Zhejiang Four Brothers Rope Co., Ltd.

Kenao, Duqiao Town, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province,China

  • Booth: 3861

Zhejiang Four Brothers Rope Co., Ltd (FBR) has become one of largest and most professional manufacturer of synthetic fiber rope in the world. Main products include: UHMWPE (Dyneema) rope, Aramid rope, Polyester rope, Polyamide rope, PP rope, etc. The rope are applied to ocean engineering, mooring, heavy lifting, towing, fishing, etc.


  • Offshore deep water mooring rope
    The SINOROPE® series is a parallel structure rope with high strength marine finished yarn. The rope has advanced design which contains core, filter and jacket....

  • SINOROPE® already successfully used in many projects over the world. This product with its high strength, good wear resistance, particle ingress resistance, corrosion resistant, UV resistance, which can fit for harsh conditions in the deep water mooring.
  • Single point mooring rope
    Single point mooring rope...

  • Polyamide double braid rope is made up of 12-strand core with a protective cover. This design keeps high strength and good abrasion resistance performance; it is first choice for single point mooring. Both end with galvanized cast thimble and polyurethane protecting, it would raise the abrasion resistance performance of rope. At last, put enough floats one by one from the end to end.

    The rope manufacturing meets the requirements of OCIMF 2000.
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