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Safety, Simplicity, Savings......You Do The Math!

PetroHab manufactures, leases, and sells hot work enclosures such as pressurized welding enclosures (with or without automatic shut down systems), open/closed top non-pressurized enclosures, and pipeline enclosures, all of which serve to insure that sparks from hot work are safely contained and do not come into contact with potential flammables.

 Press Releases

  • For immediate release – April 26, 2017

    Why lease habitats when you can buy them from PetroHab, LLC and save a significant amount of money?

    Almost every reputable habitat provider (aka Pressurized Welding Enclosure or Hot Work Safety Enclosure) on the market today sticks to a “lease only” model.  Why?  The answer is very simple.  A habitat provider stands to make a lot more money from leasing a habitat, and reusing its panels over and over again, than outright selling their habitat panels.  The fact of the matter is that when a habitat provider leases a habitat for as little as one to two months, that provider could have recouped its cost for that habitat. The rest, as they would say, is gravy.

    Recognizing that these times of depressed oil prices have strained the budgets of many companies that need to use habitats to perform hot work in either classified or non-classified areas, PetroHab has decided to go against the flow and offer its Petro-Habitat Hot Work Safety Enclosures (HWSE) for sale.  The only conditions are that any employee of an end-user who will be working on assembling, disassembling, or operating any of PetroHab’s habitats or automatic shutdown systems (a) be trained (either at PetroHab in Houston or the location of the customer’s choice anywhere in the world) in order to be certified as a Petro-Habitat Technician; and (b) the customer is subject to periodic audits to ensure that all personnel working on the Petro-Habitats and/or optional automatic shutdown systems are certified Petro-Habitat Technicians and that the work is being done properly.

    Purchasing a Petro-Habitat not only saves a customer a lot of money versus leasing that same HWSE, but further allows the end user to save on both personnel and equipment mobilization and demobilization fees, and, more importantly, reduces the ever problematic Persons on Board (POB) constraints that all companies working on an offshore rigs face.  Moreover, by purchasing a Petro-Habitat, a customer can use it whenever he/she/it pleases without having to pay stand-by rates for the days that the HWSE is not in use.

    For more information, please contact Samer Al-Azem at  

  • PetroHab, LLC Solidifies its Position as the Most Innovative Provider of Onshore and Offshore Hot Work Safety Enclosures, aka “Habitats” or “Pressurized Welding Enclosures”

    Headquartered in Houston, Texas, PetroHab, LLC is the most innovative provider of Hot Work Safety Enclosures (“HWSE”), dubbed “Petro-Habitats,” for the worldwide oil and gas industry. That leadership position was buttressed in December of 2016 when the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted PetroHab United States Patent No. 9,517,609 on its Quadra-Lock, the one-of-a-kind, panel interlocking technology which has effectively rendered all of its competitors’ zippered and trouble prone habitat panels practically obsolete.

    No longer needing an A-type panel and a B-type panel in order to zip two panels together, the Quadra-Lock 1-by-1-meter panels are all standard and completely interchangeable, boasting incredibly fast assembly and disassembly times. Moreover, like the powerful in-house manufactured 5 HP pneumatic intrinsically safe blower, which is capable of throttling air up to a flow of 7,000 cfm, all of the panels making up every Petro-Habitat are also proudly made in the USA. 

    All HWSEs are designed to contain the by-products of hot work operations, such as sparks and molten material. Since our Petro-Habitats are sealed and pressurized, they deny the ingress of hydrocarbons, thus allowing hot work operations to be safely executed within the HWSE even when the surrounding process plant or equipment is fully operational. This is due to the positive pressure environment created in the Petro-Habitat (from the blower that intakes air from an unclassified area) coupled with the 1,000 F continuous heat resistance offered by the ANSI/FM 4950 certified premium silicone coated fiberglass materials from which each Petro-Habitat panel is made. Meanwhile, the floor tiles that are used to cover the flooring of the Petro-Habitats is made from a silicone coated, 75-ounce-per-square-yard vermiculite fiberglass cloth that is rated up to 1,500 F of continuous heat resistance.

  • Press Release                                                                                           Houston – 28 April 2017

    PetroHab™ Launching Innovative Safety Shutdown System at OTC in Houston, Texas (1-4 May)

    PetroHab LLC, the world’s premier provider of Hot Work Safety Enclosures (HWSE), is pleased to announce the official launch of its state-of-the-art  Safe-Stop™ Safety Shutdown System (SSS). Designed and manufactured in the United States of America, the Safe-Stop SSS works in conjunction with the 100% US-made pressurized Petro-Habitat™ HWSE to provide unrivalled safety whenever hot work is conducted in the vicinity of potential flammables, such as in Zone 1 or 2 rated hazardous areas on oil rigs and refineries.

    By continuously monitoring the pressure inside the Petro-Habitat HWSE, the Safe-Stop SSS enhances the safety of the Petro-Habitat HWSE by only allowing hot work to be conducted inside the HWSE if the air pressure therein exceeds that outside the enclosure, thereby creating what is often referred to as a “positive pressure environment”.  The positive pressure environment in the HWSE serves to prevent unwanted flammable gases from entering the enclosure, which allows hot work to be safely undertaken in the Petro-Habitat, without the need to shut down the facility in which the hot work is to take place.

    Samer Al-Azem, President of PetroHab, LLC in Houston, said: “PetroHab’s Safe-Stop system is the most compact and lightweight modular control system on the market today. It was designed with the end user’s gas detection and safety needs in mind. Among the many functions that the Safe-Stop system performs are the monitoring of pressure within the Petro-Habitat, detection of various gases both inside and outside the HWSE, and monitoring Oxygen levels in the HWSE. Optionally, external gas detectors are offered which may be used to enhance the safety within the general area in which the hot work is to be conducted.

    We have always had the best habitats on the market, since the panels of our Petro-Habitat HWSEs are; (a) superiorly engineered; (b) interlock via our patented Quadra-Lock® panel attachment system that practically renders obsolete the failure prone zippered “A” and “B” type panels currently used throughout the HWSE industry; and (c) are made from premium, heavy-duty, U.S. made, ANSI/FM 4950 certified silicone-coated fibreglass cloth, which allows them to withstand continuous temperatures of up to 1,000°F (540°C).  I am confident that when our Petro-Habitat HWSEs are used in conjunction with the Safe-Stop SSS, our customers can rest assured that they are benefiting from the safest, most compact, and innovative hot work enclosure solution in the Oil & Gas Industry today.”



  • Petro-Habitat Hot Work Safety Enclosure (habitat)
    The Petro-Habitat Hot Work Safety Enclosure, aka habitat or a Pressurized Welding Enclosure, uses a patented panel interlocking technology that completely does away with the cumbersome and trouble prone zippers used by all of PetroHab's competitors....

  • PetroHab, LLC is a Houston based company that domestically manufactures its entire range of Hot Work Safety Enclosures ("HWSE") products and provides unparalleled customer service when it comes to either selling or leasing any of those products. It is a world leader in providing innovative and cost-effective HWSE solutions and is proud of the fact that all of its products are manufactured in the U.S.A.  PetroHab's products and services not only allow customers to carry out Hot Work safely and efficiently, but some of its HWSEs also serve to provide personnel who are conducting Hot Work with non-pressurized shelters that shield the operators from the elements, helping ensure that jobs are carried out safely and on time. 

    Previously, all habitat manufacturers had stuck to a "lease only" model, which, during these times of depressed oil prices, continues to prove too expensive for many end users.  As such, PetroHab has switched its marketing efforts to a primarily "sale only" model where it sells the products to the end user and provides the requisite training and certification to that user on the assembly, disassembly, and maintenance of its entire product range, including its customized automatic shut down systems. Such traning and certification can take place either at PetroHab's headquarters in Houston or anywhere in the world, depending on the client's preference.

    The fabric that PetroHab uses to makes the panels of PetroHab’s various product offerings is certified to exacting ANSI/FM 4950 standards.  In fact, PetroHab is among the few manufacturers in the whole world, if not the only one, that insists on strictly using ANSI/FM 4950 certified materials, that boast a temperature resistance of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, to make its products. Moreover, Petrohab is the only provider of its patented panel interlocking technology that does away with the customary cumbersome and trouble prone zippers and allows for far faster assembly and disassembly times of its habitats and for increased durability and strength of the attachment mechanism.

    Previous Customers

    PetroHab has performed work for many companies both domestically and internationally, which include, but are not limited to: 

    MODEC and Saipem in Brazil
    Chevron and Dynamic Industries in Angola
    Conoco Phillips in Indonesia
    Shell, Hermann Cross, Alcon, and ACM in Nigeria
    BP, EMAS, Acute Technological Services (subsidiary of Oilstates), and Offshore Joint Services (subsidiary of RAE Energy) in Texas and the Gulf of Mexico
    Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico
    Star Petroleum in Thailand
    Quattro Group in Malaysia. 

    References and testimonials from some of the foregoing follow below.

    In all cases, all work was delivered timely and,to date, PetroHab’s safety record is completely unblemished.


    Charles W Waldron, Contracts Manager, Dynamic Angola LLC

    “In the second half of 2012, after touring the manufacturing and training facilities of PetroHab, LLC in Houston, Texas, Dynamic Industries, Inc. awarded PetroHab a competitively bid order to manufacture approximately 3,000 Petro-Habitat™ Hot-work Safety Enclosures panels and multiple Automatic Safety Shutdown Systems and a subcontract to supply certified welding habitat technicians for offshore rotational construction support work. In early 2013, Dynamic shipped PetroHab’s products to Angola for use on a large project Dynamic had contracted with Chevron to perform on certain offshore platforms in that country. Since the commencement of the offshore segment of the project, Dynamic has had PetroHab personnel working 24/7 on various platforms offshore Cabinda, assembling habitats wherever needed by the construction crews. To date, PetroHab personnel on the project have built, disassembled, and maintained hundreds of habitats, to Dynamic’s and Chevron’s satisfaction.”

    Tony Meribe, Managing Director/CEO, ACM of Nigeria Ltd.

     “ACM of Nigeria is a 50 year old company that places safety as its number one priority. Among the most recent services provided by ACM to augment its aggressive growth strategies in the areas of offshore fabrication and deep offshore support services, are the sales and leasing of PetroHab Pressurized Welding Enclosures (PWE), also known as "Habitats", and ancillary Automatic Safety Shutdown Systems (SSS). Among ACM's high profile clients are Total, Shell, Agip (ENIgroup)and most recently, ACM provided both PetroHab PWE and SSS to Addax Petroleum in Nigeria to very high acclaim from Addax.”

    Satya M. Santoso, Managing Director, Sarku Enjinering Utama

    “PT Sarku Enjinering Utama was established in 1996 as a major maintenance, hook-up, commissioning and construction contractor for oil and gas offshore installations in Indonesia and around the globe. Our core business is offshore construction, maintenance, hook-up and commissioning of greenfield as well as brownfield platforms. Our clients range from multinational Oil & Gas companies acting as operators in Indonesia, such as ConocoPhillips Indonesia, Maxus (now CNOOC), Unocal/Chevron, Gulf, as well as major EPC contractor companies, such as Hyundai Heavy Industries and Technip.

    We began our working relationship with PetroHab, LLC in 2012, with the aim of setting ourselves apart from the competition by enhancing the safety of our hot-work operations by providing unparalleled Pressurized Welding Enclosures (PWE) to be used when such operations are conducted in the vicinity of potential flammables. Most recently, we supplied PetroHab PWE to ConocoPhillips, which enabled us to safely conduct our hot-work operations in a potentially explosive atmosphere to ConocoPhillips’ extreme satisfaction.”

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