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Protecting life, environment and property.

Autronica Fire and Security is a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of fire and gas detection system. Owned by United Technologies Corporation (UTC), we employ almost 500 people handling the complete value chain, from idea, development and manufacturing to the marketing, sales and servicing of our products.


  • AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas (IFG)
    AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas (IFG) provides a totally integrated addressable solution for fire and gas detection in the oil and gas industry....

  • AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas (IFG)  provides a totally integrated addressable solution for fire and gas detection in the oil and gas  industry.  The  AutroSfae Integerated Fire and Gas (IFG) provides reliable, cost-effective detection of hazardous fire and gas. The  system is easily extensible, feature-rich and standards-compliant. This network distributed, addressable and interactive fire and gas alarm system provides unparalleled safety, implementing numerous safety-enhancing features that also help reduce costs. At the same time, AutroSafe supports a wide range of Autronica and third-party detection devices, allowing flexibility and accuracy.

    AutroSafe SelfVerify® and DYFI+

    AutroSafe features SelfVerify technology, which tests our IFG detectors every 24 hours with a calibrated test of the sensing element. This reduces maintenance costs and ensures that compatible loop units are fully operational. 

    SelfVerify ensures detection capability. Another AutroSafe technology – DYFI+ – ensures that AutroSafe IFG detectors are capable of recognizing real fire scenarios, eliminating unwanted alarms and providing the earliest possible warning.

    Because AutroSafe IFG is scalable and modular, units can be replaced and added simply and easily. Our service and configuration tools make these tasks even easier, reducing time and cost.

    AutroMaster – monitoring and control for industrial environments

    AutroSafe IFG integrates available technologies into one complete system, opening up the possibility to monitor and control the system from one single operator station: the AutroMaster.

    This remote-monitoring and control system provides tight integration with AutroSafe systems, indicating fire and gas alarms, and customized layout of installations with symbolic representations of field devices. The system also features advanced trending functionality; online, live video from CCTV-equipped flame-detectors; manual activation of outputs; maintenance and troubleshooting tools; historical log. The system is connected to AutroSafe via ethernet, and can be networked allowing multiple clients to display duplicates of a central AutroMaster server.

    Service tools

    To simplify installation and maintenance, we have developed a suite of software tools for use with the AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas detection system.   AS 2000 software reads the network topology of a loop and produces a file that can be used as the basis for the configuration file, facilitating quick and simple commissioning.

    The tool provides diagnostics, virtually pinpoint fault-finding and testing tools for commissioning and service, and can be used with any Al_Com+ loop. The loop-simulator tool allows simulation of detector loops, providing an efficient factory acceptance test (FAT). This software can be used with any Al_Com+ loop.

    AutroSafe 4 Integrated Fire and Gas systems are managed through a single point of operation for the download of configuration data and software upgrades. This ensures a faster and safer method to change or upgrade the system program, using the panel network (AutroNet) or a USB memory stick. The result is minimum downtime, through quick and easy modifications during commissioning and maintenance.


    • 64 fire alarm panels for each domain
    • 15 000 loop units connected to one system, all with built-in short circuit isolators
    • 6 detector loops per panel
    •  127 loop units connected to one detector loop
    • 15 loop units connected to one PowerLoop
    • 31 loop units connected to AutroFieldBus
    • Event log with up to 10 000 events

    Clean design and performance balancing intuitive user interface with high technology

    During normal operation, the power indicator will always display a steady green light when the power is ON. No disrupting or unnecessary information is shown, only indicators relevant to the actual condition are visible.

    Improved flexibility – adjustable to any environment

    Installed everywhere from the tundra of Alaska to the deserts of Qatar, AutroSafe provides world class flexibility.

    Proven loop units

    All types and series of AutroSafe detectors, manual call points, I/O units and sounders can operate on the same detection loop.


    The new Dual Safety technology from Autronica Fire and Security, enables redundant control of the detection loop. If, by any reason, the primary loop control fails, the secondary loop control will take over, and detection is thus maintained.

    At the basic level, the sensor units are connected in two-wired loops. Consequently, in case of a single broken or shorted loop, connection with all units is maintained. Additionally, two patented AutroKeeper units per loop make redundant control of the loop possible. This is particularly important since, should the primary loop controlling panel fail, the secondary backup panel will take control of the loop

    The AutroKeeper makes it possible to communicate with loop units, using a secondary panel in addition to the primary one. This ensures that an alarm event is not lost in case of system node or network failure.

    Redundancy is achieved without introducing two set of detection loops, and thus avoiding twice the amount of cabling and detectors. By placing the secondary panel in another location than the primary panel, detection is maintained even if there is an incident in the main equipment room.

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