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When the Pressure's on, Crown Gauges Measure Up.

Crown Oilfield Instrumentation manufactures a full line of hydraulic instrumentation. From new sales to service, the Crown team provides personalized service to all of its clients around the world and ensures that all Crown gauges stand up to the harshest industry conditions. Because when the pressure's on, Crown gauges measure up.

 Press Releases

  • Maurice, Louisiana – April 13, 2017 – For increased safety and pressure measurement accuracy, Crown has redesigned its unitized mud gauge (UMG).

    Crown Oilfield Instrumentation is proud to introduce its new flanged unitized mud gauge.  Crown’s flanged unitized mud gauge has been redesigned from the inside out to ensure safe pressure management. This all-in-one design keeps gauge internals clean and free from harsh chemicals, and in the field, it increases overall gauge life.

    When connecting threads wear out, traditional Type D mud gauges leak and, in extreme circumstances and pressure fluctuations, pop off the standpipe.  With Crown’s all-new flange construction, eight bolts mount the mud gauge securely to the standpipe, providing a safer, more secure fitting.  The flange offers a long-lasing, durable connection between gauge and pipe, reducing costly repair and downtime. 

    Crown’s 360 degree gauge housing connects the gauge neck and seals gauge and stem completely.  The new damper assembly, another new feature, makes for easier pressure reading by reducing dial bounce.  Unlike Type D mud gauges, Crown’s new UMG has a build in pop-off connection.  In extreme pressure kicks, gauge internals can be damaged; however, the pop-off releases internal gauge pressure during extreme, potentially damaging pressure fluctuations.

    Crown Oilfield Instrumentation, a Louisiana based gauge manufacturer, has been serving the oil and gas industry for nearly 40 years.  Crown offers a complete line of hydraulic and digital pressure gauges, all at factory direct pricing.

  • Crown Oilfield Instrumentation to Display its New Redesigned Pump Stroke Counter at OTC Houston

    Maurice, Louisiana – April 21, 2017 – For increased pressure measurement accuracy, Crown has redesigned its complete line of pump stroke counters.

    Crown Oilfield Instrumentation is proud to share its all new pump stroke counter system at OTC Houston 2017.  Crown’s pump stroke counters have been redesigned from the inside out to ensure the most accurate measurement to date. Accuracy is important in fluid measurement in the oil and gas industry, and Crown’s pump stroke counters are accurate, reliable and dependable, providing years of service.

    Because they measure the efficiency of mud pumps, pump stroke counters are essential to drilling rig operations. These self-contained, battery powered systems come complete with stroke counter, micro limit switch, cable and junction box. Crown has redesigned its pump stroke counter to include all new materials that can withstand the harshest drilling rig conditions. The stainless steel case protects sensitive internals, and large LCD displays are easy-to-read, even at a distance. A sturdy C-clamp holds the limit switch in place, and the stainless steel rod (whisker) is bendable to provide dependable stroke counting in any mounting configuration.  Built to be vibration resistant, Crown’s stroke counter systems can be used on land or offshore installations.

    Crown’s digital pump stroke counter for 1, 2 and 3 pump drilling installations, is part of its ever expanding digital line of products. For years, Crown has been a leading hydraulic instrumentation provider, and it is with a continued commitment to quality and dependability that the Crown engineers redesigned this system. The redesigned pump stroke counter system joins the Crown 6” digital pressure gauge in its ever expanding digital line of products. “We are excited about this redesign and the great value it will provide to our customers. And, we are looking forward to rolling out more digital products as the market demands grow for safe, drilling rig instrumentation,” said Kathy DeGlandon, General Manager. Crown unveiled its 6” digital gauge last year at OTC Houston, and will continue to expand this line of products as the market evolves.

    Crown Oilfield Instrumentation, a Louisiana based gauge manufacturer, has been serving the oil and gas industry for 40 years.  Crown offers a complete line of hydraulic and digital pressure gauges, all at factory direct pricing.

    For More information about our new line of products and new innovations, contact or sales staff at or by phone 1-877-908-3790. Visit our website at

  • Customized Digital & Hydraulic Pressure Systems for Your Drilling Rig Application

    Houston TX: At OTC Houston 2017, Crown Oilfield Instrumentation will reveal a number of new products at Booth 5106.  Crown, a leading provider of drilling rig instrumentation, is showcasing its new digital line of products. In addition to these new lines Crown will exhibit its newly redesigned flange UMG (Unitized Mud Gauge) and improved traditional UMG with its all-new 360⁰ Seal UMG Case.

    6” Digital Pressure Gauge – The new six inch digital gauge pressure gauge offers a safe, electronic alternative to pressure management when a hydraulic one is not feasible. Fitting in existing 6” gauge mountings, the Crown digital pressure gauge is an ideal fit for anyone one looking to switch hydraulic to digital instrumentation. Because it has few moving parts, Crown’s digital pressure gauge needs very little maintenance and offers accurate pressure readings up to 250 feet away.

    Flange UMG – Crown new 360⁰ Seal Gauge Case will revolutionize the UMG market because it practically eliminates leaks between gauge case and neck. The new flange UMG design offers a robust, fixed connection, unlike the traditional threaded models. All of Crown’s UMGs come complete with full-faced dial, instead of the traditional half-moon of Type F and D models. The full face dial offers accurate readings without dial bounce and are easily read up to 60 feet away.

    Digital Mud Pump Stroke Counter –Crown’s engineers have redesign the digital mud pump stroke counter from top to bottom. These counters are made of the strongest materials and can stand up to the severest industry environments. Sensitive counter internals are protected by a stainless steel case, and the large LCD screen is easily viewable from many feet away. No external power source is needed, making the battery-powered system self-contained for years of service. Being vibration resistant, Crown’s stroke counters be used on or offshore.

    “We are very excited to be offering these new products at OTC 2017,” stated Kathy DeGlandon, Crown’s General Manager.  “For the past 40 years, Crown has stood by its commitment to quality. And, these new products represent that commitment as well as our promise to offer the safest, most reliable instrumentation to our customers all at factory-direct pricing.”

    Crown Oilfield Instrumentation has been serving the oil and gas industry for forty years.  Crown designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of hydraulic and digital gauges, all at factory direct pricing.  Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff is committed to finding just the right custom solution to your application, and our skilled technicians will build, calibrate and certify one of the most reliable pressure management solutions in the industry.

    For More information about our new line of products and new innovations, contact or sales staff at or by phone 1-877-908-3790. Visit our website at


  • Flange Unitized Mud Gauge
    Crown's all-in-one mud gauge comes complete with flange connection and easy-to-view, full-faced dial....

  • Crown's Redesigned the Unitized Mud Gauge

    Crown's standpipe pressure gauge (AKA unitized mud gauge) has been redesigned and is sturdier than conventional Type D and F mud gauges. 

    Flange Is More Durable Than Threaded

    • Eight mounting holes safely and securely bolt gauge to pipe.

    • Flanged connection ensures, more durable connection between gauge & pipe, than hammer unions or threaded connections,

    • No threads to wear out & cause safety concerns during pressure fluctuations & kicks.

    • Secured flange reduces fluid leaks & pressure loss.


    Six Reasons to Redesign our UMG

    1. 360 degree gauge housing connects gauge neck & seals completely.

    2. Built-in damper reduces dial bounce.

    3. Full-faced, dial increases visibility, up to 60 feet away.

    4. Built-in pop-off connection releases pressure, protects gauge internals.

    5. All-in-one design keeps gauge internals free from harsh chemicals.

    6. Accurately reads pressure in cementing, acidizing & fracturing.


    Crown hydraulic pressure gauges are durable, reliable and dependable. You can trust a Crown gauge to provide years of worry-free service, all the while providing accurate pressure readings. Each UMG is designed to your specifications and is certified for one full year.  

  • 4 to 1 Pressure Debooster
    Crown Deboosters offer a safe way to reduce hydraulic line pressure in high pressure situations, such as fracking and cementing. Debooster gauge protectors reduce line pressure by four to one and transmit this pressure to a deboosted gauge....

  • Crown 4 to 1 Debooster

    Deboosters offer a safe alternative to high pressure hydraulic hoses transmitting signals to instrumentation on a drilling rig. When a driller uses a pressure debooster, he is able to get the same accuracy and dependability of Crown's gauge savers, but without the extra high pressure hoses on the rig. 

    Advantages of Using a Debooster Pressure Sensor

    Crown pressure sensors are durable, reliable, and dependable. Each sensor is custom made to order with only the highest quality materials. Each sensor is thoroughly inspected before leaving our factory and come with a load test certificate. So how do you decide if a pressure debooster is right for you?  Here are some of the benefits of using a Crown debooster.

    • Reduces line pressure in high pressure situations such as; fracking, testing, and cementing,
    • Protects gauge internals from high pressure kicks, by reducing line pressure,
    • Protect workers from high pressure, hydraulic lines, by reducing the number of high pressure lines needed,
    • Equipped with easy-to-repair rubber cup, which protects gauge internals from harsh drilling fluids,
    • Built with durable piston that stands up to the toughest industry conditions,
    • Perform easy field repair with available repair kits,
    • Takes the brunt of pressure fluctuations force to protect sensitive gauge internals, and
    • Easy-to-use with remote mounted gauges.

    Why Buy Crown Deboosters?

    Because Crown deboosters are made with the sturdiest of materials, you can be assured that this sensor will provide long life in the field. Crown deboosters also are able to measure a variety of pressure ranges up to 100 feet away.  All Crown sensors stand up to the harshest industry conditions, and the debooster is no exception. Crown deboosters can be used in operational temperatures of -35 degrees fahrenheit to 150 degrees fahrenheit.  Two sizes of hammer union are available: 1502 and 2202, and pressure ranges are available up to 20,000 psi.  Each debooster is inspected by our highly-skilled technicians and load test certified, assuring highly accurate readings. Because when the pressure's on, Crown deboosters always measure up. 


  • Wireline Weight Indicators
    Crown Wireline Weight Indicators (AKA Slickline Weight Indicators) offer dependable, accurate readings for well workover and intervention operations....

  • Crown Wireline Weight Indicators

    Wireline weight indicators (aka slickline indicators) monitor tension on the wireline during well workover and well intervention.  The Crown wireline weight indicator displays the weight of the wireline and tools, and it is the main way operators monitor tension from the surface while tools are downhole. Crown wireline weight indicator systems offer a complete hydraulic solution for these all important drilling rig operations.  Each slickline weight indicator system comes with 6", fluid-filled, box mount or panel mount gauge, tension-type load cell and hydraulic hose. 

    Why Buy Crown Wireline Weight Indicator Systems?

    • Fluid-filled gauge resists vibrations,
    • 6" dial rotates to provide easy-to-view, complete dial range readings,
    • Dials are available in English or Metric units,
    • Variety of capacities 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 10,000 pounds available,
    • Box or panel mount configurations allow for many mounting options,
    • Damper system reduces pointer flucuations for more accurate readings,
    • Tension load cell mounts between sheave and gauge at 90 degrees, and
    • Load cell accurately transmits tension on line to weight indicator.

    Crown wireline weight indicators offer an affordable way to sense tension during wireline operations, all the while providing years of dependable, worry-free service. 

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