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Big Ass Fans sets the industry standard for safer, more productive facilities with unequaled airflow products built to deliver comfort to harsh environments. Our fans provide year-round relief from extreme temperatures, improving workers’ efficiency and accuracy, reducing your reliance on HVAC, and saving big on energy and maintenance costs.

 Press Releases

  • Big Ass Fans offers the world’s most advanced personal, portable, pedestal, directional fan with AirEye. Backed by a 5-year, full-parts warranty, there’s no more worrying about staying comfortable for years to come.
    AirEye comes in three sizes: 20", 24", 30”.
    With five mounting options, two controllers to choose from and 11 speeds, you can rest assured AirEye will solve your airflow problems.

    Add in the IP65 rating on the motor and controls and getting AirEye dirty isn’t a problem either. Simply shower off the fan and get back to being comfortable.
    AirEye is up to 50% more energy efficient and produces 50% more airflow than typical high-speed industrial fans. By running much cooler than traditional induction motors, AirEye’s EC motor produces much less waste heat and uses energy intelligently. With a variable speed controller that goes to 11, AirEye lets you dial in exactly the amount of cooling power you need — no more, no less.
  • Built to outlast portable work light standards and expectations, Light Bar checks in at nearly 5 pounds and 2 feet long, features a waterproof IP67-rated design, shock-absorbing components and chemical-resistant materials. With six brightness settings reaching a 5,000 lumen maximum output, it’s a tool, not a flashlight.
    Every piece of the Big Ass Fans Light Bar is meticulously designed with you in mind. We know accidents happen. That’s why we over-engineer everything.
    You need a tool, not a toy. Whether you’re a weekend warrior working on the car in the garage or a mechanic in the shop, the Big Ass Fans Light Bar does it all.
    Waterproof? Yep. Use Light Bar in the rain. Wash the tool when needed. Submerge it in a meter of water and leave it there care-free for 30 minutes. 
    Big Ass Fans made a tool that lasts. It’s shock absorbent and chemical resistant. Light Bar can withstand drop after drop and years of abuse. With an IP67-rated design, you get peace of mind knowing it is built with construction, destruction, and abrasiveness in mind.
    Even when the job takes longer than expected, Big Ass Fans has you covered. Work for up to two days straight on a single charge and maximize your time.
    For more on the Big Ass Fans Light Bar, visit or call 877-244-3267.


  • LED Bay Light
    Big Ass Fans’ LED Bay Light turns spaces from gloomy to gleaming. The fixture’s rotatable housing and lens options direct light where you need it, and its durable thermodynamic design ensures cool, efficient, and maintenance-free operation for years.

  • LED Bay Light - Product Details

    • Instant-on light output of up to 72,000 lumens

    • Rated up to an industry-leading 187 lumens per watt

    • L70-rated lifetime of more than 150,000 hours

    • Rotatable LED housing and range of snap-on polycarbonate lens options

    • Rugged thermodynamic design that won’t break, flicker, or overheat

    • Onboard surge protection to handle industrial-sized voltage spikes (6 kV standard)

    • Optional occupancy sensor for additional energy savings

    • Industry-best 10-year full warranty


    What LED Bay Light Offers You

    • Transform your space and improve safety with brighter, more uniform light levels

    • Improve production quality, order accuracy, and employee morale with a brighter workspace

    • Save on energy and maintenance costs with efficient operation and long life

    • Never replace a bulb again or wait for lights to reach full brightness

    • Meet precise lighting needs with a rotatable LED housing and lens options that direct and shape light

    • Enjoy over 17 years of 24/7 use with virtually zero maintenance

  • AirEye®
    For powerful personal comfort, you need AirEye. It easily outperforms and outlasts traditional off-the-shelf fans and features a range of sizes, mounting options, automated controls, and an impressive 5-year warranty....

  • AirEye - Product Details

    • 20-, 24-, and 30-inch diameter options

    • Rated IP65 for dust and water protection

    • Provides up to 50% more airflow using 50% less electricity than other fans in its class

    • Variable speed control and quiet brushless motor

    • Flexible mounting options to fit your space

    • Durable, OSHA-compliant steel wire cage

    • Optional motion sensor and timer

    • 5-year, 100% parts warranty


    What AirEye Offers You

    • Improve productivity with cooling airflow and excellent coverage area

    • Attract and retain talent with a more inviting and comfortable workspace

    • Reduce electricity bills and stay cool without relying on A/C

    • Maintain cool comfort in hot, dusty conditions that ruin traditional box fans

    • Ensure personal safety with OSHA-compliant cage

  • Black Jack®
    The versatile Black Jack comes ready for action right out of the box. Engineered to provide powerful yet quiet airflow and equipped with handles on each end, it’s big enough to cool people up to 100 feet away but won’t crowd the floor....

  • Black Jack® - Product Details

    • 6.5-foot diameter fits through standard interior doorways

    • Pre-assembled with wheels and uses standard 110 V for plug-and-play operation

    • Quiet, energy-efficient direct-drive motor with variable speed control

    • Easy to clean or spray down; IPX5 rated for indoor or outdoor use

    • Durable steel frame with OSHA-compliant cage

    • Flexible Pivot 2.0 model available for mounting on walls and ceilings

    • Standard 5-year mechanical warranty


    What Black Jack Offers You

    • Enjoy high-volume airflow in an incredibly portable package

    • Deliver a cooling breeze up to 100 feet away

    • Use in facilities that lack clearance for an overhead fan

    • Run processes without noisy distraction or constant mechanical drone

    • Provide cost-effective comfort for your outdoor events

    • Remove unpleasant odors and deter pests from invading your spaces

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