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BEXCO manufactures synthetic mooring, towing & lifting ropes for offshore, marine and industrial applications. Built at its own purpose-built quayside factory, DeepRope® is the industry-leading mooring solution for the world’s largest ultra deepwater installations. BEXCO´s will also showcase its heavy lift slings & precision-engineered rope for offshore mooring, towing & inland marine applications.


  • BEXCO DeepRope®
    DeepRope® is the industry standard in safe and secure offshore mooring solutions, supporting the world’s largest ultra deepwater installations....

  • BEXCO is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company with two production facilities, in Hamme and Antwerp, Belgium. The facility in Hamme houses the head office and a production site where Bexco’s complete product range is produced. The quayside facility in Antwerp has been recently purpose-built to produce DeepRope® with a larger capacity for rope sizes and lengths. The DeepRope® load bearing subropes are produced in the factory in Hamme. The final stages of the DeepRope® production process including the overbraiding, length measuring, splicing and spooling are executed in the Antwerp factory.

    In recent years, BEXCO has succeeded in dramatically increasing the efficiency and the consistency in rope breaking strength thanks to smart in-house developed techniques to shape the rope eye end termination. Years of valuable experience gained from the numerous offshore mooring projects and certification testing have resulted in continuous evolution of synthetic DeepRope® placing BEXCO as a market leader in this field.

    FLEXOR is a Heavy-Lift Round Sling with a Dyneema® core for offshore lifting, subsea installations, renewables projects and offshore decommissioning and salvage....

  • BEXCO’s FLEXOR Sling for heavy lift operations has been precision-designed for lightweight and ­exible usage whilst retaining the known strength and durability of BEXCO’s proven synthetic Round Slings.

    Using DSM’s Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene (UHMWPE) known as Dyneema® at its core, BEXCO’s FLEXOR™ Sling has a much better fatigue life compared to wire, whilst retaining similar elastic elongation properties. It also weighs eight to ten times less than traditional wire rope making it much easier and more fl­exible to handle.

    With the Round Sling being effectively break-tested in the R&D phase rather than proof-loaded, BEXCO’s FLEXOR™ Sling has a number of proven, unique advantages over traditional round slings:

    • A bespoke double-fold jacket for each eye which is constructed and given a high quality finish using High Modulus PolyEthylene (HMPE) fiber. This jacket offers maximum protection against cuts, punctures, snags and abrasion as well as UV exposure
    • Eyes which have been ruggedly designed to retain their shape during precision lifts and which resist any natural fl­attening whilst operating in harsh offshore conditions, allowing the use of smaller hardware
    • With customers requiring very narrow length tolerance between Round Sling pairs, BEXCO’s precision manufacturing methods ensure production of identical batches of FLEXOR Slings
  • BEXCO SUPERIOR with Dyneema SK78®
    BEXCO SUPERIOR is a torque-neutral 8- or 12-strand braided rope made with Dyneema® SK78® used as a heavy lift sling, pennant, A&R recovery, forerunner, deepwater lowering line or pull-in rope....

  • BEXCO SUPERIOR is an 8- or 12-strand braided rope made of Dyneema® SK78®. SUPERIOR has a very high strength and low weight-to-diameter ratio. It is stronger than convention steel wire, yet the weight is 8 to 10 times lower. The rope has very good abrasion resistance and is used in applications where ease in handling and operation is important. The rope consists of an equal number of interwoven clockwise and anti-clockwise strands making the rope torque free. During production the rope is standard polyurethane-coated using a specialized coating procedure that limits the abrasion and thus significantly extends the lifecycle of the ropes. Other coatings can be applied to suit specific applications. The rope can also be overbraided with a protective jacket or covered with protection sleeves.

    BEXCO SUPERIOR is deployed in onshore and offshore Oil and Gas installations, subsea installations, offshore renewable projects, decommissioning and salvage operations.

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