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SubC Imaging pioneers cutting-edge subsea imaging solutions for marine research, offshore energy, aquaculture, fisheries, and more. Our globally acclaimed equipment includes complete camera systems, cameras, LEDs, and lasers. Committed to innovation, we also offer DVRs and remote operations solutions, enhancing efficiency and accessibility for intelligent and high-performance subsea inspections.

Brands: Rayfin Cameras (Benthic 6000m, Coastal 500m Micro 500m), DVR+ Overlay, Remote Operations & Inspections, Real-Time Streaming Aquorea LEDs, MantaRay Parallel Lasers, Skate Mk2 Laser

 Press Releases

  • NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA — April 16, 2024 — SubC Imaging, a global leader in subsea imaging solutions, is proud to announce the official launch of its groundbreaking Rayfin Single Channel Inspection System (Rayfin SCI). This end-to-end inspection system represents a significant advancement in underwater inspection technology, offering unmatched efficiency, reliability, and superior results for professionals in the industry.

    A New Standard in Live Underwater Inspections & Surveys

    Rayfin SCI is a state-of-the-art single-channel live inspection system that seamlessly integrates software and hardware to streamline inspections and surveys. One of its standout features is the integration of real-time topside media and data transfer with embedded EXIF, eliminating the need for time-consuming downloads and providing immediate access to critical data.

    Key Features

    • Realtime Topsides: Transfer media & data instantly, no need for downloading.
    • High-Quality Imaging: Save 12mp stills and record high-quality video topside.
    • Organized Data Structure: Access images, video, and data immediately in a customizable file structure.
    • Automated Logging: Date, time, GPS, sensor data, and EXIF embedded within images.
    • Rayfin RDI: Rapid Digital Imaging with adjustable capture rate up to 2Hz.
    • Integrated Control: Manage camera, LED, and laser from one platform.
    • Enhanced Documentation: Overlay and annotation on live and recorded video.

    Empowering Professionals in the Field

    "We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Rayfin SCI," said Adam Rowe, Vice President of Software at SubC Imaging. "This system represents a significant leap forward in live underwater inspection technology. By providing a unified interface and real-time data transfer, we are addressing the challenges faced by industry professionals”.

    Rayfin SCI is now available for purchase, offering professionals conducting live inspections and surveys the opportunity to experience the future of underwater inspections firsthand. To learn more about Rayfin SCI visit the SubC Imaging website.

    About SubC Imaging

    SubC Imaging is a global leader in subsea imaging solutions, dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge equipment for marine research, offshore energy, aquaculture, fisheries, and more. With a strong presence in over 30 countries, SubC Imaging is a trusted partner, advancing technology for intelligent and high-performance subsea inspections and surveys.


  • Remote Operations & Inspections
    Adaptable, modular, agnostic, and scalable solutions to conduct remote subsea inspections, surveys, maintenance, and repairs....

  • SubC Imaging's Remote Operations & Inspections 

    Get adaptable, modular, agnostic, and scalable solutions that enable you to meet your remote goals now and into the future. We pride ourselves on providing the technologies to allow you to conduct surveys and inspections just like you were there in person. SubC’s innovative and cutting-edge cloud-based software and comprehensive hardware technologies can combine to unlock several remote capabilities. Our full suite of proven and trusted services can be personalized to solve key remote challenges:

    • Real-time low-latency video
    • Secure shared viewing & presentations
    • Redundancy & back-ups
    • Communications between teams & locations
    • Vehicle control
    • Data capture, recording, logging & eventing


    • Enhance traditional offshore surveys, inspections, maintenance and repair to include onshore stakeholders and staff.

    • Live video to command and control ROV and USV from any shoreside remote operations center (ROC), no matter the location.

    • Move clients and inspection staff shoreside for your inspections, surveys, maintenance and repairs.

    • Go fully remote with total cloud-based integration and all staff onshore.

    Learn More About SubC Imaging's Remote Operatoins & Insepctions Technologies

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