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We are the Industry’s largest independent manufacturer of Quality Pipe (OCTG) Inspection Equipment and related supplies. Our equipment is operating in in 50+ countries worldwide utilizing Ultrasonic and EMI technologies for inspecting Drill Pipe, Casing, Tubing, Drill Collars, Sucker Rods, etc.  Portable and stationary systems are available including rig floor tubing and sucker rod inspection systems.


  • TechSonic-W -- Ultrasonic End Area Inspection
    The TechSonic-W™ -- Powered by TRX is a Wedge-Type Ultrasonic End Area Inspection System (UTEA) for Drill Pipe....

  • The TechSonic-W™ is a wedge-type ultrasonic end area inspection system (UTEA). The TechSonic-W™ is extremely portable and does not require heavy rotators for field operation. Our groundbreaking TRX platform scope powers the TechSonic-W™. For years, the OCTG inspection industry has been utilizing complicated UT scopes that are developed for use in other industries. New Tech Systems has developed the TRX platform scopes specifically for the OCTG inspection industry. Setup can be performed in minutes as many of the complicated settings and calculations are performed automatically by the software. The TRX platform scopes are capable of I.D. and O.D. flaw differentiation, and inspection results are displayed in an easy to read chart. In addition, the TRX scope can display analog events like traditional UT scopes or display events only indicating when a flaw is detected. An optional duel scanner setup is available to allow simultaneous scanning of the pin and box. The TechSonic-W™ is designed to meet most stringent requirements set forth by API, DS-1, etc.
  • TubePRO Series™ EMI Inspection for OCTG Tubulars
    The TubePRO Series™, (554-P), (754-P), (14-P), is a stationary computerized multi-function EMI system for inspecting tubing and casing from 1.315" to 13-3/8" O.D and standard drill pipe from 2-3/8" to 6-5/8" O.D....

  • The TubePRO Series™ is a stationary/semi-portable, computerized, multi-function EMI system for inspecting tubing, casing, and drill pipe up to 13-3/8" O.D. The TubePRO Series™ has three models to choose from TubePRO 554-P ( 1.315" to 5-1/2" O.D.), TubePRO 754-P (2-3/8" to 7-5/8" O.D. & drill pipe up to 5-1/2" O.D. ), and the TubePRO 14-P (2-3/8" to 13-3/8" O.D. & drill pipe up to 6-5/8" O.D.). These systems can be installed in-plant or in a trailer for semi-portable inspection (smaller models). Transverse flaw detection, longitudinal flaw detection, and TRUEWALL™ (Hall effect) wall monitoring functions are standard on all TubePRO systems. The computerized electronics system, heavy-duty center section with rotating head, pipe handling conveyors and affordable price make the TubePRO series the best in the industry. The inspection results are displayed digitally in the software with individual channel colors for easy interpretation. The TubePRO™ provides the operator with a very diversified, sophisticated, and operator-friendly inspection system. The TubePRO™ is designed to meet most industry requirements set forth by API, DS-1, etc.
  • ASCAN 2000™ -- Full Length Ultrasonic Inspection
    The ASCAN 2000™ is a stationary, computerized, full-body/full-length ultrasonic inspection system for oilfield tubulars up to 13 3/8” O.D....

  • ​The ASCAN 2000™ is a computerized, multi-function, full-body/full-length ultrasonic inspection system (FLUT) . The ASCAN 2000™ provides superior flaw detection and wall thickness measurement. Inspection results are saved to a computer hard drive or on other storage devices. Inspection charts can be printed in color and recalled in the future. The scanning heads are exclusive New Tech Systems design with “immersion transducer” technology. The adjustable angle transducers are positioned in the scanning head where they are immersed in a container of water surrounding the pipe, which provides a clean and consistent signal (compared to older “fixed angle” technology) while allowing the operator the flexibility to adjust each sensor to the desired angle. The ASCAN 2000™ is designed to meet most industry requirements set forth by API, DS-1, etc.
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