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Hydrocarbon Oil Recovery Products Smart Sponge Technology

AbTech Industries designs innovative technologies to solve the world's greatest water treatment challenges. AbTech Industries is a full-service environmental technologies and engineering firm dedicated to providing innovative solutions to communities, industry and governments addressing issues of water pollution and contamination.

 Press Releases

  • U.S. Coast Guard Validates Benefits of AbTech Industries' Smart Sponge® Technology for Use in Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response Effort 

    Clarus Capital Commits to Donating $100,000 Worth of Smart Sponge Product to Louisiana's Plaquemines Parish

    SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - August 24, 2010) - AbTech Industries, Inc., a leading environmental technologies firm and creator of the EPA-approved Smart Sponge® water filtration technology, is pleased to announce that its passive skimmer, absorbent boom and portable filtration applications have been scientifically and peer reviewed by the U.S. Coast Guard and were last month deemed potentially beneficial to the Deepwater Horizon Response effort. That designation has been forwarded by the U.S. Coast Guard to BP and Deepwater Horizon's Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC) for final contract consideration. 

    AbTech has also formed strategic relationships with leading scale-up, manufacturing, engineering, and deployment partners in order to build immediate, large-scale response capabilities. In conjunction with BBG Restoration, L.L.C., a company specifically formed to meet the near and long-term recovery efforts needed in the Gulf, AbTech is able to meet rapid mass deployment needs to protect vital coastal waters. BBG Restoration is financially backed by Starwood Energy Group Global, L.L.C., a leading private equity firm focused on energy and power-related investments, and has the support of renowned environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 

    Additionally, Clarus Capital Limited has committed a donation of AbTech's Smart Sponge products in excess of $100,000 to support crucial oil spill recovery efforts being carried out by Louisiana's Plaquemines Parish. "Clarus has committed to making this donation to demonstrate the efficacy of the Smart Sponge, a technology developed in response to the Exxon/Valdez oil spill," said John Carrington, managing partner of Clarus Capital Limited, adding that "The Gulf tragedy has shown us all that a lack of preparedness in advance for the immediate and massive deployment of proven technologies, such as the Smart Sponge, is no longer acceptable."

    "We have been working hard for several months to get our Smart Sponge water filtration technology into the Gulf of Mexico," says Glenn Rink, president of AbTech Industries, Inc. "Now that our technology has been deemed beneficial by the U.S. Coast Guard, our hope is to see Smart Sponge deployed as a part of the ongoing oil spill clean-up efforts as soon as possible." 

    AbTech's Smart Sponge is a patented technology designed to filter, absorb, encapsulate, and solidify petroleum hydrocarbons on contact, yielding immediate, visible results; helping to mitigate environmental damage; and providing direct and sustainable recovery for local Gulf region communities. Each unit of Smart Sponge absorbs, on average, 3.5 times its weight in oil which it will not release under any amount of pressure. Smart Sponge absorbent material is buoyant, non-toxic, and can be burned as a waste-to-energy fuel source. 

    In addition to traditional oil spill remediation technologies including booms and skimmers, AbTech's Smart Sponge is available in several filtration system applications, including portable filtration boxes that can be fitted to any size boat. Smart Sponge is a proven, low-maintenance technology that is currently installed in more than 15,000 locations globally, including installations at the United States Capitol Building, and multiple U.S. military installations.

    For additional information, please visit www.abtechindustries.com

    About AbTech Industries, Inc.
    AbTech Industries, Inc. is an environmental technologies firm dedicated to providing innovative solutions to communities and industry addressing issues of water pollutants and contamination. Its products are based on polymer technologies capable of removing hydrocarbons, sediment, and other foreign elements from still (ponds, lakes, and marinas) or flowing (curbside drains, pipe outflows, rivers, and oceans) water. Smart Sponge Plus contains an antimicrobial agent that is effective in reducing coliform bacteria found in stormwater, industrial wastewater, and municipal wastewater. AbTech's Smart Sponge technology is installed in more than 15,000 locations and eight countries worldwide. For more information please visit: www.abtechindustries.com

    About Clarus Capital Limited 
    CLARUS CAPITAL LIMITED ("Clarus") is a financial advisory and private equity merchant banking firm focused on partnering with companies representing high growth potential. Clarus leverages its global network of strategic allies towards providing assistance in the areas of public listing, operational/aftermarket support, capital raising, and strategic advisory services. The team at Clarus has successfully partnered across a diverse arena of commercial activities including clean-technologies, consumer-product industries and resource sector opportunities. Clarus offers its worldwide network of partnerships and expertise to finance and prepare companies for the public markets not only in the U.S. but also in Frankfurt, London, and Hong Kong. For additional information please visit: www.claruscapital-hk.com

    About Starwood Energy Group, L.L.C.
    STARWOOD ENERGY GROUP GLOBAL, L.L.C. ("Starwood Energy"), an affiliate of Starwood Capital Group Global, L.L.C. ("Starwood Capital"), is a private equity investment firm based in Greenwich, CT, that specializes in energy infrastructure investments. Founded in 2005, Starwood Energy is an active investor in power generation, renewable energy and high-voltage power transmission projects in North America. Starwood Energy has a portfolio of seven natural gas fired power generation plants including Starwood-Midway, a natural-gas fired peaking power plant recently commissioned in California, a portfolio of high-voltage power transmission projects in various phases of development and operations, and a growing portfolio of solar power generation projects. More information can be found at www.StarwoodCapital.com.

  • SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.April 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- AbTech Industries, Inc., announced today that it has collaborated with Easen International Co. Ltd., to successfully reduce total phosphorus (TP) to low levels in a field test for a wastewater treatment plant owned by a large water services company in China. AbTech, an environmental technologies company, used its innovative adsorptive media to help the wastewater plant comply with China's new Class 1A discharge standard of < 0.50 mg/l TP. Some areas of China such as BeijingTianjinHebei, and Jiangsu provinces are having to meet more stringent limits as part of a Class IV surface discharge standard of < 0.30 mg/l TP. Easen is an international consulting and environmental engineering firm based in San Diego, CA, with offices throughout China, specializing in bringing innovative and cost effective solutions to its customers in the water space. Easen's client is a water services company in China that operates five wastewater treatment plants, and serves 12.9 million people in HenanGuangxi, and Heilongjiang provinces.  

    Using AbTech's media as a final polisher for phosphorus, onsite dynamic testing demonstrated removal from ~5-6 mg/l TP down to 0.07 mg/l TP. Achieving this low level of phosphorus is possible with a retention time as low as 5.5 minutes. The phosphorus adsorption rates were 0.9 - 1.9 grams of phosphorus to 1.0 gram of media. 

    Each plant typically uses suspended growth reactor treatment, followed by secondary clarification, filtration and UV before final discharge. The existing wastewater systems achieve an average total phosphorus level in their discharge of ~ 5-6 mg/l.  If traditional physical-chemical treatment is employed to meet the new Class 1A limit, then the wastewater plants are faced with building additional structures and generating a large amount of sludge.  

    Results Summarized

    Retention Time

    Total Phosphorus 


    Removal Rates

    0 Min (Influent)



    15 Min




    30 Min




    45 Min




    AbTech and Easen will be commissioning a larger pilot scale demonstration system in June 2017 for Easen's client as it prepares to make all of its commercial plants compliant starting in the Fall of 2017. Both AbTech and Easen have initiated a sales and business development campaign in China to promote AbTech's innovative portfolio of technologies in an effort to help solve the countries environmental water challenges.

    About AbTech
    AbTech Industries, Inc. offers innovative solutions for the Stormwater/Municipal/Industrial Water & Wastewater space. AbTech products include advanced filtration media technologies and various water treatment systems. AbTech integrates its own advanced technologies along with third-party technologies and systems to provide customers with effective and economical solutions. AbTech Industries, Inc. is a subsidiary of Abtech Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: ABHD). 

    SOURCE Abtech Holdings, Inc.

  • SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.Aug. 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- AbTech Industries, Inc. an environmental technologies firm was invited to participate at a major yogurt company's manufacturing facility for treatment of its wastewater discharge.  The goal of the treatment system was to reduce phosphorus in their discharge to avoid paying excessive fines to its local PTOW.  The current plant process uses a combination of attached and suspended growth reactor treatment, followed by a secondary clarifier for before final discharge.  The existing wastewater system achieves an average total phosphorus level in their discharge of ~ 4-10 mg/l.  The majority of the total phosphorus is represented as ortho-phosphate.

    Using AbTech's unique adsorptive media as a final polisher for phosphorus, onsite treatability testing demonstrated removal down to 41 ppb phosphorus.  Meeting the low level of phosphorus is possible with a retention time as low as 30 minutes. 

    Results Summarized

    Retention Time



    Removal Rates 

    0 Min (Influent)



    45 Min




    60 Min




    90 Min




    120 Min




    About AbTech

    AbTech offers innovative solutions for Stormwater Management and Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment. AbTech integrates its own advanced technologies along with third-party technologies and systems to provide customers with effective and economical solutions. AbTech products include advanced filtration media technologies and various water treatment systems. The filtration media technologies are generally based on our patented and proven Smart Sponge® products capable of reducing bacteria and removing hydrocarbons, heavy metals, sediment and other foreign elements from still and flowing water. AbTech Industries, Inc. is a subsidiary of Abtech Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: ABHD).

    Photo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20160831/403132


  • Smart Sponge
    The unique molecular structure is based on innovative polymer technologies that are chemically selective to hydrocarbons encapsulates recovered oil,<br />resulting in a substantially more effective response that prevents absorbed oil from leaching....

  • Smart Sponge fully encapsulates recovered oil,

    resulting in a substantially more effective response that prevents absorbed oil from leaching. It is also capable of removing low levels of oil from water, thereby successfully removing sheen.

    In addition, the Smart Sponge remains buoyant in calm or agitated water, permitting it to remain in place until fully saturated and resulting in no wasted product.  Once oil is absorbed, the Smart Sponge transforms the pollutants into a stable solid for easy recycling, providing a closed-loop solution  to water pollution. Smart Sponge technology provides a cost-effective BMP with low installation and maintenance labor costs.

    In comparison to other products, the Smart Sponge technology also allows for less  expensive and less problematic handling and disposal of the waste product since the  technology transforms liquid oil and other pollutants into a stable solid.  The Smart Sponge was designed not to deteriorate in water, allowing for a longer product life.

  • Smart Sponge Line Skimmer
    Smart Sponge Line Skimmers allow water to pass through the product absorbing sheen levels of hydrocarbons in low energy flow environments. Smart Sponge absorptive polymers have a distinct advantage over traditional polypropylene booms....

  • Once the hydrocarbon is in contact with the Smart Sponge, it permanently absorbs in the structure of the polymer and can not be released under any amount of pressure. This makes the Smart Sponge material operationally superior for removing sheen levels of hydrocarbons (15 – 300 ppm).

    Line Skimmers are designed to absorb and encapsulate hydrocarbons and oil in non-confined water flows. They are ideal for creating lines of hydrocarbon protection in areas such as ponds, lagoons and still water, and sheen from ships in port.  Smart Sponge Line Skimmers are unique in their ability to lay flat behind barrier booms to remove and permanently bind oils found in oily sheen that wash over the top of the protective barrier boom.  

  • Smart Sponge Passive Skimmer
    The Smart Sponge Passive Skimmer is designed to absorb petroleum hydrocarbons by floating directly on the water. Passive Skimmers are packaged in flexible mesh containers and can be easily linked together to form a protective line of defense....

  • Absorbed hydrocarbons are turned into an inert stable solid which will not leach, extract or release the absorbed hydrocarbons. 

    Easy Installation

    Smart Sponge Passive Skimmers are unique in their ability to lay flat behind barrier booms to remove and permanently bind oils found in oily sheen that wash over the top of the protective barrier boom.  

    Disposal Options

    As local conditions, product use, and exposure can vary widely, the end user must determine the most appropriate disposal method for Smart Sponge product. However Smart Sponge samples with hydrocarbons pollutants have been tested according to the EPA’s Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (“TCLP”). These tests show that Smart Sponge is a “non-leaching” (i.e., non-detect or “N.D.”) product. As a result, Smart Sponge allows many cost effective and environmentally friendly disposal options. The following waste disposal and resource recovery industries have accepted Smart Sponge products for disposal and/or recycling.

    Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Facilities - A specialized segment of the solid waste industry use Smart Sponge as an alternative fuel in the production of electricity. WTE is acknowledged at the federal level as a renewable energy source under the Federal Power Act, Title IV of the Clean Air Act and is a participant in the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Program.

    Cement Kilns - This industry uses Smart Sponge as an alternative fuel in the production process of Portland Cement. This process is considered a beneficial reuse of waste products. The BTU value of Smart Sponge is consistently above the average acceptable levels set for this high temperature.

    Landfills - As discussed above, Smart Sponge products have been classified as a solid waste and are accepted at Subtitle D Landfills

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