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TCK.W is a high tech company specialized in wire rope inspection technology R&D, device manufacture and inspection service, who has found the changes and regulations of spatial magnetic field vectors, invented magnetic memory wire rope AI weak magnetic inspection technology and solved the technical problems of wire rope inspection. 

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  • TCK.W invented the world's most advanced "magnetic memory wire rope AI weak magnetic inspection technology", solved "wire rope real-time online monitoring", "damage status daily report", "damage development trend regular assessment", "sudden major hidden dangers real-time alarm" and other technical problems of wire rope online inspection.  Its defects inspection rate, inspection repeatability rate, quantitative accuracy and positioning accuracy can meet the requirements of worldwide wire rope inspection standard. TCK.W wire rope automatic on-line monitoring system can not only provide 24hx365d real-time monitoring for wire rope in high-speed operation, but also can reduce manual inspection costs, inspection time and inspection energy consumption with significant efficiency. What’s more, it can provide a scientific basis for extending the service time of wire rope. Currently, TCK.W technology has been widely applied in industries such as port, oil & gas, ropeway, mining, crane, elevator in United States, European Union, Japan, Singapore and many other countries. 


  • TCK.W Portable Wire Rope Tester
    TCK.W Series innovative products can help to inspect both internal and external defects such as broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue etc., which will bring in-process safety monitoring of wire rope to its highest level....

  • 1. TCK.W Portable Wire Rope Tester

    2. TCK.W Drilling Line Automatic Online Inspection System

    3. TCK.W Crane Hoist Rope Automatic Online Inspection System

    TCK.W’s magnetic memory regulation technology can regulate a quantitative memory magnetic field for wire rope. TCK.W’s weak magnetic sensor can provide real-time acquisition of magnetic potential difference information distributed on wire rope distribution during high-speed operation. TCK.W’s AI workstation will process and analyze  the collected data to form a simple and clear wire rope inspection report showing wire rope defects such as broken wire, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue by giving a LMA value. Follow simple steps of magnetization, detection, software processing and report analysis will help you manage the wire rope condition at first time.

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