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O'Drill/MCM Inc. is a manufacturer of Pumps, Valves & Solids Separation Equipment. We offer 118, 178, 250 & XL pumps. Available with Halar, Nedox & Inconel coatings. Customized skids with Diesel Engines, Electric, Belt-Driven, Closed-Coupled & Hydraulic Motors. We mfg Shear, Reset Relief, Mud Gate, Plug, Butterfly and Float valves. We also mfg Mud Agitators, Shakers, Desilters, Desanders & more.


  • O'Drill/MCM Skid Package
    O'Drill/MCM 250 Pump Horizontal Skid Package with Explosion-Proof Motor...

  • O'Drill/MCM offers skid packages in Horizontal, Overhead Belt-Driven, Vertical, Diesel-Driven, Hydraulic or Closed-Coupled designs. With option for a starter and brackets for mounting. Packages range from 20HP-150HP at 1200, 1800, 3600 RPM with standard TEFC or Explosion-Proof motors. 

    The pumps we use in our skid packages are 118, 178, or 250 MCM Centrifugal Pumps (Mission-Style® and Halco-Style®)-each one tougher than the other. We also offer Mud Master Pumps, Cyclone Pumps, and XL Pumps (10x12x23 and 12x14x22). Our pumps and pump parts are offered in a variety of special coatings including, Nedox, Stainless Steel, Halar, Inconel, Nickel, Tungsten-Carbide and more.

    Our pumps and skid packages are used in Industrial, Wastewater Treatment, Paper & Pulp, Well Water Drilling, Fracing, and Cement Blending Applications- to name a few! Our pumps and packages come with a 1-year manufacturing warranty and we offer repairs as well.

    Our lead times are above industry standard as we keep motors in stock. We build completely custom skids - no challenge is too great!

  • Complete Valves, Valve Parts, Repair Kits
    We manufacture Gate Valves (Demco-Style® and Oteco-Style®) Plug Valves, Butterfly Valves (Demco-Style®), Shear Relief Valves (Demco-Style® and Oteco-Style®), Reset Relief Valves (Cameron-Style®), Float Valves (Baker-Style ®)....

  • Our Gate Valves are 100% interchangeable with Demco® Oteco® and Cameron® and Baker styles. We offer Gate Valves in four sizes ranging from 2"-5" and 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, and 7,500 psi. Four options include screwed end, butt weld, flanged connections or union ends.

    O'Drill/MCM Shear Relief Valves are 100% interchangeable with Demco® Oteco® and Cameron® styles. We offer Shear Relief Valves in two sizes - 2" and 3" ranging from and 125 - 5,000 psi.

    O'Drill/MCM Reset Relief Valves are 100% interchangeable with Cameron®, Retsco® & NOV® styles. We offer Reset Relief Valves in two sizes - 2" and 3" from 1,500- 7,500 psi. Three options include threaded (Type B) and flanged or union end connections (Type C).

    O'Drill/MCM Plug Valves are 100% interchangeable with Halliburton® styles. We offer Plug Valves in two sizes - 1" and 2" from 10,000- 15,000 psi. Three options include threaded, flanged or union end connections.

    O'Drill/MCM Float Valves are 100% interchangeable with Baker® styles. We offer Float Valves in three models - F (Plunger Type with spring) and G/GA (Flapper Type).

    O'Drill/MCM Butterfly Valves are 100% interchangeable with Demco® styles. We offer Butterfly Valves in eleven sizes ranging from 2"-12" at 200 psi. Two options include wafer or lug styles, short-neck or long-neck with optional trims.

    Our Pressure Gauges are 100% interchangeable with Cameron® and Oteco® styles. We offer Pressure Gauges in three models -Type-D, Type-E, and Type-F/F-Nut/F-Flanged, which support pressure ranges from 1,000 - 20,000 psi. Standard, H2S and Saltwater services available.

    O'Drill/MCM offers a complete range of Hammer Unions from figure 100, 200, 206, 400, 602, 1002, and 1502. Sizes range from 1" - 12" and from 1,000 - 15,000 psi. Two options include threaded or butt weld.

    We offer repair kits for our valves. Gate Valves have a Major and Minor Repair Kit. Shear Relief Valves have Major and Minor Repair Kits and Pin Kits. Plug Valves have Major Repair Kits and Rubber Seal Kits. Float Valves have Metal and Rubber Repair Kits. Reset Relief Valves have Major and Minor Repair Kits.

    We keep our complete valves and valve parts in stock and can deliever same day if necessary!

  • O'Drill/MCM Solid Separation Equipment
    O'Drill/MCM offers Desilters, Desanders, Mud Buckets, Mud Agitators, Mud Hoppers, Mud Cleaners, Liners, Pistons, Piston Rods, Single Tandem Shakers, Dual Tandem Shakers, Shaker Screens, and Hydrocyclones....

  • O'Drill/MCM offers Single/Dual/Junior Standard Shakers, Single/Dual Tandem Shakers, FS300 Linear Motion Shakers and FS400 Linear Motion Shakers. Our shakers can be customized depending on your requirements!

    O'Drill/MCM offers screens that are interchangeable with 7+ styles including: Brandt®, Swaco®, Derrick®, NOV®, Kem-Tron®, Fluid Systems®, TriFlo®, O'Drill/MCM®, and more! All our screens are in stock.

    O'Drill/MCM Mud Cleaners feature an FS300 linear-motion shale shaker with a variety of possible desilter/desander cone arrangements. Flow rates are up to 1000/GPM.

    O'Drill/MCM O'Drill/MCM offers Mud Buckets in two sizes - 4” and 6”. Our mud buckets are made to fit drill pipe sizes from 2-3/8” to 5-1/2”.

    O'Drill/MCM offers Mud Agitators with keyless couplings in Horizontal and Vertical Configurations. They are available in HP ranging from 3-30 HP with Dodge or Nord gearboxes.

    O'Drill/MCM offers heavy duty Mud Hoppers in two sizes - 4” and 6”. Our Mud Hoppers have a sack cutting table capacity up to 650/GPM and are offered with an optional Venturi tube.

    Our Mud Guns are available in two sizes - 2” and 3”. They are equipped with a swivel joint, handle and jet nozzle at the bottom to stir tanks with lengths to meet your tank depth requirements.

    O'Drill/MCM offers Desilters in two sizes- 4" and 5" cones with configurations of 2 to 20 cones based on customer's requirement. Two options include grooved end or flanged end connections. Capacities range from 100 to 1600/GPM.

    O'Drill/MCM offers Desanders in Horizontal and Vertical configurations with 1, 2 or 3 cones. Two sizes are available - 10" and 12" cones with grooved end connections and capacities ranging from 500 to 1500/GPM.

    O'Drill/MCM offers two types of Degassers. An Atmospheric Degasser - 10-15 HP, 50/60 Hz explosion proof motor and a Vacuum-Assisted Degasser - 5 HP, 50/60 Hz explosion proof motor.

    O'Drill/MCM manufactures 4", 5" 10" and 12" size Hydrocyclones for all major brands including: Harrisburg®, Brandt®, Swaco®, TriFlo®, NOV®, Fluid Systems®, and Thule®. We offer a fully assembled cone or spare parts.

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