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United States
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Asahi/America manufactures customized electric actuator and valve assemblies for the oil and gas industry. With over 300 oil and gas installations, Asahi is a proven industry leader. We are innovators providing solutions for demanding applications. Whether you need a traditional or a green self-sustained system, come see what Asahi can do for you.


  • Series 92 Electric Actuator
    The Series 92 electric actuator is our primary actuator for most butterfly valves, larger ball valves, multi-turn diaphragm and gate valves. Features include 2-SPDT switches, output 400 in/lbs - 2000 in/lbs torque, conduit 1/2 NPT....

  • Series 92 electric actuators have been installed with confidence in a variety of oil and gas applications including pipeline transmission, well head control, drilling fluids and chemical plants.

    The Series 92’s rugged construction, proven design, low current motor, and customizable options make it the perfect workhorse for the oil and gas industry. The Series 92’s enclosure is a die cast aluminum alloy with a thermally bonded powder coat finish. The UL1203 explosion proof enclosure is bolted together in two sections by eight hex head cap screws and fitted with an O-ring between the two halves, allowing the Series 92 to weather harsh and hazardous environments.

    The internals of the Series 92 actuator feature a permanently lubricated gear-train and hardened steel spur gears. Two end-of-travel limit switches are mechanically set via adjustable cams for open and close positions. Accessories such as 4-20 Ma positioners, single and double extra limit switches, heater and thermostat, and two-wire control relays are all available factory installed and calibrated in these low voltage/low current actuators.

  • Air-Pro® piping system
    Engineers and designers continue to exclusively specify Air-Pro® due to its reliability, large size range, ease of installation and low cost of ownership. Air-Pro® includes all necessary adapters to transition from existing, failing metal or ABS systems....

  • Developed in 1992, Air-Pro® piping system has been installed with confidence for over 20 years in industries as vast as ship building. Unlike PVC systems, Air-Pro® meets the requirements set by California OSHA Unfired Pressure Vessel Safety Order 462 (m) (3).
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