GrayGo International Inc

7031= 56 Ave NW
Edmonton,  AB  T6B 3L2

  • Booth: 2156

GrayGo makes SlideRite composite laminates for OffShore & DownHole applications. SlideRite is self lubricated, offering low friction, long wear life and resists high loads. NexGen Oil Tools has created the first and only customizable degradable plug that can be modified and assembled on site. The X-Factor allows you to change any plug component to make a custom degradable tool for your exact conditions. NexGen Oil Tools is proud to announce the VorteX Composite Plug. The VorteX is a complimentary tool to our X-Factor Dissolvable Plug. These plugs offer the operator two custom options for the well bore. A Dissolvable and a Composite Plug ensuring operators control their profit margins.

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