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Klifting is specialized in providing professional solutions for hoisting and rigging system, wire rope splicing system. We produce Flemish eye steel sleeves, EN13411-3 Aluminum ferrules, Tensile testing bed, and other related rigging products.

 Press Releases

  • (Feb 25, 2020)

    Last year, we attended the 50th Offshore technology Conference (OTC) in Houston. Klifting has made great achievements in this exhibition. During the exhibition, our sales staff showed and introduced our products to visitors and exhibitors who attended the exhibition. We displayed and introduced carbon steel sleeve series, copper ferrule series, wire rope swaging machine and testing bed etc.

    We have attracted a large number of agents and end users from different countries, which has greatly improved the popularity of Klifting wire rope sleeves and rigging equipment in oil and gas industry, many professional buyers and related exhibitors showed strong interest in this and conducted detailed consultation.

    Through participating in this exhibition and conducting in-depth discussions with various professional buyers, we have demonstrated our technology and strength, established a good corporate image, greatly enhanced our company's visibility and influence in oil and gas fields, and laid a solid foundation for the development of domestic and foreign markets. We will make greater progress in the coming exhibition. Welcome to our stand .


  • Steel Sleeve, Aluminum Ferrule
    Main product: Flemish eye steel sleeves, EN13411-3 Aluminum ferrules, Copper ferrule, Tensile testing bed, Thimble, Wire rope clip, Shackle and related rigging products....

  • We are the leading manufacturer of Flemish Eye swaging sleeves in China. All our Flemish Eye sleeves have corrosion protection and are made according to EN 13411-3:2004 standard. Surface treatment could be black oxidized or galvanized.

    We provide aluminium alloy seamless ferrules for wire rope fastening solution. The material(5051A), size and processing technology of our products totally meet the requirement of EN 13411-3 standard. We also supply ordinary aluminum ferrules (3A21) for non-lifting field, such as fishing net and wire rope fence, etc. 

    Aiming at the rigging safety test system, we developed testing bed (150T 300T 500T 1000T), which solved the tension test problem of hoisting equipment from a professional point of view. For wire rope pressing equipment, we developed open-typed wire rope swaging machine (150T 350T 600T) and close-typed wire rope swaging machine (350T 650T 1500T 3000T 5000T) to meet the pressing requirements of different type wire rope slings.

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