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Mubea is an international partner to the automotive industry and an innovative lightweight specialist for high-strength spring components and related products. As a family owned company, we offer a wide range of Belleville Disc Springs for many applications including subsea valves and actuators for oil production facilities at great depths.  

 Press Releases

  • (Feb 26, 2020)
        Ford World Excellence Award    Nissan Global Quality Award           Toyota Motor Europe Achievement Award    Toyota Engine China Supplier Quality Award    GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award


  • Expro Next Generation Landing Spring /  Mubea spring stacks


    Expro’s next Generation Landing String (NGLS) provides an optimal subsea-well intervention and commissioning system for the global oil and gas industry.  Delivered in accordance with new API 17G standards, it combines advanced technology with efficient analysis and validation to provide a complete safety system solution.


  • Belleville Disc Springs- Compact, Proven, Reliable
    Mubea disc springs stacks have effectively replaced coil springs in subsea valve actuators and other challenging oilfield applications...

  • The superior manufacturing and quality control processes used by Mubea ensure performance that convential springs of similar size and weight simply cannot match. From receipt of raw materials to final load testing and certification, you get superior spring solutions every time. 
  • Generation II Disc Springs
    High Performance Generation II Disc Springs...

  • Mubea is able to offer our Generation II disc springs technology. Gen II allows the disc springs to operate at higher stress levels than standard Belleville disc springs, providing higher durability and or reduced overall size.
    The lifetime can be increased up to 10 times 
    The outer diameter can be reduced up to 25% 
    Increased stroke )
    The installation space can be reduced up to 33% 
    Overall system advantage 
  • Disc Springs for the Oil & Gas Industry
    Belleville Disc Springs used in Safety Valves & Actuators...

  • More than 9000 spring stacks for large valve actuators.
    Over 100,000 springs for small valve actuators.
    More than 125 stacks for landing strings.
    Hundreds of large Inconel springs for sub-surface valves.
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