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  • The manifolds provide, in a single body, 3 or 5 valves for differential pressure measurement applications. This compact, industry standard-sized design results in fewer leaks to the environment. These manifolds have large 3/8″ (9.5mm) bores connecting the process and instrumentation sides. The manifolds are available in Pipe by Pipe, Pipe... Learn More

  • Flexform is custom laminated paperboard that is designed to address the challenges of shipping and storing products efficiently and sustainably, all while offering exceptional strength and versatility.  Flexform Crates take the traditional concept of crates and flips it on its head!  Unlike conventional wooden crates, Flexform Crates ship and store... Learn More

  • Today’s demands on machines and systems confront companies with increasingly complex tasks. Due to higher productivity and capacity utilization, the mechanical components are heavily challenged. Service life and maintenance intervals are maximally exhausted. Preventive maintenance is more important than ever, and today’s industry cannot be imagined without it. ... Learn More

  • Volatile, remote, and unforgiving edge environments demand robust technologies, flawless operation, and reliable security. That’s why Crystal Group custom-engineers intelligent, rugged computer solutions that perform without fail in the most remote and extreme conditions when safety, accuracy, and efficiency are paramount. As a leading provider of... Learn More

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