Wuxi Free Petroleum Tubulars Manufacture Co., Ltd.

No.566 Xida Road
Wuxi,  Jiangsu  214112

  • Booth: 6443

Established in 2007,leading products are Linepipe full and half coupling , Tubing & casing coupings as per API 5L or 5CT.The annual production capacity is 700,000pcs. Our certificate No. are API 5CT-1026 and API 5L-1066.We have advanced equipment and testing instruments,and skilled workers.Perfect management system ensures high quality couplings.

 Press Releases

  • Wuxi Free Petroleum Tubulars Manufacture Co.,Ltd(WFPT) will take part in the 2019 OTC Internal exhibition,the booth No.6575-2.welcome customers from all over the world to meet at our booth in Houston of USA.

    Our company established in 2007,located at Wuxi City, Jiangsu  China.

    Our leading products are Linepipe full and half coupling as per API 5L, Tubing coupling and casing couping as per API 5CT.The annual production capacity is 700,000pcs.

    Our API certificate No. are 5CT-1026 and 5L-1066.

    Tubing Coupling certificate is from 1.9”to 4-1/2”,grade have J55 N80 L80 P110,thread type have NUE EUE.

    Casing Coupling certificate is from 4-1/2”to 13-3/8”,grade have J55 K55 N80 P110,thread type have STC LTC BTC.

    Linepipe Coupling certificate have 2” 3” 4” 6”,grade have B X52,thread type is full LP and half LP.

    Our products still have premium thread coupling,Combination coupling and crossover,semi-finished coupling,stainless steel coupling,and OEM.

    We have advanced processing equipment and complete testing instruments,and skilled workers.Perfect quality management system ensures high quality couplings to our customers.

    In addition to the Chinese market,our couplings are exported to United States,Russia,Canada,south America,south Korea,middle east,southeast Asia,etc.

    Our WFPT hope to cooperate with friends all over the world and provide high quality couplings and services,contribute to the development of the world’s petroleum industry.


  • Tubing Coupling,Linepipe Coupling,Casing Coupling
    Tubing Coupling is from 1.9”to 4-1/2”,grade J55 N80 L80 P110, NUE EUE.Casing Coupling is from 4-1/2”to 13-3/8”,grade J55 K55 N80 P110, STC LTC BTC.Linepipe Coupling have 2” 3” 4” 6”,grade B X52, full LP and half LP couplings....

  • Our main product is API couplings,includes tubing coupling,linepipe coupling and casing coupling.Our products still have premium thread coupling,Combination coupling and crossover,semi-finished coupling, OEM,and stainless steel coupling.

    The all material are used for seamless steel pipe,and heat treatment process to ensure the mechanical properties.

    The coupling thread parameters are ensured by precision  processing according to API 5B ,5CT or 5L.

    Product Character:

    1  Product is API 5CT/5B ,5L/5B standard.

    2  Material has excellent performance in hardness and anti-collapse (Charpy test).

    3  High machining accuracy, with strict internal control precision.

    4  Excellent anti-adhesion performance on thread 

    5  Surface has highly polished coating with clearly color band identification.

    6  Whole package is easy to transport and storage with waterproof and shock-free technic.

    7  The price is reasonable.

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