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Petrostar is a leading tools provider in petroleum industry.

We mainly provide tools to the industry with a complete range of traditional and custom downhole completion tools, drilling tools etc.

We offer a wide range of products and services designed to maximize well production including high-pressure packer systems, subsurface safety systems, subsurface flow controls and service tools.


  • ThunderCloud™ Dissolvable Frac Plugs
    Increased Efficiency, Controlled Dissolution, Faster time to Production...

  • ThunderCloud™ demonstrates our investment in R&D and our commitment to provide customers with the most technologically advanced, innovative, and cost-saving tools on the market. It is a comprehensive upgrade from our previous dissolvable frac plugs that was independently developed and produced by Petrostar. ThunderCloud™ was developed through additional R&D investment, technology, optimization and improvement, rigorous in-house testing, and large-scale field application and testing. ThunderCloud™ is manufactured by utilizing a sophisticated manufacturing and Quality Assurance system. ThunderCloud™ is available through our standardized product line, or can be customized to meet specifications.

    ThunderCloud™, a Large Bore, Fully Dissolvable Isolation System adds value to multistage stimulation completions by reducing risks, decreasing costs and increasing production by providing faster production.

  • Anti-wear Protector
    The product is a casing antiwear tool applied to a drill pipe that is composed of a set of clamps and a pair of wear-resistant sleeve bodies. It is used in the protection of oil casings in deep wells, high temperature wells and large displacement wells....

  • Structure

    This product is mainly composed of three parts,  for the two clamps (black in the figure), a body (red in the figure). Wherein the body is provided with a long pin for easy opening, and the clip portion is provided with a bolt for fixing the to hold the body to the drillpipe.

    Working Mechanism

    Through the installation of a special material near the drill pipe joints and the installation of a diameter greater than the drill pipe joints and wear-resistant non-rotating protective cover, the protective sleeve with two fixed on the drill pipe positioning, so that the protective cover in the The position of the drill pipe joint serves as a support to avoid direct contact between the drill pipe joint and the casing, so that the hard wear of the steel and the steel between the drill pipe and the casing becomes soft wear in the case of conventional drilling.

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