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Huaxin industrial park, changling economic and technological development zone
Yangquan,  Shanxi  045000

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15 years of mining and oil and gas equipment manufacturing experience. It has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification and CSA certification. One of China's top three mining transformer manufacturers. The first explosion-proof permanent magnet synchronous motor manufacturer in China.  

 Press Releases

  • (Feb 25, 2020)

    Shanxi Huaxin Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Yangquan, the largest anthracite base in China. Founded in May 2003, the company’s registered capital was RMB 114 million, with total assets of RMB 815 million and the existing staff of over 1100.

    At present, the company has six industrial parks, divided into Changling Industrial Park, Four Mining Industrial Park, Lock Spring Industrial Park, Taiyuan Industrial Park, Jinnan Remanufacturing Park, and Jindong Remanufacturing Park, covering a total area of over 650 acres. The company has more than 30 patents now, mainly engaged in the R&D and production of intelligent electric automation, intelligent transportation and lifting, intelligent warehousing, power system, ventilation fluid and other series of over 80 products.

    The company has registered five R&D institutions in Beijing, Shenyang, Shanghai and Taiyuan, laying a solid foundation for technical upgrading and renewing generation for products. And it has been responsible for the production of the high-efficiency, energy-saving core technology products required by the national Eleventh Five-year plan, and the research and development of the high-efficiency permanent magnet motor and frequency conversion control, the key projects of national energy-saving for the Twelfth Five-year plan.

    Our company has successively won the awards of High-tech Enterprise, Provincial Technology Center, Two-phase Fusion Demonstration Enterprises, China Quality and Integrity Enterprise, Shanxi Top 100 Enterprises, Shanxi Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises, Following Contract and Observing Credit Enterprise, Shanxi Quality and Reputation AAA-Class Enterprise, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Science and Technology, Technology Center of Shanxi Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, National Torch Program, Golden Bridge Award of China Technical Market, Measurement Guarantee Unit and others.

    Being the first production enterprise in rare earth flameproof permanent magnet motor and flameproof flat coil core transformer for mining, our company is one of the country's three major mining transformation production bases, and the largest coal machine equipment manufacturing enterprise in Shanxi province. The permanent magnet direct drive motor and frequency conversion control produced by our company, have put into use in Zhengzhou Coal Industry Group, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group, Yangquan Coal Industry Group and other major coal industry groups. And our distribution transformer products have been successfully shortlisted as qualified suppliers for National Power Grid and China Southern Power Grid.

    The development concept of Huaxin Company: Keep abreast of the development direction of the times and the industrial automation, we are open to attract outstanding talents, focusing on research and development to continuously improve the innovation ability, moving toward national coal by Yangquan Coal Industry Group, moving toward non-coal industry by coal industry, moving toward the international market which allow it to compete with ABB and Siemens on the world stage by the domestic market.

    Huaxin company advocates the excellent quality and the outstanding service, and work together with you to create a better future. 


  • Epoxy cast transformer
    This product has obtained CSA certification and USES epoxy resin as insulating material. The high and low voltage windings are wound with copper tape (foil), epoxy resin is poured in vacuum and cured, forming a high strength fiberglass body structure...

  • Product advantages:

    1. No oil, no pollution, flame retardant, self-extinguishing fire.

    2. Low loss, high efficiency and low noise.

    3. Small local discharge (less than 30PC), high reliability, can ensure long-term safe operation, life up to 30 years.

    4. Crack resistance, temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, strong resistance to sudden short circuit.

    5. Good moisture-proof performance, it can operate normally under 100% humidity, and can be put into operation without dry treatment after shutdown.

    6, do not need a separate transformer room, do not need to hang core maintenance and load-bearing beam, save civil construction floor space and occupation; No oil, no toxic gas, no pollution to the environment, do not collect oil pit and other ancillary buildings, reduce the cost of civil construction.

    7. Convenient installation, no debugging and almost no maintenance; No need to change and check oil, low cost of operation and maintenance.

  • Permanent magnet motor for pumping unit
    The pumping unit is the key equipment of oil exploitation. The permanent magnet motor for pumping unit has the advantages of high torque, high efficiency and high power factor....

  • Product advantages:

    1. High starting torque of permanent magnet motor: 1.5~2 times of Y series motor with the same power

    2. High efficiency, high power factor, considerable energy saving

    3. Cancel the belt drive system and use the flat coarse structure to drive the reducer input shaft directly. The system runs more reliably, the system life is higher, need not maintain belt decelerating mechanism.

    4. Frequency conversion control, automatic check punch 5. Low noise and high power density.

    The permanent magnet motor is used in the pumping unit to remove the belt and other driving parts, reduce the floor area of the production equipment, improve the production efficiency, and greatly increase the stability and safety of the production equipment, and effectively reduce the failure rate and maintenance cost.

  • BPJ-1000/3300 mine flameproof and intrinsically sa
    Midpoint clamp tri-level topology, superior vector control, economical and simple water-cooling cooling structure, and perfect protection function provide a safe, feasible and effective way for the efficient production of coal mine....

  • Product advantages:

    1. The three-level technology is adopted. Compared with the two-level converter, the output voltage waveform is closer to the sine wave, effectively reducing the output harmonic content;

    2. Less damage to the load, which can extend the service life of the motor;

    3. The equipment adopts water-cooling system, which is small in size and can greatly reduce the weight of the equipment under the condition of ensuring the heat dissipation requirements;

    4. Sine wave filter is configured to extend the allowable length of the output side cable to 1000m.

    It is suitable for frequency conversion of scraper conveyor in coal mine, which can meet the requirements of starting heavy load, realize the power balance when driven by multiple machines, and have reliable protection function to meet the use requirements of coal mine to the greatest extent.

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