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Innova provide the premier software solution for today’s oil and gas industry

Innova Well Seeker Pro, is the complete Well Planning  package including; RT Anti-collision, Integrated Reporting, Geosteering, Drilling Optimization, Well Analytics and Asset Tracking

Innova Engineering features; T&D, Hydraulics, Survey Correction, BHA Analysis, Jar Placement, Cementing, and Casing Centraliser Placement


  • Innova Well Seeker Pro
    Innova Well Seeker Pro is the complete Directional Drilling, Well Planning and Reporting software solution.

  • Innova Well Seeker Pro establishes a new industry standard directional drilling and well planning package with unrivalled speed and functionality. Well-Seeker Pro integrates high performance 2D & 3D graphics with a powerful database engine that allows the user to easily store and visualize their well trajectories as well as perform complex well planning and anti-collision calculations.


    Comprehensive Well Path Planning

    Real Time Anti-Collision

    Wellbore Visualization

    Geomagnetic Modelling

    Integrated Geosteering Functionality

    Standard Reporting Features

    Integrated Daily Reporting

    Database Analytics Tool

    Asset Management

    Well AFE Designer

    Suited to both Office and Field based use

    Comprehensive Well Path Planning

    Full range of 2D & 3D well planning methods including: dogleg tool face, build and turn, line up on target at specified inc / azi, one click S-well and slant well construction

    Supports multiple target geometries from simple 2D circular, point & rectangular, to complex 3D multi point polygonal drilling targets

    Create Drillers Targets based on error models, well trajectory & required confidence

    Supports advanced well planning for all applications: from simple vertical exploration wells to complex multi-laterals

    Reporting Outputs

    Exports to fully customizable PDF and Excel reports

    User defined reports can include, Surveys, Geographic Survey, Anti-Collision, Magnetic Spacing, EOU

    Wall Plot Composer

    Drill String Editor allows the user to add BHAs to plans and surveys and output excel BHA reports

    Advanced Anti-Collision Tools

    Perform anti-collision scans using industry leading proximity detection algorithms

    Calculate ellipse of uncertainty (EOU) using full range of latest ISCWSA MWD and Gyro error models

    Anti-collision scans can be run interactively during planning and drilling phases

    User defined warning criteria and alerts can be set to notify of potential collision risk

    Real Time AC feature allows monitoring of multiple offset wells and distance to lease lines

    User defined warning criteria and alerts can be set to notify of potential collision risk

    Anti-collision tools such as travelling cylinder view and ladder plot update in real time as additional surveys are entered

    Wellbore Visualization

    Fully customizable, advanced and powerful 3D charting capability

    3D Visualization of multiple wells

    ‘Fly down well’ 3D chart feature

    Print direct to multiple image formats including PDF and Jpeg

    Advanced anti-collision plots available include Ladder, Travelling Cylinder and Separation Factor

    Integrated Geosteering Functionality

    Visualise formation top and target depths

    Update and model geological target corridor based on real time updates  

    Provides clear visual updates of drilling corridor to directional driller

    Quickly create offset plans based on real time geosteering updates 

    Integrated Daily Reporting Features

    Fully Integrated within Innova’s Well Seeker Pro are advanced custom reporting features including:

    Daily Reports

    Run Sheets

    Daily Cost Reports

    Well Cost Reports

    Tool Inventories

    Tool Utilisation Reports

    Pipe Tally

    BHA Reports

    BHA Performance Reports

    End of Well Reports

    KPI Tracking

    Mud Chemical Inventories

    Mud Cost Reports

    Shipping Tickets

    Database Well Analytics

    Powerful search tool to find and compare wells.

    Plot wells together on the world map.

    Compare KPI metrics between multiple wells and well phases:

    -          Slide & Rotation Footage

    -          Depth Vs Time

    -          Failure Analysis

    -          Directional Cost per Foot

    -          Well Cost per Foot

    -          BHA Details

    Sanitise data at the click of a button for presentations

    Asset Management / Tracking

    Assets can be fully customized and designed by the user

    Can be split into multiple assemblies / sub-assemblies

    Keep track of all top-level assets and sub components

    Track asset location / status

    Fully integrated within Innova's reporting package so all run data will be assigned to the asset

    Detailed asset utilisation and history reports

    Well AFE Design

    The Authorization For Expenditure (AFE) Designer is a powerful well plan costing tool which includes the following features:

    Build detailed AFE for any well plan from mobilisation to demobilisation.

    Probabilistic & Deterministic approach

    Calculate costs for P10, P50, P90 scenarios.

    Standardised cost codes.

    Factor in associated risks and assign probabilities.

    Export KPI charts:

    -          Time Probability Density Function

    -          Cost Probability Density Function

    -          Time Cumulative Density Function

    -          Cost Cumulative Density Function

    -          Depth vs Time

    -          Cost vs Time

    -          Time Interval

    -          Time Cumulative

    -          Cost Interval

    -          Cost Cumulative

    Generate full reports with detailed timeline and cost breakdown:

    -          Event Model

    -          Detailed Event Breakdown with costs

    -          Cost Model

    -          Time vs Depth

    -          Cost vs Depth

    -          Time Histogram

    -          Cost Histogram

    -          Full report containing all the above reports and all KPI charts.

    Additional Features

    Ability to import Compass export files at the click of a button

    Well Seeker Pro supports direct import of COMPASS XML files


    Well Seeker Pro is a full featured Well Planning, Directional Drilling and Reporting package providing an advanced solution that raises significantly the standard for well planning software. When combined with the Innova Engineering package, Well Seeker Pro provides both operators and service providers with the complete software solution for advanced well planning and engineering.

  • Innova Engineering
    Innova Engineering is a complete well engineering software solution combining the power of multiple packages in to one application....

  • Innova Engineering is a complete well engineering software solution combining the power of multiple packages into one application. Incorporating; Hydraulics, Torque & Drag, BHA Analysis, Survey Q.C. & Correction (SAG/Short Collar/ Multi-Station Analysis) BHA Magnetic Interference Calculator, Jar Placement, Cementing Design and Casing Centralizer Placement Innova Engineering provides a comprehensive engineering package to plan and drill your well successfully

    Innova Engineering was developed by engineers for engineers to provide the premier engineering software package for the oil and gas industry. With exceptional functionality and an intuitive yet powerful interface, Innova Engineering delivers an innovative solution for Operators and Service Providers alike.

    Torque & Drag

    Latest soft string model with stiffness correction factor

    Model Viscous Drag, Buckling Friction & Contact Surface Correction

    Conservative (Unloading) & Standard (Loading) Buckling Models

    Calculate T&D for tripping, on bottom and reaming

    Calculate sinusoidal and helical buckling limits

    Full support for casing, liner & drilling assemblies

    Full support for complex 3D directional wells

    Friction factor sensitivity analysis for unlimited number of friction factors, or single calculations

    Models casing flotation / drill string fill

    Friction reduction devices can be modelled into calculations

    Calculates expected pipe stretch and torque induced pipe twist

    Elemental (snapshot) view available for all calculations

    Calculate side forces & casing wear

    Calculate drill string fatigue

    Real time data can be modelled & displayed alongside the calculated data

    Actual and apparent WOB and overpull calculations. Visualize how much overpull / WOB is experienced at the bit for a given value seen at surface

    Casing Standoff & Centralizer Spacing Calculation

    Hydraulics & Hole Cleaning

    Calculates standpipe pressures, cuttings loaded and clean hole ECDs, surge and swab as well as a complete set of hole cleaning outputs

    Support for multiple hydraulic models: Bingham Plastic, Power Law, Herschel Bulkley, Robertson Stiff

    Options for single calculation or sensitivity analysis for unlimited number of flowrates and tripping speeds simultaneously

    Full support for riser-less / dual gradient drilling

    Split flow modelling for complex BHAs with multiple hole openers / under reamers / circulating subs

    Incorporate data gathered at the well site into the hydraulics model and overlay the real-world data and the theoretical hydraulics model

    Enter multiple pore pressures & fracture gradients and plot against modelled data

    Surge and swab calculations can be calculated for any reference e.g. bit, casing shoe, bottom hole, or any other user defined depth

    Model the effect of stabilizers and casing centralizers

    Quick bit hydraulics calculator, determine bit pressure losses and impact force without having to setup a complete project

    Survey Correction

    Correct raw MWD surveys for Z axis magnetic interference with latest short collar correction algorithm

    QC raw MWD surveys for G total, B total and magnetic dip with user definable limits

    Multi Station Analysis (MSA) quantifies magnetometer scale and bias errors resulting in more accurate survey data

    Well path magnetic interference analysis; calculate the expected error in azimuth for a given amount of non-mag spacing. Fully supports intermediate steel above and below the MWD sensor or both.

    Full support for minimum curvature, radius of curvature, tangential and balanced tangential well plans

    Supports survey interpolation for both MD and TVD. Results can be exported to text or Excel

    SAG Correction & BHA Analysis

    Survey SAG correction algorithm, to correct survey inclinations for BHA deflections

    Rotary BHA modelling to aid in build / walk rate predictions

    Predicted build / walk Rate for Sliding based on motor bend, hole size and Bit Formation Index

    Vibration analysis calculates Critical RPM

    Jar Placement

    Calculates neutral point road map which shows WOB to avoid at every depth along the well path

    Calculates pump open force

    Model the impact / impulse of all types of jars, accelerators & intensifiers

    Optimize the hammer length / jar type to maximize impulse / impact

    Calculates weight above and below jar when vertical in air and mud

    Calculates weight above and below jar at bottom hole location in air and mud

    Casing Centraizer Placement

    Model rigid and bow spring centralizers

    Automatically optimize centralizer placement based on a desired standoff value

    Calculate deflection at centralisers and mid joint

    Ability to model bow spring running and restoring forces

    Model the additional side force created by the compression of bow spring centralizers

    One click standoff summary report, including tabulated results accompanied by standoff, side forces and hookload charts.

    Cement Job Design / Modelling

    Full cement module

    • Model Casing stand-off for rigid and bow spring centralisers
    • Model additional running forces for bow spring centralisers
    • Rapidly calculate fluid volumes for ideal placement

    Model ECDs / Pump Pressure and annular pressures through out the cement job

    Provides roadmap for rig site personnel

    Fully supports cement jobs using MPD


    Create professional, user customized reports in both PDF and Excel formats for all outputs

    Detailed Summary Reports for each module

    Fully customizable charts complete with screen reader to allow quick interpretation of generated data

    Overlay data collected from the wellsite against the modelled outputs for quick and easy comparisons as well as casing / liner runs

    Complete support for complex 3D

    Import / Export BHA assemblies

    Editable Fluids Library & Components Catalogue

  • Innova Professional Engineering Services
    Innova’s highly skilled team of industry professionals utilize in-house software capability, allowing provision of Well Engineering solutions to meet our customer’s needs....

  • Innova Professional Engineering Services: Innova’s highly skilled team of industry professionals utilize in-house software capability, allowing provision of Well Engineering solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

    Offering sale of software, provision of service or a combination of both, Innova provides a flexible solution for all Well Engineering applications.

    Available Services

    Well Planning

    Hydraulics calculations

    Torque & Drag Calculations

    Anti-collision scanning

    BHA Analysis and optimisation

    Survey Correction & QC

    SAG Corrections

    Performance Drilling

    Drilling Optimization

    Air Drilling

    Hole Cleaning best practice

    BHA selection & design

    Expertise in unconventional plays (Permian / Eagle Ford / Marcellus / Utica)

    Drilling Engineering

    Torque & Drag Analysis

    Hydraulics & Hole Cleaning Analysis

    Bit Selection

    Offset Well Review

    Casing Program Design

    BHA Design (optimised for vibration / performance)

    Well Planning (Trajectory / Anti-Collision / Wall Plots)

    Survey QC & Correction (MSA / SCC / SAG)

    Expertise in Extended Reach / Deepwater / HPHT

    Pre/post job planning & analysis

    Provision of personnel for well site duties (DSV / drilling engineering)

    Technical/commercial review and recommendation of DD / MLWD / RSS equipment

    Market analysis reports

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