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Speed & Position Sensors for Extreme Applications

BEI Sensors, a brand of Sensata Technologies, manufactures rugged industrial encoders and rotary and linear position sensors for oil and gas equipment. Well sealed and rated for hazardous environments; explosion-proof and intrinsically safe models available. Used in drawworks, coiled tubing, top drives, wireline, downhole and other applications.

 Press Releases

  • The new explosion proof and flameproof Model LP35 from BEI Sensors is the first low profile hollow shaft encoder that features a slim 2.01 inch profile and is designed to meet UL, ATEX, and IECEx standards allowing for operation directly in Division 1, Zone 1 environments. Many oil and gas applications are subjected to extreme conditions where ignitable concentrations of flammable substances are likely to exist under normal working conditions and where space is limited. Using ultra-rugged and reliable products that are designed to meet the high standards required for use in these potentially explosive environments is crucial for running cost effective drilling operations. 

    Business Development and Marketing Manager, Scott Orlosky, gives a sense of the current volatile oil and gas market when he states, “In an industry where fluctuations in supply and demand can drastically effect drilling operations, the need to design more streamlined feedback systems is greater than ever.” BEI Sensors truly understands this need and has engineered the new LP35 incremental encoder to fit into space-restricted applications with the thinnest possible explosion proof hollow shaft design, saving on size without sacrificing performance. To simplify installation and minimize time spent in the field, the encoder features a standard removable terminal box and eliminates the need for an additional intrinsic safety barrier.

    The explosion proof LP35 is specially designed for oil and gas applications such as top drives, which can be as big as a pick-up truck, yet have surprisingly little space to install speed-sensing devices like encoders. The aim is to keep the overall size of the top drive as compact as possible and this is where the industry’s lowest profile explosion proof incremental encoder comes to the rescue. With a maximum profile of only 2.01 inches (51 mm), the LP35 takes up less shaft space than any Division 1, Zone 1 hollow shaft encoder on the market today. As the motive force behind the drill string, top drives are subject to plenty of shock and vibration while the drill bit cuts into the various rock strata during the drilling operation. The vibration and shock resistant LP35 product is built to withstand up to 250G, making it tough enough to reliably operate in harsh drilling applications, day in and day out. Encoders in these applications are also often installed behind drive motors in close proximity to the motor brake, both of which generate a substantial amount of heat during operation.  The LP35 is ready to take the heat, and maintains high performance in temperatures up to +85°C (185°F).

    Additional oil and gas applications such as draw works and mud pumps that require ultra-rugged feedback components can also benefit from the LP35’s hard-anodized housing and IP66 level of sealing, which ultimately reduces downtime. In particular mud pump applications where the pumps are situated back-to-back, the low profile design allows space for installing a feedback device. The encoder’s unique terminal box configuration allows the unit to be pre-wired, reducing wiring errors and saving time on installation. 

    Let BEI Sensors help you run the most cost effective and highest producing oil and gas operations with encoder products that are designed to fit, perform and last in these extreme and space-restricted applications. 

    BEI Sensors will feature the explosion proof LP35 low profile encoder at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas from May 4 — 7 in Booth #3209. Visitors are invited to stop by and see the newest addition to BEI Sensors’ top line of hazardous area position sensing solutions for the oil and gas industry. 

    If you would like to find out more about the LP35 explosion proof encoder, please contact us or submit a request online.

     LP35 Incremental Explosion Proof Encoder (PDF - 945kb)


  • Low Profile Explosion Proof & Flameproof Encoders
    The LP Series low profile explosion proof encoders are designed for Division 1 Zone 1 environments in a compact package that is a perfect fit for tight installations, like top drives and mud pumps....

  • LP Series: Explosion Proof & Flameproof Low Profile Encoders

    • Designed to operate directly in explosive Division 1, Zone 1 environments and meets UL, ATEX, and IECEx standards (certification pending)
    • Hollow shaft version features a slim 2.03 inch (51.5mm) profile
    • Vibration and shock resistant product is a perfect fit for tight installations, like top drives and mud pumps. 
    • No barrier is required and the standard removable terminal box simplifies field installation
    • Select an encoder model to view product specifications and data sheets.
    • To learn more about the explosion proof and flameproof models, check out the news release.

    Explosion proof / flameproof LP Series encoders are designed to operate in hazardous areas around the world
  • Triple Certified Nonincendive Encoders
    BEI Sensors’ full line of UL-certified nonincendive Division 2 encoders are compliant to CENELEC/ATEX and IECEx non-sparking Zone 2 hazardous area standards....

  • Triple Certified Nonincendive Encoders for Hazardous Areas

    • BEI Sensors’ full line of UL-certified nonincendive Division 2 encoders are compliant to CENELEC/ATEX and IECEx non-sparking Zone 2 hazardous area standards.
    • The nonincendive/non-sparking protection method assures that no sparking or hot surfaces will occur in the encoders under normal operating conditions.
    • Encoders with this certification offer several operational benefits including simpler installation, no need for an associated apparatus (such as a barrier) and no restriction of energy to the hazardous location. These encoders also take up less space in the application and are often less costly than encoders designed for more stringent hazardous locations such as Division1, Zone 0 or Zone 1. 
    • This triple certification is provided on six popular heavy-duty encoder models sized 2 to 4.5 inches in both hollow shaft and shafted versions. These models include the H20, H25, HS20, HS25, HS35, and HS45.
    • Find out more here. 

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