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Moog Focal specializes in providing electrical slip rings, fiber optic rotary joints, hydraulic utility swivels and fiber optic multiplexer solutions for the worldwide marine industry including ROV, seismic, FPSO turret and oceanographic applications.


  • Model 922-MES
    Subsea qualified 10-port managed Ethernet switch...

  • The Model 922-MES is an advanced SIIS level 3 managed switch supporting next generation redundancy, timing protocols and Quality of Service (QoS). Using a flexible modern hardware architecture allows the model 922-MES to support current and new protocols in software as they become adopted. This allows for a long product life, without the need to re-qualify hardware to support new features.

    A unique advantage of the model 922-MES flexible hardware architecture is the secure user application space. The microcontroller on the model 922-MES has a secure application space allowing a user to install custom software, differentiating their product from others. The secure user application space does not interfere with the core functionality, nor does it invalidate the qualification.

    Advanced diagnostics can be used to monitor and report the health of the system. The diagnostics are available via Modbus TCP, and other protocols over any of the Ethernet ports, and provide a unified interface for all 922 products. The model 922-MES also provides a black box by storing life data on-board. The black box is accessible over any of the Ethernet ports. The diagnostics capabilities of the model 922-MES can be used to trend and monitor the life of the product providing enhanced visibility into system performance.

    Optical communication performance can be extended by using Focal’s subsea qualified fiber-optic SFP modules. Options are available supporting tiebacks or step outs of up to 200 km.


    • 10-port SIIS level 3, layer 2 switch
    • Qualified per ISO 13628-6 / API 17F
    • MTBF > 200,000 hours at +40 C
    • Redundancy protocols: RSTP, MRP, HSR, PRP
    • Precision timing per IEE-1588v2 PTP
    • Secure user application space
    • Advanced diagnostics and configuration using Modbus TCP
    • DHCP-configured IP address with static IP backup
    • 3U Eurocard form-factor with options for front panel or heat sink
    • Failsafe remote firmware update


    • Proven SIIS level 3 solution for subsea communications
    • Reduces cost by using standard configurations
    • Supports copper or fiber-optic connections with qualified SFP modules
    • Flexible architecture allowing feature upgrades as new protocols are adopted
    • Simplifies integration with unified software interface
  • 923-Slip Ring Sensor
    The Model 923 slip ring sensor is a miniature, ruggedized, health monitoring and data logging system for Focal rotary products....

  • When installed as an option in Focal’s slip rings, such as the Model 176 or larger units, the Model 923 Slip Ring Sensor provides real-time access to diagnostic information as well as data storage for offloading at a later time. The diagnostic information obtained can be used to determine the overall health of the slip ring. Typically mounted inside the slip ring, the Model 923 Slip Ring Sensor logs measurements from a number of on-board sensors for parameters such as: temperature, slip ring rotations, speed, relative humidity, acceleration (3-axis), and ambient light. Additional sensors can be added through expansion interfaces available on the cards.

    Diagnostic readings may be accessed via an RS485 serial link in real time by using Focal™ Graphical User Interface (GUI) software, based on the Microsoft®.NET Framework, or by using a customer’s own software configured to read Modbus RTU format.


    • Real-time ESR health monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, shock, rotation and other parameters
    • Programmable data logging intervals
    • Hierarchical data logging with statistical summaries to optimize use of on-board memory
    • Turns counting for monitoring slip ring rotations and life
    • Small size and ruggedized electronics to mount inside an ESR
    • Diagnostic GUI software available for Windows-based PC
    • Open diagnostic protocol for customer development
    • On-board real-time clock (RTC) with battery backup
    • Sensor bus port for future expansion
    • Used with high voltage units up to 7.2 KV
    • Pressure tolerant up to 6000 psi


    • Tracks ESR health for better planning of maintenance intervals
    • Allows early identification of potential problems in a rotary joint, e.g. increasing temperature
    • Provides remote access to diagnostics for technical support
    • Establishes baseline and historical data for ESR monitoring
    • Provides a “black box” record of events leading up to a fault condition
  • FO319
    The FO319 is a non-geared, singlemode, compact two-channel fiber optic rotary joint (FORJ)....

  • It is a passive and bidirectional device which can be used as a standalone device or easily integrated into a rotary assembly, enabling transfer of high data rate optical signals across a rotating interface.


    • Provides rotary coupling for two singlemode fiber links
    • Passive bidirectional device
    • Alternative drive coupling and mounting arrangements are available (consult factory for specification details)
    • Stainless steel housing
    • Ruggedized design
      - MIL-STD-167-1 ship vibration
      - MIL-STD-810 functional shock (40 g)
      - Operating temperature of –46°C to +71°C
    • Junction box version available


    • Can easily be integrated with our standard electrical slip rings, including Hazloc slip rings
    • Redundant channel for single channel applications
    • Two independent bidirectional fiber paths
    • Compact
    • Long life
    • No difference in the insertion loss or return loss of either channel
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