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  • Ice Profiler
    An upward-looking sonar device, mounted on the ocean floor to accurately measure ice draft....

  • When you need to:

    • Estimate ice forces for design of offshore platforms and operational planning
    • Determine the extreme thickness of ice for pipeline installations
    • Examine in detail the underside of sea-ice
    • Understand the dynamics and thermodynamics of the sea ice regime for scientific research.
    • Climate change studies

      You can count on the Ice Profiler™, for reliable accurate measurements of ice thickness and keel drafts.

  • Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP)
    An autonomous scientific echosounder with unmatched combination of multiple frequency operation, low power and long endurance that fits your budget....

  • The ASL Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler™ (AZFP™), offers a new, economical way of obtaining reliable measures of marine environmental conditions in the water column. The AZFP™ can monitor the presence and abundance of zooplankton and fish within the water column by measuring acoustic backscatter returns at multiple ultrasonic frequencies. Other sonar targets realized from the sonar backscatter data include bubbles and suspended sediments.

    A powerful tool for scientific research and environmental monitoring in oceans, lakes and rivers.

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