PREVCO Subsea Housings

10,000 N. Technology Drive
Fountain Hills,  AZ  85268

United States
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We are a subsea engineering consultancy, specializing in submersible pressure vessels, instrumentation housings, junction boxes, underwater camera housings, underwater housings, subsea housings pressure relief valves and other subsea enclosures and accessories. We specialize in stock, off-the-shelf housings plus custom made for individual purposes.


  • Stock off-the-shelf housings
    We offer a selection of off-the-shelf housings in Aluminum and PVC, rated from 100m to 2100m. The endcaps are fully modifiable for connector penetrations and we can also provide internal/external brackets and handles as required....

  • We offer a range of off-the-shelf Aluminum Housings as well as custom designs. The housings are generally hard-coat anodized and we recommend maximum deployment times of 3-6 months continuous between servicing/inspection. Zinc anodes (Zincoids) can be added for greater cathodic protection. We also offer Plastic housings which can be relatively inexpensive and are good for shallow water (up to 100m) deployments. 
  • Pressure Relief Valves
    A range of pressure relief valves covering depths from 100m to 6000m. The valves work on a differential between internal and external pressure and relieve pressure buildup caused by battery off-gassing or other pressure causing events....

  • Many Subsea Housing applications require a Pressure Relief Valve to relieve internal pressure due to effects such as change in temperature, seal failure or off-gassing of internal components such as batteries. We offer deep water pressure relief valves to 6000m and low pressure relief valves to 100m.

  • Custom housings
    Most of our work involves custom designs and we use a range of materials including Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Copper Beryllium, Ceramic and more......

  • "New Tube Designs" (NTD) is a PREVCO proprietary software that takes a customers input and generates a purpose-built design ready for fabrication. NTD develops an optimal solution by evaluating materials, payload size, connectors and other penetrations. The software also manages the product build, as well as creating a BOM (Bill of materials) and other important design documents. Upon customer approval, fabrication can begin and following testing your PREVCO housing will be shipped to your facility, ready to use!
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