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Fieldbit’s enterprise platform utilizes Augmented Reality and smart glasses to connect field technicians with SMEs, control systems and knowledge bases to enable remote assistance, capturing best practices and 360° augmentation of IoT data. Fieldbit helps resolve technical problems on the first visit and share on-job knowledge across the organization. We improve first-time fix, productivity and uptime.


  • Remote Assistance
    Remote Assistance using Augmented Reality and Smart glasses...

  • Using live video, online AR editor and navigation tools, a subject matter expert can share the field of view of a remote technician or customer (See-What-I-See) and send precise step-by-step AR instructions to help resolve technical issues or diagnose problems.  All instructions and exchange of materials during a remote assistance session are recorded and saved in Fieldbit tickets for subsequent reuse.  

    Use cases:

    • Helpdesk provides support to customers
    • SME supports technicians on a remote site
    • On-job training for new hires
    • Invite external experts/vendors to a support session
    • Remote quality assurance with suppliers


    • Increase remote resolution rate
    • Improve first-time fix rate
    • Shorten on-job training
    • Shorten cycle/lead time with supplier
    • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Digital Procedures
    Build standard operation and safety procedures
    using interactive authoring tools and share with
    your users on mobile devices...

  • Using interactive authoring tools, editors can create step-by-step operation and safety procedures including AR content, checklists and multi-select options. Each step can comprise conforming actions such as taking pictures, recording measurements or digital signature to assure evidences of compliance. While performing these digital procedures on a mobile device, the user can also connect to a  domain expert for remote assistance.

    Use cases

    • Performing scheduled maintenance tasks
    • Equipment installations and setup
    • Site inspections
    • Safety regulations


    • Assure compliance with requirements
    • Improve transparency of maintenance works
    • Increase safety
    • Improve efficiency, saving time
  • Spatial AR
    360-degrees AR presentation of context sensitive IoT data and reference materials about equipment and instruments installed on your production site....

  • 360-degree AR layer presenting context-sensitive information about the equipment and instruments (AR Nodes) installed at your site. With a smartphone camera, the user can scan the environment and view live IoT data and statuses, access reference documentation or receive indoor and outdoor navigation instructions. Authorized users can quickly add a new AR Node and connect it to different information sources such as control systems tags or data from ERP/AMS platforms.

    Use cases: 

    • Plant operation, maintenance and shifts hands-over
    • Onsite inspection using real-time data
    • Indoor navigation to equipment
    • Visual detection of errors and equipment faults


    • Faster resolution of malfunctions/downtime events
    • Reduce time for searching equipment and devices
    • Reduce time to access realtime data or reference info
    • Improve safety and efficiency
    • Empower frontline worker to be self sustained
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