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Celebrating 30 years of innovation, KAM CONTROLS provides the petroleum industry with measurement solutions for a wide variety of applications from the well head to the gas tank. Our Simple Precision philosophy creates an environment focused on the absolute highest standards for quality, accuracy, and ease of use for the entire KAM product line.


  • KAM KF Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer
    Easy to use and fully automatic, our KAM KF makes the determination of water content in crude oils extremely simple, fast and accurate. Used in the lab or the field, the KAM KF is specially designed for oil-industry applications....

  • In most cases, KAM moisture analyzers process samples in less than 5 minutes, accurately determining the water content in crude oil samples for all custody transfer operations: production, pipeline, marine, or truck. They can also be used to analyze refined products, transformer oils, jet fuels, chemicals, and most other liquids.


    • Data storage for up to 100 samples
    • Automatic reagent expiration notification
    • Portable unit with 10-hour battery life
    • Graphic LCD digital display
    • Bluetooth
    • Windows based software
    • USB port
    • Bluetooth connection
    • Battery life indicator
    • Printer (Optional)
    • Storage for all consumables
  • KAM LRW Low Range Watercut Meter
    A superior option to traditional BS&W technologies, the patented KAM LRW offers the high accuracy and repeatability of microwave measurement in a package specifically designed for custody transfer and other low range applications....

  • Unique to the LRW™, AnyDensity™ technology allows the instrument to compensate for any change in density across the entire API gravity range.* This is paramount in situations where a single truck or rail unloading site could see swings in API gravity from the 20’s to the 60’s.

    The patented and proven microwave technology used in the LRW™ provides industry-leading accuracy – as low as ±0.03% on 0-3% models. And, high quality components made and assembled entirely in the USA provide reliable and consistent performance for long-term use. Plus, the unit can easily be calibrated in line. 


    • Patented microwave resonance technology
    • AnyDensity™ density compensation for full API gravity range
    • Highest accuracy available (0.03%)
    • Automatic temperature correction
    • Spool and insertable models available for maximum installation flexibility
    • Real-time continuous water percentage
    • Local display
    • Up to ANSI 900
    • Easily field calibrated
  • KAM E-IAS Electric Sampler
    The KAM E-IAS™ is our first ever electric-drive automatic sampler. Ideal for LACT or condensate applications, the E-IAS offers time-based or flow-proportional sampling without pneumatic or hydraulic drive requirements....

  • The E-IAS™ is based off of the same precision probe design as the pneumatic IAS Isokinetic Automatic Sampler. Both are fully compliant with API MPMS 8.2/ASTM D4177 and ISO 3171.

    The E-IAS™:

    • can take up to 20 samples per minute, with sample bite sizes of 0.5 to 2 cc's.
    • can be installed on lines up to 36".
    • model/mounting options include insertable-retractable, 1.25" NPT fixed insertion, flanged fixed insertion, or flow-through spool


    • Ideal for LACT units and other custody transfer
    • Fully compliant with API Chapter 8.2
    • Quick lead times
    • No pressure equalization valve required
    • Flow through, flanged and MNPT process connections
    • Complete system components and mixing available
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