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Shaping Future Performance in Extreme Environments

Victrex delivers high performance thermoplastic solutions for downhole tools and subsea systems to refinery and production equipment. With renowned expertise, we provide technical excellence in applications that require reliability across a broad temperature range and integrity in harsh chemicals and aggressive mechanical environments.

 Press Releases

  • To reduce exploration and production costs and risks in subsea oil and gas systems, Magma Global Limited has developed the flexible m-pipe® technology. Their latest lightweight continuous pipe is both the largest and longest VICTREX® PEEK-based structure ever, achieved with the support and expertise of Victrex. It can be deployed to depths of 10,000 feet (3,000 metres) and handle pressures of up to 15ksi (kilopounds per square inch). The composite pipe combines VICTREX™ PEEK, high-grade carbon fibre and S-2 glass fibres to form a reliable subsea intervention line that meets the demand for a hydraulic pumping system that can handle high pressures and high flow rates.

    Charles Tavner, Commercial Director at Magma Global Limited, explains in the run up to the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston: "Thanks to partnering with Victrex, we have been able to successfully develop our 10,000 foot solution for hydraulic pumping and light well intervention in the Gulf of Mexico. VICTREX PEEK polymer’s high performance, and their material and processing expertise, has supported the new record-breaking flexible and spoolable m-pipe® for the oil and gas industry."

    Magma is offering its m-pipe® and integrated deployment package as a vessel back-deck system for rapid hydraulic light well intervention. The Magma deployment system has a modular reeler with m-pipe® intervention line pipe handling system, built-in tensioner, level wind, controls cabin, hydraulic power unit, installation platform and winch, for rapid pipe deployment and retrieval. The m-pipe® is a composite material based on VICTREX PEEK polymer, carbon and glass fibres that delivers low fatigue, improved buoyancy in fluids and high resistance to corrosion compared to steel pipe.

    "In oil and gas exploration the continuous need to extend scope and efficiency motivates us to develop reliable solutions further. In close collaboration with customers we consequently contribute to solve the toughest challenges", explains Tom Swanson, Energy Director at Victrex. By specifying high-performance PEEK composites and polymers that Victrex has developed for this program, the m-pipe® in the new Magma deployment system offers:

    • Capability to handle high temperatures
    • Ability to deal with pressures up to 15ksi
    • Deep water capability down to 10,000 feet (3,000 metres)
    • Excellent fatigue life for thousands of reliable deployments
    • Light weight for ease of installation and reduced pipe stress
    • Smooth PEEK bore for efficient and rapid flow of intervention fluids
    • Resistance to well completion and stimulation fluids and gases for operational reliability

    "Our VICTREX PEEK-based m-pipe® and deployment system offers regular, reliable low-cost hydraulic well intervention, and can be rented as a complete deployment package from Magma, on either a short-term campaign or annual contract basis. m-pipe® reduces the cost of intervention at a time when the oil and gas industry is extremely challenged on operational costs, and is also striving to achieve efficiency and reliability. The Magma system is designed to minimise mobilisation time and maximise vessel utilisation by reducing hydraulic pumping time, reducing intervention costs by up to 30%," says Tavner.

    Magma’s ‘integrated package’ approach provides the ability to intervene in subsea completions continuously and efficiently, to maximise their ongoing productivity. The Magma system and high performance m-pipe® allows for flexible high pressure and high-flow-rate pumping of intervention fluids into subsea wells from small vessels.

  • The highly-efficient Diamould product line of connectors for subsea and downhole applications relies on VICTREX™ PEEK polymer. With proven performance in hostile environments, the high performance thermoplastic makes the connectors suitable for deepwater and high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) wellhead and downhole applications. Diamould connectors, developed and manufactured by OneSubsea™, are capable of wet-mate and de-mate cycles without loss of operational integrity, and are rated to 3,000 meter water depth due to the excellent insulation and long-term reliability of VICTREX PEEK. Beyond reducing downtime due to its excellent resistance to sour gas and customer-defined critical chemicals, the high-end thermoplastic allows for additional cost savings through the optimization of tooling and molding equipment.

    As the engineers at OneSubsea began to design dry- and wet-mateable connectors for use in extreme environments, the key engineering requirements for the insulating material were already defined: electrical integrity, excellent chemical resistance, and high mechanical properties in HPHT conditions. "With Victrex having 35 years of experience in developing thermoplastics that can be considered the industry standard for oil and gas components, we knew from the start of the project that we wanted to specify VICTREX PEEK polymer. Today, our connectors, depending on selection, are able to perform in temperatures up to 150°C (302°F) and in pressure requirements up to 103.5 MPa (15,000 psi)," stated Gareth Eccles, Molding Technologist for OneSubsea. The company´s connectors are resistant to typical oil and gas fluids including seawater, mineral and silicone oil, and hydraulic fluids. They are also suitable for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) sour gas wells. Previous three-phase testing completed by Victrex, headquartered in the UK, proves that VICTREX PEEK performs well beyond the NORSOK M-710 Standard, a vital specification for the Oil and Gas industry.

    With electrical integrity being a key engineering requirement, several thermoplastic solutions from Victrex have been proven to eliminate electrical leakage that can result in costly downtime or the loss of valuable data. "VICTREX PEEK is overmolded around the connector pins which provides excellent insulation and long-term reliability. OneSubsea Diamould connectors are capable of wet-mate and de-mate cycles without loss of operational integrity and are rated to 3,000 meter water depth," stated Eccles.

    In addition to performing in deepwater and HPHT conditions, VICTREX PEEK polymer aided engineers in the creation of smarter designs. "The purity and strength of the thermoplastic allowed us to design thinner wall sections resulting in more compact connectors that perform exceptionally well even in tight spaces," said Eccles. The relative ease of processing VICTREX PEEK delivers reliable manufacturing benefits through the optimization of tooling and molding equipment.

    Victrex supports application developments of customers from concept to commercialization. Eccles said: "Victrex is always proactive in its technical support and provides excellent back-up for their customers. During a recent review of our processing operations, they highlighted areas to focus on as part of our continuous improvement activities. They have in-depth technical knowledge, including scientific and processing data which is always just a phone call away."

    Given the success of the connectors, OneSubsea continues to utilize and expand its production of VICTREX PEEK components. The overmolded thermoplastic insulation will continue to be used to deliver robust solutions for demanding deepwater and downhole environments. Today, the OneSubsea Diamould electrical connector product line ranges from high voltage power connectors for electric submersible pumps (ESPs) and high horsepower motors to low voltage instrumentation connectors for intelligent completions and downhole monitoring systems.

  • Oil and gas electrical connector specialist Rampart Products has specified VICTREX HT™ polymer for a new HPHT (high pressure-high temperature) KTK (Kintec*) electrical connector for the efficient and safe transmission of power and data during the drilling process. Used in oilfield equipment, the reliability of the multi-pin connector is crucial to reducing costly downtime. The material as well as the connector has been tested beyond industry standards in real-world environment simulations. During material selection and the development of the moulding process, both companies worked closely together, enabling Rampart to introduce its first connector using VICTREX PAEK polymer.

    As oil reserves continue to be depleted, the industry is being forced to find oil in unconventional places that can expose equipment and components to higher temperatures and pressures as well as aggressive corrosive elements.

    “Customers using epoxy connectors face a couple of potential issues,” explains Ed Beshoory, President of Rampart Products. “Consequently, we were looking into high performing materials capable of meeting multiple requirements. As a result, we are now using for the first time a Victrex material, VICTREX HT polymer, due to its consistent properties and processing. The education and processing support Victrex provided in the development phase have convinced us at Rampart to also look at other Victrex high performing polymers for future applications, enabling us to offer connectors with the performance properties we are looking for.”

    Growing engineering requirements

    The new connector had to be rated for temperatures beyond 400°F (200°C) and pressures at 20,000 psi (1380 bar) providing also a reliable electrical connection while protecting expensive sensors and electronics. Additional requirements included compatibility with industry-standard pin patterns, extended mating cycles and assembly efficiencies. To prove the reliability of the multi-pin connector made with the Victrex material, Rampart gained data from using a new test vessel. It allows real-world operational settings to test the performance at both high temperature and high pressure simultaneously in a precise manner. Alternative evaluation strategies might typically be to test the connector at an appropriate temperature but at minimal pressure, or at high pressure and room temperature.

    Going beyond standard testing protocols, such as NORSOK and ISO, is familiar to Victrex. In doing so the company is supporting the industry to better understand how VICTREX PAEK materials operate in harsh environments. “Victrex typically tests polymers for longer, that is for more hours, and in real-world condition simulations such as higher temperatures and more aggressive chemical environments than those prescribed by the test protocols,” says Dr Geoff Small, Energy Market Technology Manager at Victrex. “This provides a better prediction of how the polymer will perform in various conditions to contribute to the development of reliable applications.”

    Reducing downtime and system costs

    Traditionally, glass-reinforced epoxy (thermoset) was used in the KTK electrical connector market. However, using this material can result in cracking and chipping, requiring oil service companies to replace the connectors. Rampart Products reported that the VICTREX HT-based connector has more than twice the impact resistance of the glass-reinforced epoxy constructed connectors which provides greater reliability in use by reducing cracking and chipping. Connectors made from Victrex´s high performing polymer can provide more stability in the drilling process by enabling the reliable transmission of power and data to the tool, compared to incumbent solutions. In addition, the vibrations within the tool can cause dust to be generated from the epoxy connectors which may cause electrical shortages and costly downtime.

    “In addition to finding the right material, an equally important key benefit for the industry is efficient manufacturing. The VICTREX HT polymer facilitated that through rapid injection moulding. “Victrex provides expert assistance with molding their materials, thus reducing development cycle time and allowing us to further push the performance envelope,” concludes Ed Beshoory, President of Rampart Products. Beyond the upstream drilling market segment, Rampart believes their line of electrical connectors can be used in subsea environments, medical devices and in military applications.

    Oilfield drilling equipment, particularly MWD (Measure While Drilling) tensor systems, typically require 7-14 KTK connectors. The electrical connectors made from the Victrex material can also be used in LWD (Logging While Drilling) tools, and downhole battery pack assemblies.

    VICTREX HT polymers were designed to maintain excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, pressures and in harsh chemicals and provide an overall performance profile beyond that of VICTREX 450G™ PEEK polymer, a high-performance polymer frequently used throughout the industry.


  • VICTREX CT™ 100 polymer
    Thermoplastic solution that has been tailor-made for static cryogenic valve components and sealing systems...

  • Sealing material solution designed and tested for performance in static cryogenic environments to help reduce fugitive emissions and costs while providing improved reliability and durability compared to fluoropolymers. Benefits include:

    • Up to 2.5x more reliable seal
    • Up to 60% greater sealing load capacity
    • Up to 25% less load required to seal
    • Up to 12% better mating with metal
    • Up to 3x tougher

    VICTREX CT 100 polymer can also reduce overtightening failures, provides faster recovery when unloading, and enables the use of lower force actuation elements for overall system cost reductions.

  • Magma m-pipe®
    Lightweight VICTREX PEEK-based composite pipe qualified for use in subsea systems...

  • Magma m-pipe® is a high performance carbon fibre and VICTREX PEEK thermoplastic composite pipe. Engineering excellence and detailed structural design result in a high specification pipe that has been shown to reduce risks and reduce costs for risers, jumpers and intervention lines and deepwater and subsea project applications. m-pipe® performance is backed by a DNV GL qualification programme and DNV GL F119 Recommended Practice for Thermoplastic Composite Pipe. Benefits include:

    • High temperature capability up to 200 degrees C (390 degrees F)
    • Corrosion resistant to seawater, H2S and CO2
    • High pressure capability up to 20ksi
    • Smooth pipe bore for high flow rate
    • Light weight 1/10th that of steel
    • Ultra deepwater capability
    • High fatigue capacity
    • High strain capability
    • High tension capacity
  • VICTREX HT™ and ST™ polymers
    Unique high performance PAEK polymers developed for applications that demand superior higher temperature resistance...

  • VICTREX HT polymer offering for high pressure, high temperature environments. Typical applications include electrical connectors and sealing systems. Benefits include:

    • Retention of mechanical and physical properties to temperatures 30°C (54°F) higher than standard VICTREX 450G PEEK
    • Up to 3 times the wear resistance of standard VICTREX 450G PEEK at high temperatures
    • Excellent long-term creep and fatigue resistance over a wide temperature range
    • Substantially higher tensile strength and flexural modulus at 250°C (482°F)
    • Improved compressive strength
    • Exceptional resistance to chemicals, solvents and fuels
    • Good electrical properties
    • Excellent hydrolysis resistance
    • Consistent ease of processing

    VICTREX ST polymer offering for high pressure, high temperature environments. Typical applications include electrical connectors and sealing systems. Benefits include:

    • Up to 2x higher dielectric breakdown strength vs. VICTREX 450G PEEK
    • Up to 15% greater load bearing capacity vs. VICTREX 450G PEEK
    • Improved mechanical performance especially in the temperature range from 150°C (302°F) to 200°C (392°F); reinforced grades perform up to 383°C (720°F)
    • Improved fatigue performance under dynamic load
    • Excellent electrical resistance, chemical resistance, dimensional stability and low permeability/moisture absorption

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