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O I L,   G A S   A N D   W A T E R 
The Petroleum Structural Engineering® software is a specialized program for the Oil, Gas and Water industry for structural analysis, design, rehabilitation and manufacturing of complex onshore and offshore drilling structures including derricks, drilling masts, rigs and substructures. The PSE is a powerful Structural Engineering software based on more than 33 years of Development.


  • PSE Petroleum Structural Engineering Software
    The Petroleum Structural Engineering® software is used for the design and rehabilitation of drilling structures for the oil & gas industry....

  • The PSE Software is an integrated structural analysis and design software for Onshore and Offshore structures according to the API 4F latest requirements. 

    This engineering software solution is used worldwide by several notable international companies in production work for building innovative offshore and onshore structures.

    The PSE Petroleum Structural Engineering® software accounts for advanced structural analysis, FEA, wind loads, vessel dynamic motions as well as wave and current loads. Other loads such as seismic, snow and ice loads for far northern extreme weather are also considered for the design of masts, derricks, platforms and substructures.

    The PSE is a robust and reliable structural software based on more than 33 years of Research and Development. The program, designed with the latest technological innovations in its field, is equipped with a sophisticated and user friendly graphical interface.

    ABS American Bureau of Shipping has approved the PSE Petroleum Structural Engineering® Software for the analysis and design of offshore derricks and structures.

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