Zollern Gmbh & Co.

Hitzkofer Str. 1
Sigmaringendorf-Laucherthal,  Baden-Würrtemberg  72517

  • Booth: 1053

Sand Casting and Forging

ZOLLERN Forging offers forged and rolled products made of copper and copper alloys. The preliminary material needed for forging is produced in-house. The high vertical range of manufacture at ZOLLERN guarantees a high quality and short lead times.

ZOLLERN Casting offers individual component solutions and customer-specific castings from large series to individual pieces. We are development partners for our customers and one of the leading foundries in Europe with more than 1,000 employees in the casting business area.

Drive Technology

ZOLLERN gears and winches are used in maritime applications; on ships, in ports or on offshore platforms.
Typical applications are ship cranes, floating cranes, dredgers, lifeboat winches or jack-up gearboxes for offshore platforms. ZOLLERN gears move mobile harbour cranes, shipyard cranes, handling equipment and container stackers on land.
ZOLLERN manufactures direct drives for thruster drives or jet rudder drives as well as synchronous motors that drive ZOLLERN cable winches in different crane systems.

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