pressure While Drilling (PWD)
    Pressure While Drilling (PWD)...

  • Introduction
    The Drilling Dynamics  Monitor measures and records  weight on bit, torque on bit,pressure-bore & annulus, temperature, rotation rate and three axis vibration.Captured data can be transmitted wirelessly via MWD system and uploaded to surface realtime for 
    reference for the drill engineer. At the same time, the tool also can be used separatedly, As the data can be stored in the memory of Drilling Dynamics Monitor for later download and analysis.The tool is suitable for deep well monitor, ensure the safety of operation and prevent the accidents. The tool owns patent ZL201420357233.2

    ◆  Measure the rotation rate, torque and other parameters 
    ◆  Real time measured parameters in surface 
    ◆  Wireless communication between survey Sub and MWD
    ◆  Interchangeable between Steering and memory mode
    ◆  Continuous working time in Memory mode ≥200h 

    Technical Parameters
    ◆ Weight on Bit                          300KN                      ±5%              
    ◆ Torque                                   30KN·m                     ±5%          
    ◆  Bending on Bit (Optional)     30KN·m                     ±5% 
    ◆  Pressure-inner  Annulus            0~140MPa                ±1%                                    
    ◆  Pressure-Outer Annulus            0~ 140MPa               ±1%             
    ◆  Drill pipe rotary                       0~255rpm                ±1%  
    ◆ Three axis vibration                  0~50g                      ±1g                  
    ◆ Memory                                  64Mbit
    ◆ Continuous working time          >200h(Memory mode) 
    ◆ Tool OD                                   172mm(OD)×640mm(length)
    ◆ Thread                                     411×410(Customizable)

  • North Seeking Fiber Optic Gyro
    Features <br />◆ Aerospace-quality optical fiber gyro sensor<br />◆ True North Finding <br />◆ Good antivibration, high stability, and convenient to calibrate<br />◆ Memory mode, wireline mode, drop mode<br /><br /><br />...

  • Main Technical Parameters
    ◆  Inclination             0~90°         ±0.1°
    ◆  Azimuth                0~360°        ±2.0° (6°<inc<60°)
    ◆  Toolface                0~360°        ±0.5°
    ◆  Surveying time       ≤70s
    ◆  Cable resistor         ≤200Ω
    ◆  Operating  temperature        0~70°C/32°F~158°F(out shield) 
                                                 0~175°C/32°F~347°F(in shield 4 hours)

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